Squeeze the Day QUILT

I’m so happy I can finally share this with you!…in all it’s full-size cheerfulness!
This is the quilt I made for the Quilty Box January subscription box.
It’s called the SQUEEZE THE DAY QUILT.

If you missed my last post….I am the guest designer at Quilty Box for the month, so I designed a fun pattern that comes in the January box, along with my SQUEEZE fabrics to make the quilt, plus some other surprises and goodies.

This is a baby size quilt 42″ x 48″, so if you’re new to quilting it’s not overwhelming.
It was fun to take most of the “basics” prints in the Squeeze collection and come up with a simple quilt that uses a FQ (Fat Quarter) of these 7 prints. And then of course figuring out which fabrics to use for the backing and binding is part of the fun as well.

Note: in the QuiltyBox you get all the Squeeze fabrics, but you will need to supply the white background fabric, binding, and backing fabrics. Hawthorne Supply Co. is an awesome shop that carries all the SQUEEZE prints.

I’ve been sharing a bunch of process photos on Instagram this month. And what is it about WIP quilting photos??  They are much more fun to take than photos of a sleeve going into the armhole of a dress. Haah (guess I need to work harder on those WIP garment-sewing photos).
But seriously, it’s been so fun making quilts this year and documenting the process along the way!

This quilt pattern is Beginner-friendly and like my other patterns, I like to include all the details you’ll need—like how to attach the batting/backing, and ideas for the “quilting” on top, and how to attach the binding. I wish I had a video to go with it! (though you CAN watch two IG videos of me sewing these flying geese here…and quilting the top here) But I have quilting video goals for the coming year. And if I say it out loud, I feel like it will happen.

A couple things I tried differently this time around:

1. Spray basting. Some of you recommended this over safety pins. And I was skeptical. But it worked pretty great! (I used the Odif 505 spray) There are a few kinks I need to work out myself…like a couple spots that have small folds that bug me. But I’m sure I will get better with the spray basting next time around.

2. Machine sewing the binding. I actually still prefer to hand sew it…but I was pressed for time, and I wanted to try it out (machine binding is really fast!) I know everyone loves different stages of quilting. And I love that moment at the end where you sit with your quilt and quietly hand sew the binding in place.

This wavy print on the back of the quilt might be one of my favorite parts. At first I thought I’d use the Oranges or Lemons print for the back, and I’d use the wavy lines for the binding (wouldn’t those lines look AMAZING as a binding? Another quilt.)

But I feel like a quilt just speaks to you. I love holding different fabrics next to the quilt top and then boom! When you find the right backing, you just know it. Btw, another great thing about this size quilt is that you don’t have to piece the backing together. It’s just the WOF (width of the fabric) on the bolt. Ding!

Okay, one last bit.
A little surprise! 

There’s a personalized label in the box! Designed by me!
The labels are printed by Jammin Threads, which are really awesome, and so soft.

Was that a long enough post??
Tis the season to be excited about happy colors and saying goodbye to 2020.
If you want to snag box, you can grab the Classic Box (this quilt you see here) or the EPP Box (English Paper Piecing, with a smaller project)

Happy Quilting!
And Happy New Year’s Adam (and Eve….my kids are obsessed with saying Christmas Adam. I love it)

  1. 1) Mikea

    Just ordered! So excited. How much fabric should I order for the white, backing, and binding? Happy New Year!

    • 2) Dana

      Awesome yay! Thanks for ordering!
      You need 1 1/2 yards of white (background) fabric, 1 1/2 yards Backing fabric, and 1/2 yard Binding Fabric.
      I’m excited to see your quilt!!

  2. 3) Mary Lou Pollock

    Your quilt it absolutely gorgeous!! Dana you are so talented! One day I will brave the world of quilting.

    Happy New Year!!!

    • 4) Dana

      Aw thank you Mary Lou! It has been a really fun new creative adventure. Maybe 2021 will be the year you try one out! 🙂

  3. 5) Jessica

    I got this box and am excited to start my first quilt! As a complete newbie to quilting, I have to ask – do you recommend washing the fabric before sewing? I do with other things but I didn’t know how it would affect the pre-cut pieces.

  4. 6) Gail

    Love the quilt and I would really like to make a larger version of it. Any suggestions? That wavy fabric is my favorite. I did receive the quilty box. Thanks!

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