Circle Skirts

Some of you have asked about MADE Everyday videos….and I’m happy to say that they’re back!

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Then you’ll be all like:

How to sew a Circle Skirt

And I’ll be all like:

And together we’ll be all like…WOW.
Please tell me you did that with your hands in 3rd grade?
Or as an adult?

Well this new video is a total classic.
I took one of our most popular tutorials—the Circle Skirt—and brought it to life (with a little rockabilly music to get you dancing).

How to sew a Circle Skirt video

Circle skirts are so, so simple to make and only require a little bit of math, which we’ll walk through together.  I’ll show you how to make a single layer skirt:

And a double-layer:

Then you’ll be making skirts for any age, and any size.
AND…’ll be using your skills to make costumes!  Mini Mouse?  Poodle Skirt?  50s girl?  Annie?  Square Dancer?
Yes. Yes. and Yes.

Just hit play below and enjoy (or if it isn’t showing, you can watch it here):

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  1. 1) Tara S

    Seriously, good timing!!! I just got fabric to make my daughter a circle skirt for her Halloween costume. You are the best!! Will watch it 10 times tonight. I’m doing it with knit fabric. First time sewing with knit so I’m a little nervous. Love the double layer one.

  2. 2) Julie

    Thank You !!! Can you clarify about the elastic ? In the video it states to cut in size of the waist, but in the tutorial it states to add an additional inch. Also my daughter (10 yrs) made a circle skirt for her 4-H project this past summer. She had a lot of fun making it ( mom wished the video had come out earlier). She listed you and your blog in her write up.
    Thanks again !!

    • 3) Mary

      I believe that the extra inch added to the elastic accounts for the seam allowance, which is required to sew the elastic into an enclosed circle.

  3. 4) Terri Miller

    LOVE this tutorial. Cant wait to make a skirt. Thank you for your videos. They are my favorite, and inspire me.

  4. Even though I have sewn many of the things you cover in your videos, they are so well done, I find myself watching them all! You are seriously good at this.
    Beautifully done!

  5. 6) Felicia

    I loved the video, I am such a visual learner and a beginner so this was perfect, can’t wait to make a double layer for my 14mo old! Currently working on her Pebbles Flintstone costume for Halloween using your diaper cover for the bottoms. Your tutorials are easy to follow, I”ll definitely be a regular and come back for more tips.

  6. Thanks for another great video. I never thought I’d wear a circle skirt myself, but I really love your chambray version. By the way, are you wearing an Agnes t-shirt? It looks like the Agnes pattern to from Tilly & the Buttons.

  7. 8) Nicole

    Perfect timing! I am going to try it with tulle. Now, please tell me about your shoes!!

  8. 9) Angie

    GREAT tutorial! Very timely as well…. used it to whip up a couple of poodle skirts for an upcoming 50’s party!!

  9. 10) Katie Evans

    I LOVE that intro. Girl, you are made to be on TV! Seriously. I can’t wait to see you on some lucky network one day.

  10. 11) Nova

    I love the skirts! Thank you for showing in such details. Please tell me how much fabric I should buy for the double layer skirt? This would be for a 5 year old little girl. Thanks you!!

  11. 12) Jo

    Hi Dana. I am a grandmother of 3 two of them girls and a niece. 3 girls that I have decided to sew for . I am an avid sewer of over 50 years of which I use to make my daughters clothes when she was young. Now 42.
    Thanks to you I am finding all my memories flooding back ten fold. I started making them frilly dresses and using your young ideas for their headbands and more.
    I just love your personality and ideas. Girls tend to bring that out in us.
    Anyway . I am totally hooked on your U tube Videos. I find them giving me the inspiration to get back to sewing after a long pause due to illness. Thanks Dana so much. I love your sweet spirit.

  12. 13) Jane

    I enjoyed the video but I need to see numbers and on paper.

  13. 14) Gean Sanders

    I am about your size Maybe shorter 5ft 2 wish I could figure out the size to make a skirt for me

  14. 15) Sharon

    Hi Dana. I really like your circle skirt but have several questions. What type of elastic do you use? Can I serge the waist instead of turning under 1/4 inch, and then apply the elastic?
    Love your website. You make sewing so much fun!!!

    • 16) Dana

      Sure you can totally serge the waist to finish off the edge. I have done that before too….but since many people don’t have sergers, I like to show how to do it on a standard machine. I like “knit” elastic. But there are many different kinds to use!

  15. 17) Mary

    Question: on putting an elastic waistband. and no zipper. if the measurment is for the waist. don’t you need the waist cut larger (if the fabric is not a stretch fabric. how are you going to pull it on over the hip. I understand for a child there is not that much difference. my granddaughter wants me to make her one for a poodle skirt for Halloween. she is 11 but tall for her age: her waist is 28 but her hip is 36.5. I know the fabric will be on the bias, but don’t know for sure if she can get it up over her hip. without adding a zipper.? (i hate doing zippers)

    • 18) Dana

      Yes, if you have an older child then I would add a few more inches to the measurement. The circle will actually have more “give” than you realize because it’s cut on the bias.

    • 19) lYNN

      Mary. I was in high school in the “poodle skirt” era. I made my own circle skirts and used a regular sewed on waist band with a button and placket. No zipper needed. Hope you enjoy making the skirt.

  16. 20) Fionn young

    Love this tutorial, going to use it to make my sisters birthday present. Just wondering though, if I was wanting to add a couple of layers of tulle to bulk it out would I just do the double layer skirt but with the tulle at the same length? Thanks! Xox

  17. 21) Yunmi

    Hi Dana,
    Thank you so much for making sewing fun and easy!!
    I have question about the waist length, though.

    Here what happened to me the other day.
    I made a circle skirt for me and after finishing it, I tried it on.. guess what happened..??
    It was stuck on my butt and didn’t go in!! I guess because i made the waist using my real waist size, so even though there’s elastic band on the waist part, it was stuck on the butt..
    So, here’s my question. Should I cut the waist circle as my butt size and cut the elastick band as my real waist size so that the waist part could be shrunk on my waist after sewing them together, but it could go through on the butt? For exmple, my butt is 36″ and my waist is 26″. Than should I cut the wasit 16.8″(=36/3.14), but the elastic band is 26″? It is a serious issue to me now..
    Thank you so much and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

    Thanks a lot!!

    • 22) Dana

      Hi Yummi.
      Yes, you can make the skirt so it’s fits your hip size, or your rear if that helps 🙂
      In the tutorial, you add a couple extra inches to the waistsize to help accommodate for that. But yes, go by whichever measurement is larger for you. Sorry about that!

    • 23) Lisa

      Literally laughed out loud at the “add two inches.” Thankfully I realized this would not work for me, and measured my widest bit to see what size I *really* needed to cut the fabric. Also decided to make two half circles so I could add side seam pockets (AND remembered to add a bit for the seam allowance!) In the middle of the project now, feeling hopeful about the end result!

  18. 24) Rice

    Dumb question…for your daughters, how much fabric do you normally use? A yard? 1.5 yards? Thanks! I am so excited I found your page and tutorials!!!

    • 25) Dana

      Probably 1 yard for a child.

  19. 26) Jackie

    How do u know how much elastic to use for the waist?

    • 27) Dana

      Whatever your waistsize is! But typically 3/4 of a yard to 1 yard.

  20. 28) Izzy

    Love your videos can you get me a baby lock lyric PLEASE!!!!!!!!???????? I don’t have one

  21. 29) Jessica

    I made this and it turned out fabulous! (I almost forgot to use a zig zag stitch on the elastic) I must say, the circle hem at the end is the hardest step. It was not perfect, but after ironed out and put on, the cuteness and bounce of the skirt conceals any hem inconsistencies. This was my very first clothing project for my daughter. I made a matching infinity scarf with the leftover fabric. She just loves it!

  22. 30) Jessica

    Dear Dana,
    Where can I find the pattern for the circle skirt for babies you mentioned on your video tutorial? I didn’t find it in the shop. Thanks!

  23. 32) omali

    Thank you sooo much…well explained and awesome

  24. 33) Anmar

    Thank you Dana for your video it’s help me a lot a lot so much I did my fairest project the scart Circle to my daughter she is love it ???? it was very easy when I start sewing this is my favorite , I wish I can send a picture to my project to see is the same what you did with the gold elastic and blue fabric for the skirt . Thank you my dear bless you ..

  25. 35) Mary

    Your YouTube video sounds easy but I’m still having trouble. I need to make my daughter in law a skirt by this Friday. January the 27th . Her waist is 41 and I know to add 2 inches. She will be wearing petticoats under it. I asked her the length and she said no shorter than 22″. The fabric I bought is 44″. I’m having trouble getting the radius part and I’m not sure I have enough for the length. I was thinking of piecing another piece to the fabric so I’d have more material when I folded. The material she chose is a striped one. Please help. Thank you. I can’t wait to make one for my granddaughter.

  26. 36) Hannah

    I am super excited to make this skirt for my niece! I have purchased some Pooh Bear fabric and I am nervous to cut it if the print does not turn out straight (gets cut upside down/sideways). Do you have any tips on folding it differently? Thank you!

    • 37) Dana

      Some of the characters will never be “straight”, since the fabric is cut into a circle. Typically I line it up so that the main direction of the print is right in the front middle of the skirt. Hopefully that makes sense 🙂

  27. 38) Carol

    Hi Dana,
    I’ve so enjoyed your website/videos, and have sewn several of your free patterns. Recently (April 2017) I tried your circle skirt for my granddaughters, ages 3 & 5. They are crazy happy with them, as they are big “twirlers” with the skirts! No A-line skirts for them! **I wanted your readers to know some tips that I tried with your pattern, that make the skirts sew up even faster: I use my serger to hem the skirts -both single and double layer skirts – I use the rolled edged stitch, and it is truly a beautiful finish. I also serge the waistband fabric (before attaching the elastic waistband), using a regular 3 thread stitch. Then I use my regular sewing machine to attach the elastic waistband with the zigzag stitch. All of this saves tremendous time, not having to turn under and press the hems, and then stitch them. **I also have used fleece fabric for the skirts, and as you know, fleece does not ravel, so there is no hemming or edge finishing needed – just the cut edge works! Thanks for the pattern!! ~Carol

  28. 39) Lucy

    What kinds of fabric to use for the circle skirts?

  29. 40) steph

    hi dana love the tutorial but my fabric is 45 so how do i sew the 2 seams together ive cut the sem i circles out but its where i need to sew is the sticking point as the fabric i have the pattern is directional

  30. 41) Destiny

    Hello. I am making a skirt for my daughter (6 years old ). Do you have to make the pattern on a specific type of paper? I did mines on a poster board. A big one. I am not sure if the skirt will turn out right.

    • 42) Dana

      Sure! Posterboard is great!

  31. 43) Ellie

    What a great tutorial! I can’t wait to make my own skirts!

  32. 44) David Mc

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful videos Dana! After watching your circle skirt video, I was excited to get out my machine and sew a skirt for my daughter! It turned out great. I hope to make some more skirts (and other projects) for her soon.

    • 45) Dana

      Awesome! Yay! They can be addictive once you get going 🙂

  33. 46) Tricia

    Hi, wondering how easy it is to add an bodice to the skirt. I would like to make a cotton or silk one. Thank you

  34. 47) Larissa


    Also having trouble with getting my butt and hips to fit! Might have to just put it on over my shoulders.

    Anyways, my main question is what if I wanted to cover up the elastic with some fabric? Would that be ok? Would that affect the stretch at all? How should I go about doing that? Has anyone tried it?

    Thank you for the video and post! 😀

  35. 49) Barbara

    Hi Dana, I am in the process of making the circle skirt from your video tutorial. Can you show how to use enclosed elastic for the waistband please. I’ve made many skirts (not circle) with the elastic within the waistband fabric, and I prefer it enclosed and I know my granddaughter would too. Thank you, thank you!!

  36. 50) Tara I

    I know I thanked you a few years ago for this (searching diy circle skirts actually lead me to you!!!), but you have saved my life every Halloween! My daughter has had a poodle skirt costume, an evil witch (made skirt into gown), a vampire (another circle gown), another poodle skirt costume (3 years later, made to match her school uniform shirt) and I don’t know how many circle skirts and little matching tote bags (because I always buy way too much fabric… in case I mess up!). I’m sure I’ve used your method 20 times and they always come out great!

    So Thank you again! She still hasn’t decided what she wants to be, but I’ll be searching frantically on Oct 1st to figure out how to pull off another miracle! Maybe I’ll make one for me someday….

    • 51) Dana

      Haha. I love it! YES. Simple circle skirts come in hand so often!
      Thanks for sharing Tara 🙂

  37. 52) Claire

    Can you use fabric with a directional print for this or would some of it end up upside down? Thanks Claire

  38. 54) Lisa Stuckey

    I have a question about circle skirt. I have one way design ballerina fabric. Will this end up right side up, or will half be upside down (like, front right side, back- upside down)?

    • 55) Dana

      Hi Lisa,
      Yes….if you use a directional print on a circle skirt, then at some point, the print is going to look “upside down”. Some of the characters will never be “straight”, since the fabric is cut into a 360 degree turn. Typically I line it up so that the main direction of the print is right in the front middle of the skirt…you can see that with my cat fabric in my “How to hem a Circle Skirt” video here:
      Hopefully that makes sense. Have fun sewing!

  39. 56) Jackie Schwartz

    Great tutorial! I made a couple of grown-up sized circle skirts for me (one from a Target shower curtain I really liked!) Any chance you could teach us to make a simple slip dress? I would love to see more easy sewing tutorials for adults.

  40. 57) Jani

    Hi Dana

    I love your circle skirt. Im new at sewing , so this question is maybe stupid. But can I sew the double layer skirt with tree layers the same way?

    – Jani

  41. 58) Cecile

    I love these skirts! Great tutorial! My question is…can I use any kind of fabric like cotton or do I have to use a knit fabric? I have so many cotton fabrics on hand and would love to be able to use them as well as some knits.
    Thank you!

  42. 59) Amy Ho

    Thank you for the great tutorial!

  43. 60) Megan

    Hi Dana!
    I was trying to make myself a skirt, but my fabric was not wide enough to be able to cut on 2 folds. I attempted to cut the pattern but upon adding the waistband, realized the waist was too small! Can you tell me what measurment I need to use for my waist? Would it be the diameter = radius x 2?

  44. 61) Linda

    Your video was very helpful! Wanted a simple project and a circle skirt was perfect. Love my new skirt. Can’t wait to make more.

  45. 62) Amy

    Just wanted to add to the chorus and say thank you for this great tutorial. I was on several other websites prior and was scratching my head. I was able to to make my daughter a poodle skirt for school thanks to you! Now I think I’ll try a chambray one just to wear around. Love your very informative, detailed, professional videos. You have given me confidence to try more things! (only with your directions of course, lol)

    • 63) Dana

      aw Thank you Amy! That’s nice to hear! Have fun sewing 🙂 Dana

  46. 64) Susan

    Nice instructional video, but I have one question. Shouldn’t the waist circumference be closer to hip measurement? I could see adding 2 inches to waist size for a child’s skirt (or your slim hips, for sure) but not for a curvy girl! Otherwise, truly helpful for sure.

    • 65) Dana

      Yes, the waist measurement works well with children. But you can definitely go off of your hip measurement. The fabric will just be a bit more gathered at the waistband.

  47. 66) Heather

    Dana! Thank you for doing this tutorial and I even watched your YouTube on it! Quick question though, if I didn’t want the skirt itself so “full” and to lay flatter, could I not make the 1/4 circle so wide? Or would I fold my fabric a different way? I’ve tried figuring this out but I’m scared to cut!
    Thank you!

  48. 67) Laura

    Hi Dana,
    Thank you very much for such a lovely clear video. I thought I might use it to dip my toe in the water of my first ever make.. Any chance I could add a pocket to the skirt? Where would I put it? I thought they had to go in a seam, but I worry that I’d struggle with a skirt with a seam as would likely need zip etc. What do you think?
    Thank you!

  49. 68) Issy E

    Hi, I want to make this as a gift for my cousin’s 5th Birthday. As it is a gift I cannot really measure her waist. What measurements should I use, or how should I decide on measurements?

  50. 69) HeAther Worth

    I am a size 4x. And wanna make poodle skirt how many yard fabric I need

  51. 70) Suzie

    Thanks for posting this cute skirt project and clear directions!
    I was looking for an easy item to make for my next granddaughter, who is due in April. This looks darling, fun, and simple. (I hope I don’t eat my words!) How do I guess at the size of her waist since she’s not born yet? I’d guess she’ll be fairly big.

  52. 71) Stephanie G.

    Dana, thank you SO much for your amazing tutorials. You are still my favorite sewist to watch/learn from online!!!! From years prior, and now again that my 11 year old daughter is old enough to be sewing with me now! (She loves watching your videos too!) Question: If the fabric isn’t wide enough and we have to cut two semi circles as you mentioned at the 6:45 video marker point (rather than the 1/4 circles folded), do we need to add 1 more inch or anything to the waist size to account for the seam allowance that will attach the two side pieces? 🙂 Thank you! 🙂

  53. 72) Dawn

    This is a great tutorial for beginners! One problem I had that you might want to mention is that fabric with an up and down don’t work with the circle this way. One side will be upside down. I caught it before I cut it out and had to work it into two pieces so I could right the fabric. The sides are a little wonky, but it is barely noticeable.

  54. 73) Mary Lefebvre

    Hi Dana! Your videos are awesome. Thanks. I’m wondering if it is necessary to add the extra two inches to the waist when using stretch fabric? I made the skirt and it turned out really nice, however, stretching the exposed band to fit the circumference of the skirt was quite difficult. Or maybe I need to use an elastic with more stretch? Any thoughts?
    Thanks for your fun sewing ideas.

  55. 74) Joy

    I have made this skirt loads of times it is so easy useful and wonderful by the way I did it for my grandaughters and my nieces ty so much

  56. 75) Susan McMullin

    you have done such a great job of explaining what and why as you go. Thank you so much. i

  57. 76) Stephanie

    is there a way to add a waist band of the same fabric and put the elastic inside the waist instead of attaching thr plastic to the waist directly?

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