more and more circle skirts…and the double-layer

With lots of friends having babies, I went crazy and made more of these:
(not babies, just skirts)
I love making baby circle skirts! They’re so fast (free pattern download here) a bit addictive, and easy to pair with a onesie.
This time I made a double-layered version (also easy) and it was even more bouncy and girly.
Clara approved.
Some of you have asked about a double-layered circle skirt, so here’s what you do.
Start with the basic baby circle skirt tutorial and pattern:
Print off the skirt pattern above, or make your own. Then cut two skirts, cutting the underneath layer about 1 inch longer than the top layer. Just eyeball it, no need to make another precise pattern. If you want the under-layer to hang out extra long, cut it 1 1/2 inches longer….just do what works for you.
• Hem each layer separately.
• Join the two layers together at the top and baste (sew) or serge them together all the way around the top waist.
• Add your elastic and you’re done!
(more detailed instructions in the original tutorial)
If you have a little label, throw it on the back (more on my labels here).
Also…some of you have mentioned “I can never sew a straight line on the elastic.  It always looks wonky in spots…
Yep. Mine too!
Just do your best. No one will notice when they’re looking at how cute the skirt is on your babe.
Then make about 6 more skirts so you have gifts on-hand.
Then pair it with a little onesie, plain or decorated.
And dress it up with a sweater and tights for church.
This cute business is exhausting.
(ps, these photos were taken a few months ago when Clara was 2 months old. I can’t believe how much she’s changed! 5 months old now. Time for a new month-by-month comparison).

  1. Merci pour le tuto!!
    Thank you for the tutorial!!
    Votre petite fille est magnifique!!
    Your baby est beautiful!!
    Bonne soirée!!

  2. So cute!! I made one for my friend’s baby for the 4th of July. 🙂 I love the double layer. I actually kinda want a double layer for me, as if the six in my closet aren’t enough. . . . 🙂

  3. 3) Kelly

    Its funny you posted this because I had leftover material and wanted to make a double layer circle skirt for my 3 week old…great timing!

  4. 4) Bernie

    I love these! They ARE so easy; I just started sewing in December, so I’m so happy to have found fun, easy & useful projects like this. Thanks!

  5. These are adorable!! I can see how they would be addicting. I have 3 little girls, and I can’t wait to try this!! 🙂

  6. I heart you, Dana! :-). Thanks for showing you “wonky” sewn line in addition to the lovely skirts and always adorable Clara. Sometimes I feel like what I make is so imperfect and everyone else must be doing it so much better! I appreciate seeing that it’s not just me, but it also doesn’t really matter! 🙂

    • Same here! Nice to know supergirl is just as human as the rest of us!! I looooove your style Dana! So inspiring that I am going to have to make a few of these skirts this afternoon for a baby shower this saturday. I already have a gift but throwing in some handmade items will be a treat. Thanks Dana!

  7. Every single time I come over here I want to dress my baby in cute skirts. My baby boy. I might need to make another. Baby that is.

  8. 9) Lorraine


  9. 10) Amber

    I was just looking at the tutorial this morning. Baby girl #2 is due in 3 weeks. I think I need to get started on a few for baby and big sister 🙂 Love the red/white and blue fabric!!!

  10. 11) Mary

    These are so cute. My daughter made one for our soon to be baby girl who is due in about 3 weeks. Can’t wait too meet her. I need her to make some more for her new sister. Clara is so cute. We might have to try the double layer skirt too.

  11. 12) tameka

    She is stylin’!!! Those skirts are really cute!

  12. Dana – your eye for photography is always stunning. I adore these skirts, so simple, yet so adorable!!! Thank you so much for sharing.

  13. I have been thinking about making a circle skirt for me, and I have lots of fabric I want to use to make things for my girl…she is going to have tons of skirts and dressses for next year! Little babies and little skirts are just too cute.

  14. 15) steph

    So cute! I’ve been making a ton of skirts for myself this summer following your “simple skirt” pattern/tutorial – wearing one right now, in fact! I love how easy it is to make something and know that no one else is wearing something quite like it. 🙂

  15. So super cute. I think I might just make myself some and see if the cuteness effect rubs off… Love those shoe-tights – did you make them yourself?

  16. So adorable! Oh, and the skirts are super cute too;) And love that swiss dot fabric. I wish I could find that in every color where I live. It’s so classic.

  17. adorable! I’ve been adding ruffles to pre-made shirts to give as gifts, but this idea is so cute & looks like an easy fun project to make ahead of time, no wonder you’ve been making lots!

  18. 19) Michelle Price


  19. Ah, so cute! I love the double layered even more than the original circle skirt. =)

  20. Oh, CUTE! The picture of Clara in her little sweater, skirt and tights just kills me! I’ll have to make some of these.

  21. 22) Stevie

    Oh my word..she is DOLL!! I love sweet & simple..thanks for sharing!!

  22. Those skirts looks like a lot of fun…she looks too adorable in them…Great Job@

  23. we missed you already dana! keep us posted!

  24. 26) Jenny E

    I have made several of these for my new baby niece and my new little neighbor. They are genius! Also, my JoAnn’s has (in the baby section with the crocheted hats and headbands) fold over elastic in a small selection of colors and patterns. It’s so soft and it was super-easy to work with. It comes in a package of 2 yards each of 2 different colors. Now to finally make one of these for my own girl!

  25. 27) April

    Such fun, fresh skirts! As always your fabric choices are delightful Dana. I particularly love the mocha colored skirt with the cream dots. Can that material be purchased somewhere or is it something vintage? I would love to get my hands on a yard of that!

    • 28) Dana

      thanks April!
      Yea, the brown dotted swiss is some vintage stuff I found in my Grandma’s attic.
      Sorry 🙁

      • 29) April

        Somehow I knew that was the case 🙂 Thanks so much!

  26. Seeing this post made me so happy! Clara gives the BEST faces. Such a cute girl.

    I have pictures of Nat in that red, white and gray skirt but just haven’t posted them. I seriously LOVE it and am sad that she’s almost too big for it now. I’ve slipped it on her anyway recently but you can tell it’s getting a bit tight. 🙁

    Thank you for sending us those skirts. She always (without fail) gets compliments when she wears them!

  27. 31) AfricanBeauty

    How do you do labels please??
    thanks for the great tutorials!

  28. 32) Lauralee

    So, I have this REALLY cute dress from Baby Nay(?) that was a gift, but it is a onesie with the skirt attached to it. It is really quite wonderful – because I hate it when the skirt slides up on baby. How would I go about attaching this wonderful circle skirt to a onesie so I don’t have to fiddle with waist bands riding up or down on baby?

  29. 34) ira lee

    those are really cute and you have made really great little outfits!

  30. So adorable.

    I made a 7 year old sized one with 2 layers this summer, as the original fabric was sheer. It turned out much better than I’d expected. 🙂

    If my 1 year old was a girl, I’d so be making more of these. I made 2 for my 7 year old, but she’s not that into them. 🙁

    • 36) Chris

      Awesome, that’s what I was wondering (if you could make them for older kids) I have three girls 2,4,8 and I think my younger two would really like something like this.

  31. 37) Dkb

    Is that your regular presser foot in the pic near the top, or is it something special ?

    • 38) Dana

      one photo is my standard presser foot and the other photo is my serger.

  32. 39) Angel

    How many inches from the top of the fabric to the bottom hem on the finished shirt?

  33. 40) celine

    I made your circle skirt last year for the first time for my daughter, and MAN! Do I love making it!!! Your daughter is DOLL and a half!!! : )

  34. How cute are these??? Love them and of course, I love the little model!

  35. These are the cutest skirts.
    I think I will be making some of these, as there is 5 of my friends having baby girls this year. (So jealous)
    Thanks a lot for sharing the pattern and your little cutie is just adorable 🙂

  36. 43) BrinleesMommy

    I’m just learning to sew & thought this would be a perfect beginners project. Well…how the heck do you hem on a curve?! I’ve tried this skirt twice & both were horrible looking at the hem! I was so frustrated I trashed them. This is a super cute skirt…but for whatever reason I am incapable! LOL. Any tips or advice?

    • 44) Dana

      It just takes some patience (mine aren’t perfect by any means :)). a serger really helps to seal off the raw edge. But if you don’t have one, you might try binding it with bias tape for a fun twist. then you don’t have to do any hemming!

  37. 45) clarissa

    where do u get the wide elastic. I have had a hard time finding anything wider than one inch any ideas

  38. 46) Rhonda

    she is sooo beautiful. love those skirts. have to make some for my granddaughter.

  39. can you give me a rough size estimate on this pattern? It’s too cute not to make for my shop! (you’ll get credit!)

  40. 48) Andria

    Call me creepy if you want, but I just really want to kiss those tiny cheeks!!! Also my own tiny person is going to look gorgeous in these. . . . Thanks!!

  41. 49) kayla

    Love this! You are so talented. Where did you get the adorable white bow headband? I’ve been looking everywhere for one just like it.

  42. Hi, I used your pattern and made one of these. I used bias tape on the hem and a waistband where I inserted elastic. I had made bigger ones for a 4&6 year old as well. All three matching. Thanks for the pattern!

  43. 51) Amanda

    I’m desperate for dimensions for 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24 months!

  44. 52) Katje

    Perfect opportunity to use my rolled hem foot, that makes them extra cute and spunky!

  45. 53) Julia Brueggemann

    Was wondering what dimensions you suggest using for bigger sizes?

  46. 55) Ayu

    Hi..can i know where you buy the dritz elastic colored n the fabric?

  47. 56) Charla

    I put the fabric right side down on elastic (with pinning) and sewed it that way and then top- stitched it down flat, which gave me a much nicer edge and kept it very straight.

  48. 57) Charla

    I also used the little circle (trimmed down a bit to make a fabric yo-yo with a button to attach to the same color of elastic for a sweet little headband. THere are lots of tutorials on how to make yo-yos on google and youtube. and are soooo easy!

  49. 58) Jamie Leman

    I saw a tutorial you did on ruffled skirts with three layers…. going to try that one next. Made two skirts using your awesome turorial for two of my granddaughters and they’re so stinking cute. I have a ton of jersey knit so I made yoga waistbands instead of elastic. Thanks for all your free easy to follow tuts and advice !

  50. 59) M. Stevens

    Do you happen to have a 3-6 month pattern in this?

  51. 60) Lindsay

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! I am new to sewing and wanted to try my hand at something that wouldn’t take too long to complete and I am pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out! (Must be down to your fantastic explanation). I think I will be making many more of these as gifts and also for my little one (if my bump is a girl!)

    • 61) Dana

      Oh that’s great! Thanks for letting me know – I’m glad it turned out well. 🙂 And congrats on your upcoming addition!

  52. 62) Val

    Looking for circle skirt for 6-12 months. Could you provide pattern or dimensions want to make for my grand baby for the holiday season. This is super cute!!!

  53. 63) Shirley Polmateer

    Clara is beautiful and the skirt is lovely. thanks for sharing.

  54. 64) Emy

    Thank you for this amazing tutorial. The link to the circle dress pattern seems broken and I searched on your website and can’t find it 🙁 thanks

  55. 65) sharon Dortch

    there is no tutorial or pattern for the infant circle skirt all the links say no found

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