Okay guys.  Today is the day.
Today we’re making PIPING!

What is piping??
It’s not for decorating a cake.
Well, some piping is.
But we’re talking fabric piping.  It’s that fun 3D trim you see around the edges of a pillow, on seat cushions, around a bag or purse, and on so many garments.  It’s sort of the sister to Bias Tape (which I’ve professed my love for time and time again).  And because there’s rope (or cording) sewn inside, it gives that special pop of color or contrast to your project.
Piping tutorial
Now you can always buy it at the store (in some solid colors).  BUT, you can easily make your own!  In whatever fabric you want!

You just need a little of this:
How to make and use Piping tutorial
And probably this:
Piping tutorial and video
And then you’ll be piping every pocket, bag, and First Day Dress placket that’s asking for it.

Piping tutorial and video

how to make Piping tutorial

Ready to make some?
Just hit play below and enjoy! (Or you can WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.)

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  1. 1) Cary

    The blogher video ad on this page is making me watch it and I can’t scroll to watch your video. I don’t know if anyone else is having this issue, maybe my computer is wonky but I thought I would let you know before it exits me out of the comments.

  2. I’ve been wanting to put piping on the waistline of a dress…but not quiet sure how to do it. Thank you for this!

  3. Wow, I didn’t even think one could do this oneself! I’ve been a big fan of yours for a few years now and I don’t think I’ve ever commented. thank you so much for sharing such beautiful ideas, I admire you a lot! greetings from France!

  4. 4) Karen Jones

    Great video! I love adding piping to my sewing, but haven’t done it for a while – you’ve inspired me to add it to more things. As they say, everything is better with piping!

  5. 5) Lee

    Thanks for the great tutorial. Do you preshrink the cord if it’s cotton? I did that once and it expanded.

  6. 6) April

    Your videos make everything look so easy. I’ve made my own piping a few times, following your videos. I can’t ever seem to get the stitching just right so that it doesn’t show when I sew the piping to my project. If I sew up close to the cording, then you can see that stitching when I sew the piping to my project. If I sew further away from the cording, then the piping is too loose. Ugh!!

    Any pointers on this?


  7. 7) Anna Laura Johnson

    Hi I am trying to make a round pillow with piping. I have some left over fabric that ends all bunched up where I am supposed to stuff the pillow!!!!!
    Please help me please 😐

    • 8) Dana

      When stuffing pillows you need to just keep stuffing more and more as you go, so that the opening gets “filled in”. I also like to press my seam allowance there before sewing so that the fabric folds under easily. I have a video for making a rounded stuffed animal cat that I think would help you with that part. The part you would need is in the middle/end: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyeTgK-W0qk

  8. 9) Robin

    I have just recently discovered your sewing videos and I must say that your method of teaching is perfection. I love your enthusiasm and your creations. So glad I found your videos!

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