New pattern coming soon—testers needed!


In my normal sewing life, it seems I’m always a season behind whatever project I’m working on.  If it’s the last day of summer, I’ve started thinking about a tank top pattern.  Or when Halloween has come and gone, I’m finally posting about my kids’ costumes.

I’ll chalk up the crazy timeline to the artist in me.  Cause when you get the excitement to make something, you have to get started RIGHT then while you’re motivated.  Amiright?!  Even if you’re sewing tank tops in November.


But.  This time around I did it!
I have a new pattern coming!  And it’s in the perfect season!


Yes, Yes, Yes.
I’m so excited about this one!  I think you will be too.

• for Boys + Girls
• sizes 12 months to 12 years
• with lots of options and looks


I love wardrobe basics.

The pattern should be ready in the next few weeks.
But we’re looking for pattern testers!
We need all skill levels.
If you’re a total beginner (as in, this might be the first sewing pattern you’ve ever used) we need you too.

If you’re interested in testing the Everyday Sweatshirt pattern, please fill out our Google Form HERE.  

And if you want to be first to snag the pattern when it’s ready….
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Have a great Wednesday my friends.

Boardwalk Blog Party: that pillow, two quilts, and a family of clothes


This pillow blows my mind.
I mean, I know how to sew.
But I don’t even know where to start with that!

This is definitely more in my comfort zone:


And I wish I could take credit for the darling ensemble.
The shirt is called the Clara top! (by Cassie) Need I say more?
I love it all.

If you missed any of my previous posts here, here, and here….we’re having a blog party to celebrate my first fabric collection Boardwalk Delight with Art Gallery Fabrics.
Technically, this is the final Boardwalk Delight Blog Party roundup.
Buuuuut, don’t fret.  I’ll keep sharing posts as more projects come in.  So keep tagging them to #boardwalkdelightfabrics on Instagram.

Ok.  Let’s talk about that pillow.


If you follow Modern Handcraft you know that Nicole is kind of a master at these hexie things.
In fact she just released a pattern for the pillow here.  They’re so cool.

And the funny thing is, I originally contacted her to make a quilt for my Quilt Market booth.  Which turned out so cute.  It’s called the Picnic Quilt and you can see full pictures of it here.



But then when she was done with the quilt she asked, I have extra fabric so do you want me to make a Hexie Pillow too?
Thank you Nicole!


And sticking with the quilting theme.  Look what the ladies from Simple Simon made, using some of my favorite prints:


That quilt just makes me happy!  So fresh, so clean, and so easy to make (you’ll find the pattern here).

This orangey Twinkle Lights fabric is one of the most simple fabrics in the collection, but holy cow I stewed over the proper shade of “tangerine” forever.  Then when I saw it in-person for the first time I realized, it’s totally orange sherbet!
Which makes for a lovely photo backdrop…


And how about that ice cream shirt? (by Alexis)
So many cool details.  You can see more photos in the BWD Look Book.
And I’ve shared about this ensemble once before.


But dude.
This deserves more air time:


This group of clothes is totally what I pictured in my head while designing these prints.
Simple, yet fun and colorful.
Cassie and Alexis did a fantastic job of picking prints and patterns and taking awesome photos of course.

Those “sailor pants” in the turquoise Busy Beach print are one of my favorites.
And that print was a fun one to design.  I was inspired by the monochromatic line-art style on drink cups at Chipotle!….which we frequent more often than we should.  So I tried my own version of it, drawing all the things I love about the boardwalk and the beach.


Of course the originally drawings have 10 different color options.
And I thought that white with blue lines would be the winner, until I saw the colors swapped and loved it even more!


This print gives me happy vibes.
And look how Miranda used it for her little Plum.


She calls it a Four Seasons Romper.
So much fun!  The fabric shade is the perfect compliment to that gorgeous hair.
Cute cute Miranda!

And finally (Wow. This party is going all night long.)
THE Katy Dill asked if I could send her fabrics from the entire collection, so she could make clothes for ALL of her kids!


She and I both laughed, wondering if it could be done.
But in true Katy form, she pulled it off, with all the details, the pockets, and 40 buttons.


Oh Katy.  You make the world a happier place.


This photo!
And those Eat-it-All jammies on Drummer!
Go see-it-all.


And that’s a Boardwalk Delight Blog Party wrap!
I’ll create buttons and a landing page to make it easier to find these projects in the future.
And I’ll keep sharing more as we make more.

Boardwalk Delight Fabric Collection BLOG Party on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard

You can buy Boardwalk Delight Fabrics in your many online shops and in your local fabric shop.
Check out links in my post here.
Or look at the awesome list of shops on the Art Gallery site.  Click the “shop” icon (they have international shop links too)

VIDEO: How to Make KID Shorts with a Flat Front


I might have mentioned my summer-is-ending denial. Fortunately, living in Texas means I may well have another month or two of it. And for many of you down under, shorts season is just starting.  Yay!  The KID Shorts are so easy to whip up, you can have a drawer full of them in no time. Long live warm weather!

We’ve talked about so many different options in the KID Shorts series, and the flat front version is one that has always been popular. I wrote a tutorial for it a while ago, but now you can see it in action! The elastic at the back waist makes it the best of both worlds — still easy to fit with no closures, but smooth and sleek in the front.


So embrace whatever warm weather you are facing in your corner of the world, and come sew with me!
Just click the play button below:

And in case you haven’t made the BASIC version of the shorts yet, there’s a video for that too!
If you subscribe to my channel, you may have already seen that one. But here’s a refresher:

For details on any of the KID Shorts variations, click a button:



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