Patch Pockets

Hello friends!
It’s a new year! It’s a new change of gear.
How ’bout sewing some pockets??


We’re not related.

(But speaking of unrelated things…this is my new favorite background. Half Square Triangles for all future video backdrops! They are so happy.)

Okay back to Pockets. I really love pockets.
If there happens to be an item of clothing in my closet that does not have pockets, I never want to wear it. In fact, why did I even buy it?? Pockets are a must! And they are so easy to sew, especially this kind.

They’re the kind of pockets that you can ask mid-project,
“You think we need some pockets?
You think we need some pockets.
Okay, we’ll add some pockets.”
(Name that movie)
((And sorry. Brad Pitt and George Clooney are not part of the pocket-sewing process.))

So let’s make some easy pockets for your pants, shorts, or even a skirt.
These skinny pants are so much fun (they’re another spin on the KID Shorts pattern). I love them! I want them for me. They remind me of the stuff I wore as a kid in the early 80s.

Just add a bit of piping (the homemade stuff, or the pre-made kind from a fabric shop)…

Throw on a pair of DIY Saddle Shoes

And you’ve got one sweet looking ensemble.

…with a lot of personality.
Clara kills me with our photo sessions.
I give a little direction, she gives me a lot of robo cop and high kicks.
Or maybe it’s more Freddy Mercury?
Yes.Ā  Definitely channeling some Freddie.

Ready to see pockets and pants in action??
Just hit the play button below!
Or you can watch on my youtube channel here:

Ah, I love Clara. She’s almost EIGHT!
What happened to 2012??
Cue the Thriller dance…

  1. 1) India

    Very easy to follow instructions and so cute on both the chambray/white & lemon shorts!

    • 2) Dana

      Thanks so much! I want to make a pair for me šŸ™‚

  2. 3) Angela

    I wish to purchase your baby basket pdf pattern but I donot have paypal. Do you not accept visa cards please

  3. 5) April

    Loved this tutorial. I followed it to put patch pockets on a pair of shorts I was making for my 3-year old granddaughter. I even made piping from the same fabric that I used for the top. Making piping…ugh! I can’t seem to ever get the stitching right so that it doesn’t show when I add it to my project. But I’m not giving up!

    Is there someplace we can post pictures of our finished projects?

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