How to make a Leopard Kitty Cat Costume


When Clara told me she wanted to be a cat for Halloween I did the internal eye roll.
A cat?
Does it get more cliche or ((boring?)) or blah blah blah?
I guess every girl wants to be a cat at some point in her life?….

But then I realized how ridiculous I was being, because Clara LOVES cats. They’re her absolute favorite animal and she sleeps with 3 stuffed kitties every night.


So of course she should be a cat!
And how stinking cute would a Clara Cat look?
AND….what if we made it a leopard cat?
I was totally on board.


Just having an excuse to buy leopard knit spandex made me happy.
And guess what?? There are some great choices at Girl Charlee.  Can you imagine a whole “family” of little girls in different leopard prints?!
Clara and I picked our favorite—pink, peach, + black.
Ahhh! So cute!


Okay there are a bazillion ways to make a kitty cat costume, I’m sure.
So I tried to keep it simple and let the fabric be the star of the show.
I used three of my video tutorials for this ensemble:

How to make a T-shirt
How to make a Pair of Leggings
How to make a Knit Headband

I took a pair of leggings that Clara already had to create a pattern for a new pair of leggings.
Then I sewed a t-shirt using the same method (from the video above and THIS tutorial)
Because I mean….a whole out outfit out that same fabric?  Too much.  In a good kitty cat way.


(refer to the images below):
• Cut a long strip of fabric and fold it in half lengthwise.
• Sew down one side and then curve your stitch around the bottom, so the bottom of the tail is round.  Do NOT sew the top closed.
• Use your finger to turn the whole thing right side out.
• Tuck the open ends under and sew a small piece of velcro to the top.
• Sew the other piece of velcro to the middle back waistband of the leggings, so you can remove the tail, if needed. I knew the tail would bother her at school, while sitting down, so this was really helpful and easy to do.


• Begin making a headband as outlined in the video above, but don’t sew the ends closed.
• For the ears, refer to my shape below.  I drew a small pattern piece and cut out two pieces from gray felt, “on the fold”, so they were symmetrical on each side.
• With wrong sides of the fabric together, sew the felt onto a piece of the leopard fabric and trim the edges when you’re done.  Now you have two ear pieces with felt on one side, leopard on the other.


• Take the first ear and bring the two “corners” into so they create an ear shape.
• Use a needle and thread to hand sew the ends together and then sew the first ear onto the headband.  Sew enough stitches to secure it in place.
• Space the other ear a few inches down (it’s best to try it on their head to see how the spacing looks) and hand sew the second ear in place as well.
• Fold the edges of one of the headband ends under, and tuck the other end inside. Sew the headband closed with a topstitch.


And you’re done!
One pretty kitty.


Who also needs a nap.
…on dirty gravel.
Thanks mom.
Happy sewing friends!


How to make Giant Paper Flowers

how-to-make-giant-paper-flowers-on-made-everyday-with-dana-willard-2YOU GUYS!
I’ve been dying to share these flowers with you!….ever since Miranda showed me how to make them at a Girl’s Night party this spring.
So.  I invited her back on the set and we made a video showing you all the steps!  (remember when she and I made leggings together?  Miranda’s so much fun.)

These flowers do take several minutes to whip up, but they’re very simple and you can make them all kinds of shapes, colors, sizes, for just about any event or occasion. Parties… weddings… showers… holidays… bedroom decor….just because it’s Tuesday?
And no two flowers are ever alike.  It’s one of those projects that can really flex your creativity.



So grab some cardstock from—they’re my favorite online source, with a great selection.
The flowers would look awesome made from the parchment colors, or ooh the metallic. And hello GLITTER. That would look really cool for the flower centers.

(The exact paper we used is here — the 100# weight is just right)


Okay.  Just click the PLAY button below, and come make giant flowers with us!

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30+ Easy Halloween Costumes

Halloween costume time is upon us again…..which I swear, creeps up faster than 12 months each year.  Amiright?
So let’s get the inspiration party going!  Cause whether you’re doing a semi-homemade Halloween, or going ALL out, it’s nice to have some tutorials to turn to.


(Lalaloopsy costumes here)

Going as an ensemble is always a great choice.   And the Say Yes blog has so many great couples costumes that are easy and fun.  My kids have just discovered the Where’s Waldo books and would love this.


Of course if you have even more people in the group, then an entire cast ensemble is even better.

And since Lucy is obsessed with the Pink song from the new Alice movie…maybe I could do a revamp on my favorite ensemble from seven years ago??  Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter. Those costumes got a lot of mileage…

Alice in Wonderland and Mad Hatter Halloween costumes from MADE Everyday
If your daughter is still in that princess stage, how cute would this Cinderella and Prince Charming combo be?!  Those times when siblings are willing to coordinate is The Best.

Cinderella and Prince Charming costumes from Make It and Love It
The classic blue gingham Dorothy outfit is one that every little girl would LOVE to wear at least once – I know I would!  This interpretation is one of the best I’ve seen.

Wizard of Oz Dorothy Halloween costume from Girl. Inspired.

The 80s child in me loves this take on Mario & Luigi. Complete with Princess Peach!

Mario Bros and Princess Peach Halloween costume tutorial from Smashed Peas and Carrots

A couple of others that are cheerful and colorful—- Strawberry Shortcake and this adorably dimpled Tinkerbell.

Strawberry Shortcake and Tinkerbell Halloween costume tutorials
For all those Star Wars fans, being a Jedi is easier than you think.  Check out this and this, and channel the force from both sides.

In case your child feels like going a bit more creature than character, the sewing tutorial blogosphere has you covered there, too. Two of my favorites from my own archives – Goldfish and Bats.

Goldfish Halloween costume from MADE Everyday

Bats Halloween costume tutorial from MADE Everyday

This mermaid one, you guys. Stunning!

Mermaid Halloween costume sewing tutorial from The Sewing Rabbit
House that Lars Built is a treasure trove of costumes, like If you Give a Mouse a Cookie and this Unicorn (with a video tutorial too!).   Just type the word “costume” into her search box and tons of ideas will pop up.

And how amazing are these mummies? I love how she did the make-up, too.

Mummy Halloween costume sewing tutorial from Polkadot Chair

Or, you could go with a completely inanimate object. Fruit seems to be a popular choice! It’s so cool how the texture of the minky mimics the strawberry seeds. And the pineapple is even no-sew…

Strawberry and Pineapple Halloween costume tutorials

If you’re looking for some costume ideas for adult-aged kids, you have to visit Studio DIY. She has some awesome ones, including a disco ball (!!), Troop Beverly Hills, and a burger.

Adult Halloween costume tutorials from Studio DIY

Lastly, here are a few tutorials that can be used in MANY costumes. I can’t stop thinking of ways these yarn wigs can be used. In fact, if you’re short on time but want to create a costume, one of these wigs will get you 90% of the way there.

Make a Yarn Wig: 4 Ways - tutorial from MADE Everyday

Need a cape to complete the look? This tutorial is great and would be the perfect touch for so many costumes. Just change up the fabric for a completely different look, or choose two different ones for reversible.

How to sew a cape - tutorial from How Does She?

We all know how versatile a circle skirt can be in everyday life. But it works in lots of costumes, too. How about a poodle skirt? Or Minnie Mouse… or Wonder Woman… (and this one is even a video tutorial!)

How to sew a circle skirt - video tutorial from MADE Everyday

Ah. So much fun! Do you have any awesome costume tutorials that you’ve used? Please share in the comments!