Flat Front KID Shorts


I might have mentioned my summer-is-ending denial. Fortunately, living in Texas means I may well have another month or two of it. And for many of you down under, shorts season is just starting.  Yay!  The KID Shorts are so easy to whip up, you can have a drawer full of them in no time. Long live warm weather!

We’ve talked about so many different options in the KID Shorts series, and the flat front version is one that has always been popular. I wrote a tutorial for it a while ago, but now you can see it in action! The elastic at the back waist makes it the best of both worlds — still easy to fit with no closures, but smooth and sleek in the front.


So embrace whatever warm weather you are facing in your corner of the world, and come sew with me!
Just click the play button below, or watch here:

And in case you haven’t made the BASIC version of the shorts yet, there’s a video for that too!
If you subscribe to my channel, you may have already seen that one.
But here’s a refresher:

For details on any of the KID Shorts variations, click a button:

https://www.madeeveryday.com/2013/03/sripes-checks-and-piping-oh-my.html https://www.madeeveryday.com/2014/08/kid-shorts-with-knit-fabrics.html



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  1. 1) Mrs. P

    I noticed you remove your pins as you sew, is this something I should be doing? Or is it purely a habit? My sewing machine never seems to hit the pins so I never bother to remove them until I’m done the seam.
    I made an adorable little dress/swing top using your Warhol t-shirt pattern. Once it got too short to wear it as a dress I made a pair of kids shorts to wear it as a top. Its still a favourite!

    • 2) Dana

      Yes, I do sew over my pins sometimes. And if I’m trying to be a good teacher here, I’m should probably tell you not to…because every once in a while the needle can hit a pin in just the right way, and break the needle…and in the worst case scenario can cause damage to your machine. BUT, typically this doesn’t happen. The pins are round so the needle just brushes over them. And when I have broken a needle, it’s not a big deal. So, I do both—sew over the pins; and remove the pins. If it’s easy to remove the pins before sewing I’ll try to remember to do that. But sometimes you just need the pins to hold a difficult spot in place as you sew.
      So there’s my lengthy rambling answer! 🙂

  2. 3) treen

    Oh yay! I’ve made almost 20 pairs of the basic pattern but haven’t had the nerve to try the flat front. This should help. The only alteration I’ve done is I added pockets in the side seams.

  3. 4) Nikhat

    Hi Dana , I’m Nikhat from India I’d like to tell u I discovered ur blog 4 years back and mast say I’m quiet hooked to it not not weird stalker way ???? But ur basic pant pattern was that inspired me to start sewing for my daughter and now my son ….soooooo thank u and keep up the good work …. Always looking forward for ur chirpy videos and easy to follow instructions .

    • 5) Dana

      That’s so great to hear!
      Thank you for sharing that with me 🙂
      Have a great day!

  4. 6) Patricia

    What size does the short come in also the dress thanks

  5. 7) Sheila

    I love your Baby Lock sewing machine! Could you please let me know what model it is? Any suggestions when buying a Baby Lock machine?
    Thank you, Sheila

  6. 8) Elly

    Hi There.
    I would like to know if there’s any way i can get the pattern paper?I dont see any.Is this something that i can purchase and ship to singapore.Thanks appreciate your reply.

  7. 9) cheryl

    Hi I have just brought the shorts pattern from your shop. I love watching videos of how to do things, it gives me so much more confidence before i sew the project. Thanks so much for the video!

  8. 10) Leslie Guglielmetti

    The tutorial was great however I would like to have had the tutorial included with the print version of the pattern.

  9. 11) Misha

    I love your video’s! They’re super clear and nicely editted. Looks amazing.
    Keep ’em coming!!!

  10. 12) Sofie

    Hi Dana

    I adore your shorts! Only problem is that I always seem to pick the wrong size so they never fit. I took the 8Y for my 6Y old son but they’re way too small at the waistband. The length is perfect, however. How can I make the waist fit?

    • 13) Dana

      Customers have said that the pattern runs on the smaller size. So I would bump up a size, and then you can always adjust the length as you hem the shorts.

  11. 14) Cora

    Love it!! Awesome for hot, sunny, summer days!

  12. 15) CTY

    Hello Dana–
    Thank you for the great tutorials! I have made many of your projects. I sew quite a bit and find your tutorials do all the thinking for me–so I get to spend more time creating. I tell my DiL “Why reinvent the wheel, just go to Dana”
    These flat front shorts are super cute. I added a front and back skirt panel (no side seam sewn, but I do allow the sides to overlap) and made skorts for the GDs. Adorable and playground friendly. It would be a great addition to your tutorials.

  13. 16) Adasa hilomen

    Hello I just want ti know what the exact measurment of the short for kid girl.flat front…thanks my daughter is 8yrs.

  14. 17) Hope

    Just wanted to let everyone know how amazing Dana is. She was so responsive to my pattern inquiries (as I am a pattern virgin) and I appreciate it greatly. Not only is she charming, talented & adorable, she truly cares about her following. All of her tutorials are terrific, too. Thanks Dana!

  15. 18) mishelai

    i love all of ur videos especially ur sewing videos i wish i could be u.

  16. 19) Emma Holland

    Hi Dana,
    I’ve bought the pattern and just watched this tutorial. But this is more a general question. When I’ve made elasticated skirts I’ve either used a zig zag stitch on all the raw edges or done the double fold like in your video. Do I not need to do this on the side seams when using cotton fabric just on the other?

    • 20) Dana

      You don’t need to do a double-fold on the side seams, unless a pattern calls for it….that would actually be a french seam when it’s inside your clothing like that….and would change the fit of the clothing if you added those without adding more seam allowance. But yes, trimming the seam edge with pinking shears (the zigzag scissors) is fine!

  17. 21) johanna

    how do we get the patterns for some of the older videos you have posted if they come up as no longer listed? love your videos but would def love a way to get the patterns for some of the things you have done!

  18. 22) charlie

    Hi Dana! Im Charlie. I have trouble finding this pattern can you send it to me. Thank you!

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