Tiny Floral Circle Skirt

One of our favorite teachers at school had a baby girl recently.  So I did what always seems easiest (when it comes to gifts)—-I whipped up a teensie tiny circle skirt.  Cause really, is there anything cuter than a miniature skirt??
Well, other than the miniature human that’s wearing it?


I know I’m always talking about making skirts for gifts….and how it’s faster than going to the store to buy a gift….because it only takes BITS of fabric and BITS of time.
But it really is true!

Just download my free newborn size pattern.
Print it out and follow the simple steps.
Or you can make a circle skirt in ANY size—-just watch my video here.


Then pair it with a store-bought onesie.  Because I’m a big fan of semi-homemade.  You don’t have to make it all my friends.  And when I see cute onesies on sale at the store, I buy them and add them to my gift stash at home.  Then all I have to do is make a skirt!


….and a hospital birth day garland to go along.
YES.  I’m totally predictable when it comes to gifts.
If you know me in real life, this is a preview of your future gifts to come.


And since I don’t have an After photo of my friend’s baby, how about this one of Clara???
She was just telling me this morning that I need to call the dentist to schedule her an appointment.
Oh that baby doll.  I forget that her hair was kind of red.


If skirts aren’t your thing, then you can always bust out the Perfect Diaper Cover free pattern + tutorial, which is another go-to-gift favorite.


But whatever you’re feeling, have fun sewing!
And enjoy the tiny projects.

AND get ready for the Everyday Sweatshirt Pattern. It’s coming within the week!
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  1. 1) deb dench

    Sweet gift! How cute!

  2. 2) Martha

    Adorable! That is all.

  3. 3) Melissa Berry

    Oh so tiny and sweet! I bet Mom and Baby both will love it! Also, the throwback pic was a joy to see.

  4. 4) Julie C

    The diaper cover under the skirt would be SOOOOOOOO cute !! And to mix the fabric patterns, the combinations would be endless . I’m sure the new baby will love the gift .

    • 5) Dana

      haha. YES! Wouldn’t that be the cutest??? Floral baby overload 🙂

  5. 6) Victor

    OMG! That baby is so cute!
    Love your post, but I didn’t see what type of fabric you used for the project.
    I am a beginner sewer and this looks like a project I can try.
    Was it just a cotton print? I was thinking of using a cotton poplin like this: http://www.moodfabrics.com/liberty-of-london-patrick-gordon-pink-stretch-cotton-poplin-307650.html or http://www.moodfabrics.com/orange-and-red-geometrically-laid-out-hearts-and-triangles-printed-on-a-cotton-woven-313124.html

    what do you think?

    thanks again for the post.

    • 7) Dana

      Yes, it’s cotton print. I think either of those would be fine, though the second one might be a little easier since it doesn’t have stretch. This is a simple project, perfect for a beginner! Good luck 🙂

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