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zipper pouches on MADE

And when it comes to sewing gifts, I guess I’m not much different.
Skirts, pillow cases, crib sheetszipper pouches!

How to make a Zipper Pouch
easy Tote Bag tutorial and video on MADE

I love sewing zipper pouches!
They’re so easy, and cute, and yep….they’re perfect inside all those tote bags.

So I guess the unpredictable part of the Zipper Pouch gift, is the way you mix it up.
Because I love a good surprise fabric inside.
Like wearing a red bra?
If I ever did that.
Maybe I should….

zipper pouch

I love fabrics that coordinate with the outside but make you excited to see what’s hiding within.

I also adore a good zipper, with metal teeth, and an interesting pull.  And the color and size of the zipper often determines which fabric I will use.
Who knew there could be such analysis of zipper pouches?

I buy most of my zippers here and here.
In fact a bundle of zippers makes a really fun gift.  I gave some to one of Lucy’s friends who’s gotten into sewing.

I just stuffed them in a little zipper pouch.  Done!

how to sew a zipper pouch

Because the stuffing and gifting is also the fun part.
And there are so many fantastic things to stuff inside!—handmade bias tape, piping, candy, fruit, recipes, jewelry, note cards.

how to make a simple zipper pouch
how to make a zipper pouch on MADE blog

I made this stripey pouch for a good photography friend who doesn’t sew much. So I thought these sample swatches would be an easy way for her to get crafty and make a garland.

how to make and gift simple Zipper Pouches on MADE

And of course there are my favorite Wonder Clips.
Perfect for any sewing friend.

Wonder Clips and zipper pouches on MADE

And if you’re feeling extra punchy, tie some vinyl or a pom pom on the end.  It will only make you happy.

how to make a simple pom pom and zipper pouches

Ready to make gifts?
Here’s the video again (just hit the play button):

  1. Love it!!!! I love the zipper pouch for a fast gift too…so great! I always put starbucks cards in mine but I love the wonder clip idea, BRILL!!

  2. 2) Terri Miller

    My most favorite video is your zipper pouch tutorial! I have been obsessed with zipper pouches ever since. So much fun, and everyone loves them!
    Thanks Dana!

  3. These bags are a good gift for anyone and also have many utilities. I love all the pictures !!!

  4. 4) mercy

    Your cloth cutting are wonderful and understanding. Pls I need more of your vedio

  5. 5) Nisa

    just discovered your blog. you are brilliant! i am going to try to make these lined zipper pouches. can you tell me where i can buy those colorful zippers with the cute metal rings? my neighborhood notions store does not sell them. they only have the regular zippers.


    • 6) Dana

      Hi Nisa, and thanks! I purchase the zippers from Etsy sellers. If you do a search there for “zippers with ring pull” you’ll find several. 🙂 Have fun!

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