Pajama Pants

How to make Pajama pants and shorts on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard

Which comes first, the fabric or the project??
This time for me, it was allll about the fabric.

Doughnuts. Flowers. Those colors. AND TACO TRUCKS.

I love that pajama pants exist. Not only are they cozy and comfy, but they let us wear all the fun prints. And they’re the perfect thing to make if you’re just starting to sew garments.

How to make Pajama pants and shorts on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard How to make Pajama pants and shorts on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard

They’ve always been one of my favorite sewing projects. They’re so fast to make, and let’s face it, they’re an excellent reason to stash fun flannels when they go on sale. (Like we need an excuse??)

How to make Pajama pants and shorts on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard

How to make Pajama pants and shorts on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard

Let’s sew some pajama pants! Grab your favorite cozy flannel and head to your machine. (Need a pattern? The KID Shorts one works perfectly.)

How to make Pajama pants and shorts on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard

Just click the play button below and enjoy. Or you can WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

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The KID Shorts pattern is perfect for pajamas. And it doesn’t stop there… click the photo for more:

KID Shorts sewing pattern from MADE Everyday with Dana


  1. 1) Rachel

    Thanks for this! I made a pair this morning for my son. I’m more of a quilter and have very limited garment experience but your video helped make these super simple and they turned out great! Now I’m browsing fabric online to try making shorts with the pattern too 🙂

  2. 2) Dana

    Awesome! That makes me so happy to hear!
    Have fun on your new adventure 🙂
    – Dana

  3. 3) Rachel

    Thank you so much for posting this video, I have been searching for the past month for a good video on this exact subject; this is perfect!

    • 4) Dana

      Oh awesome! Great!
      Have fun sewing 🙂

  4. 5) Terri

    Great video! Looks easy, inspires me to try it! Thank you so much Dana!

  5. 6) Tess

    Hello. I love your videos! They are so easy to follow and so helpful. I’ve made so many things from watching your vids. I love the drawstring bags. So thank you, very much appreciated ????

  6. 7) Yodit

    I never thought it would be that easy to sew pajama,and thank you for your simple and clear techniques I made it ????????

  7. 8) Penny

    I would die (well, at least pass out on the floor) if I ever saw you at a Joann’s store! (I seem to live at mine, there so much) (duh – Texas – Wisconsin – will never happen!) I hope the women (assume women) at the cutting counters know how cool you are – not to mention a sewing celebrity!! I digress – love your video as usual – just wants me to go home and sew!! First will buy your shorts pattern – can’t believe I haven’t bought it yet! Between the jammies and the fun shorts with the piping and pockets – heaven in the sewing room! Have a great day, Dana. Thanks for all the quick, easy, inspiration.

    • 9) Dana

      hahaha. I would love to run into you at Joann! If I’m ever in Wisconsin 🙂 🙂

  8. 10) Liz

    I rarely leave comments on pages, but I have to tell you, a couple of years ago I came across your boy’s pants tutorial. I was new to sewing and had never made clothing before. Your tutorial was amazing!! I made half a dozen of those pants for my little guy, and you made it so easy!! Thank you so much!

  9. 13) Neherun

    Can I please get your boy pj pattern please I’m finding it difficult to down load thank you.

  10. 14) Jen

    Hi Dana!
    This was such a simple way to make pj pants! I like the idea of maximizing the print. How would I add a pocket to these? I’ve made a pair for my husband already and would like to add pockets. I’ve done a web search but there are only tutorials with pants and skirts with outside seams.

    Thanks for your help!

  11. 15) E

    I haven’t sewn since grade 9 home economics! I followed this basic pattern and made faux fur pants for my daughter’s polar bear costume at halloween and now I’ve actually downloaded your pattern and am making real pj pants for both my girls with Christmas fleece! I was pathetic in Grade 9 home ec, but I can DO this! Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. 16) Kristi

    I have Batman material I have been saving to make my 5 yoa grandson a pair of pj pants. I also have some material to make swim trunks, so I am grateful to see that you have listed that pattern as well! He is staying with us for the week & he loves to ‘help’ me sew (he likes to help by putting the pins in the pin cushion.) Thank you for taking the time to post your patterns.

  13. 17) Stephanie

    Hello Dana,
    I am just getting into crafting in general. I got an old sewing machine. I have watched your video for making a circle skirt and now this one. How did you come up with the pajama pants pattern? I am so new to this that I am not sure how or what to measure for them. I got the skirt as you went through the measuring process. Can’t wait to watch more videos!!
    Thank you!

  14. 18) Della

    So, can you sew the hem before you sew the the inseam? It seems like it would be a lot easier, but I might not be thinking it all the way through. Like, after I iron the hem, why not sew it right then?

    Thanks! love you so much,

    • 19) Dana

      Hi Della,
      Yes, you can do that, but your side seams will show at the bottom of your hem. The hem is typically done last, so that you get a nice polished look on the bottom of your garment, or sleeve, or whatever it is you’re making. There are times when sewing with knits that you might do the hem first, but most of the time you do it last.
      A good trick, is to press your hem in place before sewing the side seam, then unfold the pressed areas, sew the side seam, and then you can easily fold your hem back up and sew it in place.
      Hope that helps!

  15. 22) Della

    I sent you pictures of my simple skirt and circle skirt via Instagram. @ourkramilytree

  16. 23) EriN Seymour

    Quick Question – I’m wanting to make pajama pants with my 12 year old daughter. Her waistband is 25.5″ so a little bit bigger than the size 10 in your pattern. Can I add a little bit to make it fit? How do I do that? Thanks!!

  17. 24) Sarah

    Hi Dana! I stumbled across your videos on you tube and actually subscribed, which I never do. All your videos are excellent and so easy to follow! When I need (more like want) to sew a new project I go straight to you. I HATE following patterns but yours are just wonderful! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into all your videos, patterns, and website. It’s so nice to have a reliable source for all my sewing needs! By the way, I noticed we shop at the same Joann’s. Hope to meet you sometime 🙂

    – Sarah

  18. 25) Erin

    New (baby) sewer here and i think this would be great starter project for me. I want jammie pants for myself, how do I alter the pattern to work for an adult or is there one on the site that I have missed? Thanks! I LOVE your tutorials, you have given me confidence 🙂

    • 26) Dana

      Hi Erin, I would take a pair of PJs that you already have and use that to draw a pattern piece for yourself….or use a pair of loose-fitted shorts, or pants, etc. If you don’t have anything like that, start with a pair of jeans that you have so you can get the basic shape and then add more room so they are loose-fitted.

  19. 27) Michelle

    Super fast & simple! I’ve wanted to attempt some Pajama pants for the kids for a while! They turned out perfectly! Thank you!!

    • 28) Dana

      Awesome! That makes me happy to hear! 🙂

  20. 29) Terrie

    Loved the video and can’t wait to try sewing some PJ pants for my grandkids! One question: When sewing the faux tie in front of the pants, do you sew over the elastic or must you leave the elastic free to move around inside the casing?

    So excited to get started in this!

  21. 30) Elisabeth

    I have made a few pairs of shorts from your Kidshorts pattern and am now going to use it for pj pants for my two girls. Would you recommend using the boy pattern to get a looser pajama-like fit?

    • 31) Dana

      The patterns are the same size….just different lengths.
      I would either go up a size or two….or add more width at the side seams. That’s what I’ve done in the past!
      Hope that helps 🙂

  22. 32) Antoinette

    Greetings Dana! Oh my goodness, I love your site and your enthusiasm for all things sewing. I have ZERO experience with sewing but your tutorials are the best; even I can sew. 😊 Last summer I got a sewing machine for my birthday; the summer before that, I took a sewing class. I was nervous, I didn’t know where to start. So, I got online and I found this very funny, adorable and gorgeous woman with a great voice and I was hooked. I have made the pj pants and pj shorts, the simple skirt (that was my first project; my hubby thought it was super sexy) and many zipper pouches. I purchased also the pattern for the summer shirt and I have the material but I have not made it yet. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for giving your time and sharing your passion with others. Blessings to you and your sweet family.

    • 33) Antoinette

      Can’t believe I forgot…I have also made the baby blanket and my own bias tape! How fun and you made it super simple.

      • 34) Dana

        Awww Antoinette you are so kind! Thank you for the sweet words 🙂
        And I’m so happy you’ve taken up sewing. I hope you enjoy the adventure!!
        Have a great day!

  23. 35) Kelly

    Do you have a pattern for adult pj pants? I am NOT good with trying to make my own! LOL I”m a newbe sewer

    • 36) Dana

      Sorry I don’t have an adult size pattern! I know you said you’re not good with making your own pattern….but maybe try it and see how you do! Take your current PJ pants, turn them inside out, put one leg in the other, so you only have one side and trace around! Make sure you pull the elastic waistband out, so the fabric is taut and not gathered. You can do it! 🙂

  24. 37) Becky

    Dana do you have a pattern for preemie baby pants. My friend is having triples and I thought I would sew up some pants. I have your patterns for the shorts/pants but just need a wee bit smaller

  25. 38) Kelly

    I love your basic boy shorts but I really need a size 12-14. do you have any patterns larger than size 10?
    I would love it if you do. your videos are so easy to follow.


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