baby circle skirt

Clara and I found a pleasant surprise at Joanns the other day….

They now carry colored elastic!….in a select few colors, only available in the store (not online), and only in 1-inch wide elastic.

I’d been wanting to make Clara some skirts, so it was perfect for this:

I know I say it a lot but these are so. easy. to make. And they take such a small amount of fabric that you can’t resist sewing a whole stack of them! Then throw a circle skirt over a dyed onesie and you have a simple girly outfit. Clara’s first time at church was in the outfit above.

You’re familiar with the standard Circle Skirt Tutorial HERE.
But to save everyone time, I created a new download/printable baby skirt pattern HERE.
– The pattern is 1/4 of a full circle and fits on standard US letter-sized paper. Easy, right?
– The skirt takes about a fat quarter of fabric (17 x17 inches are the exact pattern/circle dimensions).
– You need about 15 inches of 1-inch wide elastic for the waistband
– The skirt size is 0-3 months, with a waist size of about 14-15 inches.
• If your baby is smaller, cut your elastic smaller.
• If your baby is fuller, cut your elastic longer and you may want to trim the smaller circle of the pattern piece down a bit.

Okay, print and cut out the pattern piece and let’s get started.

You can follow the full instructions in the circle skirt tutorial.
Or, here’s the short version:

You end up with a fabric circle:

And you’re done!

Then just give in to that sewing itch to make more, more and more…and you’ll have plenty to give away as gifts! I sent baby circle skirts to a few friends and here’s Delia’s sweet baby Natalie wearing the seersucker version. Love that little bum:

She fit right in with the family’s Easter ensemble. (such cute photos!)

Check out the Celebrate BABY archives HERE.

  1. Yay! I was seriously *just* thinking this week that I’d love to make something like this for my baby niece and was hoping you’d have a tutorial for one soon. 😉

    My friend helped me to make a pair of leggings last night, & you often come up in our sewing conversations.

    Thanks for all you do Dana!

    • 2) amy

      Do I stitch elastic with a straight stitch ?

      • 3) Sophiem

        No you don’t sew it with a zig zag stitch to allow the elastic to stretch further!!
        happy sewing!

  2. 5) kellie

    so super cute!! i made matching ‘layered skirts’ for my girls who are 8 yrs and 3 months. they turned out so great and the one for the 3 months old was so stinkin little and cute!! now i need to try this one!

  3. You are *killing me* with the cute. That Clara!! So darling! And now the two of you can match, my current obsession. Love!


    That middle picture of her? DYING. OF. CUTE.

  5. 8) Haley

    Hey! I LOVE this. I have recently been crazy making diaper covers/bloomers for my little one to wear this summer with a little tank/tee. I think I’m going to add this skirt into the mix – But I have a question – where do you find good quality white onesies. The ones in the multi-packs seem a little thin and always too tight! Thanks!!!

    • 9) Jill

      I like the multipacks from gap or old navy- get them when there is a coupon (right now ON is 30 percent off.) I have the best luck finding online (they don’t always have in store). There is short or long sleeves.

  6. This is too funny because I saw the colored elastic in Joann’s a couple of days ago and totally thought of you. I looked to see if they had it in bigger sizes too but no luck. I’m so glad that you were able to use the smaller one for Clara. The baby version is just too cute!

  7. 11) Kristin

    I bought several different colors of this elastic when I found it at Jo-Ann Fabrics a few weeks back. I have been wondering what to do with it. Lol. Thanks so much for the tutorial! I’m going to be making some of these for my littlest lady (5 months).

  8. 2 things: I live in Guatemala and someone just brought me your book… Love it! Also I just found wide elastic here for the first time the other day and plan on making this skirt for my one month old baby girl! You are making my day today, haha!

  9. Thank you, what a great way to use up large scrap fabric.

  10. 15) Kylie

    Love love love!

    How much fabric does it take?

  11. Adorable! I have yet to make a circle skirt! Well, maybe I made one with my mom as a young teenager, but I need to make some for my girls.

  12. I was at Joann recently and saw that elastic. It’s weird but I thought about you!…and your tutorial on dyeing elastic=)

    Love the yellow skirt!

  13. 19) Sam

    baby circle skirts!!! I might just make one to see it in all it’s cuteness. baby girl fever has hit!

  14. Thank you again for the cute skirts! I think it’s funny that we both photographed our babies wearing their skirts on our white bed sheets/comforters. 🙂

  15. 21) sarah

    I love this! I’ve made several circle skirts for my older girls and I see some for my friends with little ladies in the near future. Only a fat quarter of fabric? What a fun, quick project!

  16. 22) Carolyn

    OMG so adorable – and easy! Thanks for sharing this tutorial.

  17. 23) Margie

    Seriously! This is too much cuteness. Love it.

  18. How cute! That last picture just made me laugh! Too cute!And it looks so simple!

  19. 25) Bernie

    Yay! I saw the colored elastic at Joann’s last week and bought it in purple. I made a circle skirt for my 2 year old with it. So easy! I got a sewing machine for Christmas and I’ve been sewing only that long… So if I can make a circle skirt, anyone can!

    • 26) Veronica

      Dear Bernie: I saw your comment about making the skirt for your 2 yr. old.
      I need a size 24M for my granddaughter. Would you please share your pattern

  20. 27) Celeste

    I just picked up some of that elastic a few days ago, thinking, “how have I never noticed this here before?” It sounds new, so maybe I’m not so behind. I was totally planning on making a circle skirt with it too. My daughter just learned to walk and it’ll be so cute to see her in it.

  21. You don’t suppose I could put this on my boy, do you? My husband just doesn’t understand why I wanted a girl so badly, perhaps I should make a circle skirt and say “see, how adorable is this pretty pink skirt!?”

  22. 29) themissymom

    Your work is so nice and your tutorials are very friendly. I am an experienced seamstress but appreciate your tutorial style and encouragement to so many!
    Cute, cute baby girl.

  23. 30) kelli

    I just saw a display for MYO cloth diapers at Joann’s in N. California — they had plastic snaps, pretty fold-over elastics, etc. Yum!

  24. oh Dana. I knew you were pregnant but haven’t checked in forever. Love how darling is Clara. …. and this skirt. I need to peek in here more often. and Congrats what a beautiful little girl.


  25. This turned out so stinking cute!!! Damask fabric + red elastic = baby shower gold!! I used the circle from the middle to make a yoyo flower for the shirt. I feel like a sewing superhero.

  26. Thank you Dana We love the little circle skirt you sent Evangeline! 🙂 You are so awesomely creative!

  27. 35) Emily

    Dana, thanks so much for providing this pattern and tutorial (definitely going in my file for baby showers!)
    I understand that these are copyrighted, is there a fee we can pay in order to make and sell these sweet little skirts?

    • 36) Dana

      nope. no fee. just have fun making/selling them. whatever you’d like! 🙂

      • 37) Emily

        Thanks so much, you are just too wonderful!

  28. 38) Sarah M


    I LOVE this pattern! Making a baby one right now (per your pattern) but then plan on branching out and making one for me, my 1 yr. old niece etc. Have one question, I’ve gotten the circle cut out, zig zag stitched on both circles since I don’t have a serger, hemmed the bottom of the skirt, and now I have the elastic stitched together and ready to pin to the skirt.

    This is probably going to be a stupid question…but, when you sew from one pin to the other, you said to stretch the elastic. Do I just stretch it from one pin to the next pin, sew that area, take the pin out, then hold/stretch to the next pin? I just want to make sure I am doing this correctly.

    Also, when I sew the elastic on, should I use a 2.5 length straight stitch?

    Thanks so much for this tutorial and hopefully for clearing up my dumb questions :)!

    • 39) Dana

      yep, exactly how you explained it with the pins. Stretch from one to the next, sew, remove the pin, then do it again.
      2.5 stitch length is great!
      Not dumb questions at all 🙂

  29. 41) Kay

    This is so cute! Do you have any suggestions on how to enlarge it for a 12 month size?

  30. 43) Sara

    Thanks for this pattern! it looks easy cheese-y 😛 I have a 3 wk old girl and have been feeling the urge to sew things for her, but with 3 other kids, 13 months, 2 yrs and 4yrs old time is minimal for such things. Since this is my only girl I am dying to sew some non-pink girly stuff for her. This pattern is just the ticket!

  31. 44) Bethanie

    Perfect tutorial, thanks! I live in Alaska with no JoAnn’s, so I was bummed I couldn’t get this elastic, but just wanted to let you know that I found it on their site online now! Looking forward to making this for my little bug. 🙂

  32. 45) Marit

    I just followed your tutorial and made my 3 year old a skirt for her Minnie Mouse Halloween costume. I am a novice sewer and this was the very first skirt I have ever made. It turned out awesome! She won’t stop dancing in it! Thank you for posting it. Your instructions were so clear and simple to follow. I can’t wait to make her some everyday skirts!

  33. 46) Jessie

    I want to make this skirt for my 12 month old. Do you have any hints on how to upsize this perfect little pattern? 😀

  34. 47) Stephanie

    So excited to try this but I’m stuck at step two. I can’t sew the elastic. The machine is threaded right but my thread keeps bunching up on the elastic, similar to when the machine is not threaded we’ll. tips would be greatly appreciated!!!!

  35. 49) Kirstie

    Hey love these skirts.. Do you have a pattern for 6-9 months and so on or would I just print the 3 months pattern and and a couple inches each way??? X

  36. I have a stash of colored elastic…now I know what to do with it!

  37. 51) Jen

    Thank you for this tutorial, I just tried it today! I loooove it! Lots of gals I know
    are having girls and this will be a fun gift. I am a total novice sewer and usually
    manage to screw up easy stuff, but your pictures and easy tutorial really helped!
    Thank you! 🙂

  38. 52) Victoria

    I had a question… is there a specific fabric that your recommend or feel works best?

  39. Thank you so much for this free pattern! I’ve made two for my newborn daughter and they fit perfectly. Just uploaded a picture of one of them to your flickr group! THANK YOU!!!

  40. 54) khursten

    Could you use 5/8″ foldover elastic (without folding it over)? There are so many cute printed ones available on Etsy!

  41. 55) Melinda

    I love this pattern! My daughter is wearing 18-24 month clothes. Do you know how big i should make it for her? What should I make the radius of the circle?

  42. 56) Christina

    Just a dumb question probably, but can you tell me what is a good type of fabric to use for these skirts? I am just getting into the sewing thing..I have a 5 mo old little girl and would love to sew her some cute little girly clothes. Just wondering what is the best type of fabric! Thanks!

  43. 57) Nicole

    I found some really cute 1inch fold over elastic at Joann in the baby section. It is by Babyville. It comes two patterns to a pack. I got a bubblegum pink and a brown with little pink polka dots pattern. I can’t wait to make these for my little niece.

  44. 58) Angel

    I am looking to make a bunch of these for my granddaughter who lives in NC, where it is extremely hot in the summers (nothing on the legs and maybe just a baby doll top or a tank top or onesie), to help keep her cool and cute! This pattern is for 0-3 months and she is almost 4 months, what would you suggest to modify this to make it a 3-6, 6 or 6-9 month size?
    Angel H.

    • 59) Tracy Chin

      I have the same question. Would love to make this for my 5-month old, but not sure how to modify.

  45. 60) Johanna

    Thank you so much for this tutorial and the free pattern! I just made a sweet little skirt for my daughter’s Easter outfit and it turned out so cute!

  46. Thank you for this tutorial. I can’t wait to try to make it.

  47. Just started back at sewing, and have 2 great granddaughters I plan to make these skirts for. Thanks for this pattern. It looks easy and quick.

  48. 63) Faith

    Could you modify this for an older child, maybe a 3-6 month size and/or 6-12 month size? This skirt is absolutely adorable and I’d like to try it in some other sizes.

  49. 65) Kelbe

    My daughter’s name is also Clara (born March 2014)!!! 🙂

    I have 2 boys (7&3) so looking forward to making cute outfits for her. Thanks for the tutorial & pattern!

  50. 66) Carrie

    How do I make the pattern for 3-6 months 6-9 and 9-12?

  51. 67) Kayleigh

    Hello :]
    I just started sewing about a week ago,
    I made 2 of these so far, one was layered. Every time I make them I have trouble sewing the hem around the skirts.. Since it is circle shaped, it’s hard to fold the pattern in a way that stays even the entirety of the skirt.. What is the best way of going about sewing the hem?
    Thank you!!

  52. 68) JoAnne T.

    I just happened upon your site a few days ago. My first grandchild, a girl, is due this summer. I know what I will make! Thank you so much for your tutorials, you are an excellent teacher. Clara is a SWEETIE!

  53. 69) Ines

    Hi, i want to make this for my almost 1 year old baby niece. How much bigger do you think i should make the pattern? (: thank you xx

  54. 70) Amy


    I LOVE this! I’m going to make a few for my niece. I saw on another comment you don’t mind if she sold them, just wanted to double check that it’d be ok for me too. I can link back to you if you would like.

    Thanks so much for the great tutorial!


  55. 71) Ellie M

    Thank you for the explanation. AND your reply was so quick. I wonder if it could be adapted to an adult size? I bought one and it’s the coolest thing I have in my limited wardrobe. Thanks again!

  56. 72) Zoe

    Hi from Australia! I recently bought your shorts pattern (just waiting on hubby to print it off at work before I start that one!) but had the resources to try a circle skirt tonight. I had a lot of fun! I am a beginner sewer and had trouble with the elastic. Straight sewing was fine, but when I went to do the zig zag stitch the machine wouldn’t feed it? Could you give some possible reasons that you can think of? Thanks!

    • 73) Zoe

      ummm… I think I figured out whats going on *embarrassed giggle* I’m pulling on it to stretch it to meet my fabric, but this is stopping it from feeding freely? I made another skirt with this knowledge and it is better, but I still found myself pulling from the back and it is not sewn evenly.

  57. 74) Lindsy Carranza

    This may be a silly question but do you stretch the elastic as you sew or no?

  58. 75) Karmel

    ‘Just discovered your site… Love it!
    I ran right to the fabric store, found planet fabric, and made a circle skirt just in time for my grand daughter’s 5th birthday party. The theme was “Space, Out of this world”- Perfect! You could just imagine the solar system as she twirled!
    Next, I plan to make an infant Pooh Bear circle skirt.
    A young friend of mine couldn’t quite figure out how to place your pattern on both folds, LOL, so I turned the pattern so that she could visualize. I re-drafted your pattern and made it into a crisp new pdf file. Of course, I included your info, including the copyright. You are welcome to use it if you like. Just let me know.

  59. 76) Adrian

    I saw this skirt, made reversible for $89.00! Went home and made it from my stash. You and the girls are darling

  60. 77) Joanne

    The perfect gift for my best friendss newborn girl ! Thanks Dana for all your sharing. God bless you and your lovely family. Greetings from Greece.

  61. 78) Becky


    I don’t sew, but was inspired to make these for dolls for Operation Christmas Child boxes. It looks easy enough for me to attempt.

  62. 79) Brittany

    Hello Dana,

    I really love this skirt! I am a beginner sewer and have a 13 mo old and would love to make this for her. The only thing I want to add to it are suspenders that cross in the back. When would you add them? Before or after the elastic? Could you maybe do a tutorial on this?

  63. 80) Alli

    How much do I adjust this going up in sizes? Like 3-6 mo, and 6-9mo? Did you just eyeball it or can you give me a ballpark for how much to trim it?

  64. 82) Angelina

    Thank you Dana for the amazing steps for making the circle skirt. I made it with my mom for the baby of a friend. And the result is really nice. Can.t wait to make more things.

  65. 83) Brenda O'CONNOR

    Couldn’t you make this for older girls also? I Just need to figure out how to enlarge size and yardage. Both my 7 and 9 year old granddaughters would like this.

  66. 85) Rachal

    I love circle skirts and now that I have my own baby girl, I’m all about making her cute, dressy outfits (since I can’t seem to find any in stores)!
    Quick question: how would I adjust this to have a casing for the elastic at the waist instead of exposed?


  67. 86) Leanna Mcreynolds

    Can you use smaller elastic for the waist bband?

  68. 87) Nolene

    I know the baby circle skirt goes up to 3 months is it easy to size it up a bit more to like a 4 month old?

  69. 88) Mercy

    I can’t seem to find the pattern for this! Whenever I click on ‘click here’ it says that the page is not found?
    My older sister is having her second baby and I really hope that it is a girl so I can sew this! And because there is only one other niece amidst 5 nephews!

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