Pink Lemonade Shorts

We’re back!
Sorry, I don’t mean to disappear like that.
I wish I could blog every day, cause I have enough photos and projects stockpiled for it.

Lemonade Shorts pattern by MADE

But I made a decision this summer that I was going to embrace the chaos, rather than fight it….or rather than feel guilty in my mind for neglecting my business, while constantly helping, feeding, and swimming with my kids.
It’s a silly thing to feel guilty about.  I know!  It sounds even sillier as I type it.
Of course we should all go boogie boarding over sitting at a computer.
So that’s what we did.
And now here we are.  With some fun projects to share!

A few months ago Rae sent me some fabric from her Small World line with Cloud 9 Fabrics.
And I’ve been dying to squeeze a project in.

Cause when Life gives you Lemons….

Lemon Drop Shorts


Stripey yellow tank by danamadeit

Rae’s Lemon Drop print was just asking to become a pair of KID Shorts.  It’s so fun, and happy, and bright.  And it’s corduroy!  The cords are petite and so soft.  I knew Lucy would love it.  Especially since she’s entered a stage of loving shorts, over dresses + skirts.
Have your girls done that?
Maybe yours are in opposite order?

3 year-old Clara currently refuses to wear anything BUT a dress….while all of Lucy’s 9 year-old friends are only wearing shorts.  So, shorts it is for our new Fourth Grader.
Good thing that KID Shorts Pattern continues to grow with my kids!

You can read more about the pattern here.
And you’ll find all the variations and tutorials here.

For this pair I made:  flat front shortswith front pocketswith piping
I really wanted the fabric to be the star, with just bits of yellow to help it all pop.

If you’ve never used piping before it’s super easy.  You can even make your own!
Watch my snazzy video about it here.
And just like that, you’ve made pink lemonade!
Lemon Drop KID Shorts by MADE

I seriously LOVE these shorts.
Sewing never gets old that way.  You look at a fabric and LOVE it.  And then you turn the fabric into something and love it even more.  Happens every time.
Even when it’s just simple stripes.

I also made this stripey tank top…which is a variation, on this variation of the Bateau Neck shirt I made a couple years ago.
And it’s got me thinking more about tank tops.
So I’ve started drafting my own version of a tank top, with a racer back option, possibly a dress? and other surprises.  Cause it’s a good idea to start drafting a summer pattern, in the middle of summer.  Doh!  I’m always a season behind.  Or maybe I’m just being realistic…since it’ll probably take me a year to finish the whole thing.  That’s how things roll around here.

But back to shorts.
The thing I love about this Flat Front version is that it’s so easy to make, without having to create a perfectly fitted waistband.  The back part of the waist is gathered with elastic.  And even on an older child it looks great, especially since their shirt often hangs over the waistband anyway.

Of course who’s looking at waistbands when you’ve got lemons on your pockets?
KID Shorts with pockets + piping on MADE
And Lemondheads to go inside?
My favorite moment of the day was when 1950s candy became relevant again….
Tank Top on MADE Everyday
Oh Lucy.
When did you grow up??
Stripey Yellow Tank Top by MADE Everyday

Thanks Rae for the darling fabric!

If you’d like more ideas, head over to Made by Rae for tons of Small World projects.
And if you’re looking for other shorts tutorials, check out all my tutorials here (click an image below):

Lemonade Shorts by MADE

  1. Those are so cute!!!
    WOw, Lucy is indeed looking so grown up!!
    sniff sniff… are my kiddos!!!

  2. Love the shorts! I am the same way, about being a season behind in my sewing 🙂

  3. 3) christina

    Oh yes, 4th Grade *definitely* equals shorts. My girl never liked them until this year and now doesn’t want to wear anything else. This might be a problem in a few weeks — Vermont isn’t known for temperate weather!

    • 4) Dana

      haha. YES. We stay warmer for much longer out here…but then I do have that one week freak out where it’s suddenly cold and my kids don’t own a single pair of pants. Guess I should get on top of that 🙂

  4. 5) HokieKate

    So cute! My four year old loves dresses, so I’ve made her a bunch of Kid Shorts to go underneath.

    • 6) JoAnne T.

      The shorts are darling and so is your model! I’m so glad I happened upon your site a few months ago. I’m a new grandmother, and thanks to you, your patterns and tutorials, its going to be a lot of fun to sew for that sweet baby girl. I’m glad you chose to enjoy your children this summer instead of using that time for all us strangers out here. Your family should win that “battle” every time! Those little ones do grow up so very fast.

      I was just thinking about you this afternoon and hoping that all is well with you and yours and here you are!

  5. Oh I love them so much! I wonder if I could get away with grownup lemon shorts? And hey, and time you want to release a summer pattern in your winter, it’s summer in Australia 😀

    • 8) Dana

      Haha. Yes! I have thought that all the Southern Hemisphere friends would appreciate that! Guess I’ll keep plugging along…thanks 🙂

  6. Nope, sorry, that can NOT be Lucy!!! She is getting so grown up!!
    My 8 year old would love those shorts! So cute =D

  7. 11) Carola Koubek

    I LOVE your shorts and have sewn them for my kids – but I am still desperately waiting for a shorts pattern for myself, a not too small grownup. When, oh when will they come???

    • 12) Dana

      Oh I know…it would cool to have a women’s shorts pattern. I’m not sure I have it in me right now to tackle that. Maybe one day!

  8. Love them! My girs who is 8 Now prefers shorts or pants rather than the dresses Or skirts she used to wear. I mean… My little one (3years) still love the dresses and skirts and no wants pants….

  9. 15) Megan Whitney

    So cute! I may need to make myself some shorts out of that… 😉

    By the way, I love how since your videos I can put your real voice to your posts. Makes my heart happy. 🙂

    • 16) Dana

      Awesome! haha. I love hearing that 🙂 and totally know what you mean.

  10. 17) Mikea

    I was just thinking about you yesterday! Im loving these shorts. Still my favorite shorts pattern. Im looking forward to the tank pattern. I was just thinking i need a good basic tank pattern. I have a few but they arent as great as i would like them to be. And the options you suggested would be awesome!
    The kids are starting school next week so im doing last minute sewing here. Shorts are on the list. These lemon ones are too tempting!

  11. 18) Joanne

    These shorts are soooo cute ! I’d like to thank you for all your YouTube video tutorials ! You’re fantastic !!! Thanks for all the sharing ! mwah

    • 19) Dana

      Awww. Thanks Joanne! 🙂

  12. 20) Penny

    Hurray! Blog from Dana! I am glad all is well and you were enjoying summer with your family! LOVE these shorts! LOVE the striped tank top – you MADE it – so cool
    Tank top video would be equally cool! You rock the sewing world! Have a great day! Welcome back!!!

  13. I wish my new kindergartner would want to wear a skirt or some shorts. Certainly would use less fabric that way, but no, she wants a dress. Every day. Dresses it is! Although I did pick out a pair of KID shorts for her to wear today, unless she picked out something different since I leave for work before they get up in the morning.

  14. 22) Katja

    Glad you’re finally back! But of course you totally deserve a summer break with the kiddos, too. They grow up too quickly, and you will never regret spending more time with them rather than in front of a computer/sewing machine (although, the sewing machine calls very loudly … ).

    And yes, the girl who almost never took her Old Navy dress off now lives in leggings or shorts and a tank top. I guess we go with the flow.

  15. 23) Elisabeth M.

    Glad you enjoyed your summer with the kiddos. Thanks for sharing this cute project!

  16. super cute shorts and super cute lucy! omigosh dana i just looked up your hobo bag tutorial (O’s pre-k teacher asked me to make some drawstring bags for nap blanket storage) and little owen is so tiny i couldn’t believe it! so adorable. 🙂

  17. 25) Laurel

    Those shorts are so cute! I love that lemonade fabric, I think it would make a sweet little a-line dress for MY Lucy (16 months).

  18. Dana, that’s exactly what my girls did and now at 7 and 11 they are saying they don’t wear skirts. So I have made tons of your shorts!! They are the perfect sleep shorts and boxers for my boys too… so many options. Thank you for a great pattern!

  19. I bought your shorts pattern last spring, and I’ve also been making shorts like a maniac this summer. My variation – I made some out of flannel, and they’re summer pajamas paired with one of those “undershirt” tank tops from Target. And yyyyeah. They are growing up too fast. My oldest is almost exactly the same age as Lucy – only a couple of months apart. And occasionally, I look at her and think, “Wait. When did you grow up?” Crazy.

  20. 28) Megan Chatterton

    Love love love your work Dana. Any tips for sewing the shorts using knits? About to embark on project summer shorts here in Aus.

  21. 29) hotdish

    Whoa!! Lucy did that weird kid thing – that thing where they look cute and young one minute then suddenly a couple summer months pass and the next time you see them they’ve done this growing up, maturing leap that somehow you weren’t expecting and they look totally different. Lucy’s definitely leaped. 🙂

    Also, why would you feel bad about taking summer vacation?? People do it all the time. Isn’t that supposed to be the beauty of having your own business – working like a dog but still having some flexibility with your schedule? I’m glad you enjoyed your deserved vacation. We waited patiently and are happy to have you back. 🙂

  22. 30) Gloria

    BOught the racer short pattern. Just printed few pages. Did not print all. Since I just printed racer shorts can I just add few inches to make Capri .? Or can I go back and print other styles?

    • 31) Dana

      Hi Gloria,
      The pages should have printed for you. I would close the document and open it again, and trying printing again. It works best to print from a computer, rather than a phone or mobile device.

  23. 34) Susan

    Thank you for the lovely tutorials you share. I love the fabrics and the pattern combinations you chose for your sewing…I have a daughter who is 7yr old…she is fond of wearing shorts of late…She tells me Mama am too grown now…shorts look good on thank you once again go sharing such lovely patterns.

  24. 35) Sadie smith

    This tohtorhial wahs vary goohd.
    Who wahs the leitle ghirl in the phictores? She is vary preety. Andd wher do you bey yourh fadric?

  25. 36) Sadie smith

    Fohrgiv my bab eenlish it’s is not my fihrst langoge.

  26. 37) Sadie smith

    I whould lik a tohtorhial adout hoe to mahke a cloth nootebok covver

  27. 38) rebeca dove

    love the idea but no tutorial video to be found sadly….can you repost it?

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