Rise and shine friends! I’ve got two bits of news to share….

First, I have a new fabric collection that will be in stores THIS month! If you’ve been dreaming about winter citrus (mmmm that smell of an orange takes me right back to my Christmas stocking.) well, then you’re going to love this collection.

The new fabric collection is called SQUEEZE.

…as in, squeeze the day! squeeze the fun, squeeze tight to the things you love. It’s full of warm tones and things that make me happy. It’s the kind of collection that makes me want to rise and shine and make something fun.

There are oranges + lemons, ice cream cones, big florals and small ones, and and a wavy stripe that’s blowing in the wind. I hope the designs make you smile! In case you missed my previous collection—BUTTERSCOTCH—this is my second collection with FIGO Fabrics. They make wonderful fabrics and have so many other collections from designers that I love! You should check out the new lineup of collections coming out this year.

My fabrics and other FIGO Fabrics are sold in online shops, in local quilt shops,,, etc. Here’s a great shop that carries my collection and other FIGO collections.

Ready for the Second bit of news?? I’ve been quilting and designing patterns! Some of these will be in my shop this coming year, along with videos and blog content. And to start it off with a bang…..

I’m going to be the Guest Designer for QUILTY BOX for January!

Woohoo! Quilty Box is a fun quilting subscription box that brings you a collection of fabrics, a quilting pattern (in magazine layout), and other exciting goodies each month. SO….for January, I designed a cute quilt pattern for you to make with my SQUEEZE fabrics. That’s right. You’ll get my fabrics and my pattern all in the box! You can grab my box here.

There are two box options:
Classic Box (traditional quilting with the pattern you see above)
EPP Box, for those who enjoy English Paper Piecing quilting

You can buy my box separately with those links above.
Or you like it and want to try out more months, they gave me some discount codes to share with you. Just note that since my box was for January, it would not come with a new monthly subscription. You would get the new designers starting with February):

3 month subscription, use code: DW5 for 5% off
6 month subscription, use code: DW10 for 10% off
12 month subscription, use code: DW20 for 20% off
You can see all the Box Options here.

And check out Quilty Box on Instagram. You can see other boxes they’ve curated with previous designers. AND they have some sneak peek posts with my stuff!

Then just wait for your box to arrive on your doorstep….

Ready? Set? Quilty Box.
If you’re the one purchasing gifts for…YOU (heh heh. I know how it works), then I highly recommend picking one up!

Happy sewing Holidays 🙂

I receive a small affiliate earning from Quilty Box when you purchase through my links. But please no pressure to buy! I only want to share fun sewing and quilting products that I think you might enjoy.

RECIPE: Cheesecake Dessert Pie

This might be the fastest post ever posted on my site!

I made this cheesecakey pie over the weekend (along with 6 other pies. Haha. For 12 people. It was pre-Thanksgiving pie-testing frenzie). And I thought, I’ll never get around to sharing it on the blog before Thanksgiving. So I typed out the recipe to simply share on Instagram and I then told myself—Don’t overthink it.

So what if you don’t have step-by-step pics of the crumbly graham crackers whirling in the food processor? Or that gorgeous slice-of-pie backlit shot with cherry juice dripping from the fork? Take a quick photo of the pie as you walk up to your brother’s house for dinner, and share the dang thing, so other’s can enjoy it too!

So here you go!
This was a fan favorite on Sunday.  I hope you try it out for Thanksgiving, or any day of the week.

Pies pictured above:
• German Chocolate Pie (Marie Callender’s recipe)
• Pecan Pie (mix of the Karo recipe and @iambaker)
• Lemon Cream Pie (recipe here on my site)
• Cherry Cheesecake Dessert Pie (recipe below)
• French Silk (womp womp. Didn’t work so well WIP)
• Banana Cream (also womp womp. I used banana pudding and the flavor was funky)
• Pumpkin Pie in the middle! (recipe here on my site, and also on every can of pumpkin!)


This is a faux cheesecake kind of dessert that my mom has made for years. She normally makes it in a 9×13 pan or in a 10″ springform pan. But this week I tried a pie version and we loved it! It has that zingy cheesecake taste, but is soft and fluffy.
Top the dessert or pie with any fresh fruit, pie filling, or jam. I went with cherry pie filling this time and it was beautiful (and yummy).

Graham Cracker Crust (make your own or buy)
To make your own crust:
• Mix 1 1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs, 1/4 cup sugar, 1/4 cup melted butter.
• Press into a pie pan or 9×13 dish.
• Bake at 350 for 8-10 mins. Let it cool. Your kitchen will smell amazing.

1 (16 oz) carton of low-fat cottage cheese (or 8 oz lite cream cheese)
1 cup powdered sugar
1/3 cup lemon juice
2 (8 oz) cartons Cool Whip (substitute real whipped cream if preferred)
Can of Pie Filling, or fresh fruit and jam

• In a food processor combine the cottage cheese and powdered sugar; whirl until cottage cheese is smooth and creamy.
• Add lemon juice and mix until well combined.
• Pour mixture into a large bowl; fold in whipped topping. Carefully mound the mixture into cooled crust. If you are making a pie, you will only need about 1/2 of this….or you can make 2 pies! Or one 9×13 pan, or a 10″ springform pan. Refrigerate.
• Before serving, decorate the top with well drained sliced fresh fruit, or drizzle with slightly warmed up jam (to soften the jam), or top with fruity pie filling.

Then load the pies in your car and ask your husband, “these will be okay back here, right?”
Famous last words.

Check out these other yummy pies recipes in the RECIPES TAB:

Mandalorian Costume

This post may be long.
But, This is the Way.
(This is the Way.)

Ahhhh. Is your family obsessed with The Mandalorian??! (the new Star Wars show, now in Season 2) We started watching it last year with our cousins, and the kids fell in love with it. They’ve always enjoyed Star Wars stuff. But there’s just something new about this series, which doesn’t have to stick to old plot lines, that makes it so fresh and appealing—Not to mention that it’s amazingly directed by Jon Favreau and Taika Waititi.

And let’s be honest. Most of us are here for baby Yoda. Or as the purists in our family refer to him, “the Child”.
OMG. We’ve set limits on how often the kids can say, Awwwwwwww during an episode.
Cause I mean. AWWWWWWW.
He’s so cute!

But Mando is equally as cool. They’re just a fun combo! The show is a bit wild west (first episode, Tremors anyone??), it’s a bit Star Wars throwback vibe, and it’s just good fun.

So in September I started asking the kids what they wanted to be for Halloween–IF Halloween was even happening (Covid). But one can dream. Owen knew immediately, “I want a Mando helmet“. So I started looking online, and I’m glad I started early—since it shipped from overseas. I looked at a bunch on Amazon, but settled on this one and it’s SO AWESOME (looks like the price has doubled since we bought ours! Mando. So hot right now). Some of the helmets online were soft and rubbery, which might be good for a younger child. But this one is hard plastic, so it looks really legit.  To make it fit just right, we added some padding inside….from his old baseball helmet! DING! We just pulled the pieces off from his helmet and glued it into the Mando one. And it’s perfect.
The day the helmet arrived, Owen wore it for hours. I love those moments when your kid is stoked about something (like the Zootopia fox head. So glad that worked out)
I went out for a jog that night, and came home to him doing homework like this:

And then chilling on the couch like this. Haha.
(with a real life shot of our house–backpacks and all.)
The helmet also came with a bunch of funny Star Wars stickers. Bonus!

The helmet was a success.
What I didn’t know, was if he wanted a full-on Mando costume to go along? Was it cool to have a FULL costume? Or cooler to just have a helmet and wear that to school? What does a middle-schooler want?? (btw, Owen is a 7th grade teenager now! He’s grown up before our eyes in the last 6 months.)

So I left it up to him.
And he made his own costume! Yay!
Well, Casey helped a bit. And I sewed a bit. And Lucy, Savannah, and eating candy corns helped a bit. But I was happy that he wanted to make something.

It was actually pretty easy, since the helmet was already figured out.

(Wearing his costume, while working on his costume. Meta).

Easy Mando Costume:
• Spray paint a bunch of cardboard and vinyl fabric with silver spray paint.
• Draw the armor pieces on cardboard, cut out, and outline with a sharpie.
• Use a hot glue gun to attach pieces.
• For the shoulder guards, cut a slice in the middle and fold it over itself to create dimension.
• Use elastic and velcro to attach everything. The breast plate has criss-cross elastic in the back and we glued the shoulder pads right onto the elastic. Arm guards have velcro sewn on.
• Sew a simple rectangle bag for baby Yoda with a long strap (and insert scary looking old yoda doll. Haha. We didn’t have a real baby Yoda—that might be coming for Christmas)
• Throw it all together with some black or brown clothing: Pants, shirt, boots. We should have done a scarf around his neck too.

And you’ve got a Mandalorian!
There’s so much more you can do with this costume—add a cape, a scarf around the neck, some amo straps, etc. But I love that this came together fairly easily, and that he was in charge of it. And dude, if I saw this Mando in my backyard, I’d be a little nervous.

And apparently it’s been the way for a while.
I had to compare these new pics to Owen’s old Halloween costumes.
So much Star Wars love!

From Mace Windu, to JEDI Skywalker, to MANDO:

The Force is strong.

And some things never change for Clara too. This year she said she wanted to be a cat again….like the kind with one of those big funny heads. EASY.
So here you have Clara Cat, THEN and NOW.

Happy Mandoween!