Little Dotted Swiss Skirt

Little Dotted Swiss Skirt 9
Little Dotted Swiss Skirt 2

This summer Clara went to a birthday party for a friend.   And in classic busy-mom-style, I procrastinated finding a gift till the very bitter end.  So I took my own advice and remembered that it’s faster to sew a skirt than drive to the store!  Right??
Pretty much always.
Unless you live next door to Target.
Which…I wish I did.  And wish I didn’t.
Let’s talk about skirts.

Little Dotted Swiss Skirt 1

I picked out a few fabrics for Clara to choose from.  And for being 4 years old, she’s very opinionated and also very observant.  She notices subtleties in hairstyles, and has pointed out when someone at church wore the same thing two weeks in a row.
Haah. That little Clara.
I knew she would be love picking out fabric.

And deep in my heart I hoped she would pick the same one I would have picked.
And she did!
A beautiful Dotted Swiss fabric, in watermelon pink.

Little Dotted Swiss Skirt 2a

Perfect decision Clara! (though it was hard to part with.  But I knew it would be perfect for very gathered Simple Skirt)

Dotted Swiss is light-weight, almost like a voile and is such a dreamy fabric.
Little Dotted Swiss Skirt 3
In fact, I used some vintage Dotted Swiss for my very first blog post ever….back in 2008.  Oh man, what an old post!  The kids are so young.  And the photos are so bad.
I’m glad we all make improvements over the years.

And I think these simple skirts are improving as well.

This time I made the skirt almost 3 1/2 times her waist-size, which really only worked because the fabric is lightweight.  If the fabric had been thicker, I don’t think I could have gathered it up as much I needed to.  A better option there would be to add a separate waistband, as I’ve done in the Market Skirt (another old post!)  Cause with all this fabric being pushed around, it can be difficult to keep the elastic from twisting.  I actually had to stop 1/2 way through and start over because I could tell the elastic had rolled and twisted.

Little Dotted Swiss Skirt 4

But good things are worth the effort.
And I LOVVVVVE how it turned out.

Little Dotted Swiss Skirt 5
Little Dotted Swiss Skirt 6
Little Dotted Swiss Skirt 7
Little Dotted Swiss Skirt 8

So simple.
So sweet.
And again, so hard to part with.
But I know her little friend loved it as much as we did.
She may have made this same crazy Dotted Swiss fabric face.

Little Dotted Swiss Skirt 10

The best way to keep your skirt wrinkle-free after washing+ drying is to hang it up, spray with water from a squirt bottle, and let it dry over night.  This is my favorite method of “ironing”.

If you’re new to making skirts or want to mix it up a bit, try out these variations as well:


  1. 1) Ashwini

    Hi Dana..I am from India. I recently came across your blog and YouTube channel, and have been hooked since then. You are fantastic with whatever you do. You have even inspired me to take up sewing as a hobby. My daughter is about the same age as Clara and we watch your videos together. Thanks a ton 🙂

    • 2) Dana

      Thank you Ashwini! That’s so wonderful to hear. I’m so happy you’re having fun sewing!
      Thanks for the kind words 🙂

  2. 3) Shireen

    Hey, I am from India too and have been following your blog for ages.. Love all your posts AND your new fabric line. Way to go, Data!

    • 4) Dana

      So awesome!
      Two comments in a row from India…that’s really cool!!

  3. 5) bdaiss

    Wow. I seriously thought that first photo was an old snap of Lucy. How can Clara be 4 already?!?

    • 6) Dana

      I know! Isn’t it so crazy.
      She’s at an age where it’s almost awkward looking for me to hold her.
      Makes me a little sad 🙁

  4. 7) Nicole

    The “simple skirt” made me sew looong time ago. You took away the fear of failure! I love that simple pattern, the quick and easy sewing and every single skirt variant that I’ve made over the years. You gave the starting signal for that great, useful hobby that I’m now so passionated for. Thank you so much! By the way, I still like those old pictures. 🙂

    • 8) Dana

      Aw. That’s so awesome to hear! I love getting over fears of anything!
      And thanks for appreciating the old pics too. Haha 🙂

  5. 9) Steph

    That is hilarious that she notices repeats in church clothes. It totally ruins what I tell myself every Sunday morning as I wrack my brain trying to remember what I wore last week: “If I don’t remember what I wore last week, then no one else does either.” Guess not! Super cute skirt and fabric 🙂

    • 10) Dana

      hahahaha. SO TRUE! I’m just waiting for Clara to point out that I wear a gray t-shirt almost every day of my life 🙂

  6. 11) Michelly Seidel

    Hi Dana! I was wondering what you used for the dark gray background in one of the pictures above. I have been following your blog for years, and I made my first skirt a few years ago following your tutorial!

    • 12) Dana

      Hi Michelly,
      The dark gray background is just a piece of hardboard from Home Depot. I use it as a backdrop for some of my pics. 🙂

  7. 13) CARY

    Thank you for the tip about washing and drying skirts. My girls have loads of skirt I have made them but they are so wrinkled on the hem. <3 Now I can make even more!!!

  8. 14) KatieP

    That is so cute!!! Your daughter is fortunate to have such a talented mommy!!!

  9. 15) Emily

    Love it! And she is so observant!

  10. 16) Corrine

    I looked back at your original post. You look a whole lot like your grandmother.

  11. 17) Tracy

    Hi Dana,

    I could have sworn that was your first born in the photos they are so alike. But it feels like yesterday you were doing shots of Clara in the gorgeous yellow cot. Doesn’t time fly.

    Tracy x

  12. 18) Debbie

    As usual you have made the most adorable skirt in the best possible fabric. I just love what you do. Such an inspiration you are for this middle-aged Grammy. I get so many ideas from you for my little granddaughter! And you are so cheerful, you always manage to make a dull day into something special. Thanks!

  13. 19) berthamae

    I have a question about the headband – did you make that as well? I’m starting to make
    them but I’m not sure of the best way to attach the flower to the band. Any ideas are
    most welcome!

    • 20) Dana

      No, I didn’t make the headband, but that would be a fun project!
      I got it at H&M or Forever 21, thought I can’t even remember now.
      I know that H&M has tons of cute flower headbands right now 🙂

  14. 21) fred

    You spray with water and hang up instead of ironing. Try spraying with a 50/50 mix of water/distilled vinegar… works even better. Cloth soaked in this mix before washing also doesn’t run and rejuvenates the colour. In fact a bit of vinegar in the final rinse is great for all clothing.

  15. 22) Amy

    Your first blog post!!! Aaahhhh!!! Its as stunning as this post. Those little babes, so cute. Fun for you to have this and look back. ????

  16. 23) Alicia

    Have you tried non-roll elastic?

  17. 24) Kenia

    Hi Dana! I love your videos!! You make sewing look so easy!! Could you please create a tutorial of a tulle skirt please?????

  18. 25) Cath

    I love you and your vids!

  19. 26) Teresa Kenedy

    Hi Dana,

    Thank you for making the free simple skirt tutorial. It was easy to follow and really helped me to make 30 colorful skirts this summer for local homeless prek to 1st grade girls. Enjoyed making your giant paper flowers and draw string bags, too. Keep up the great tutorials.


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