The bats came out…and we finally got that couch

I can’t believe that A) we’ve been in the new house for almost 4 years now (if I’m technically allowed to call it “new”?…it still feels new to me!).  And B) this is the first year I’ve actually hung the BATS in the new house.

I don’t know why it took me so long to get on that?  I think I had this grand vision of the bats flying up and around our stairwell near the giant ball lights—which would be awesome.  And every year I’d think, yea I should do that….and then every year this visual would pop back in my head of the worker hanging the light fixture, and straddling the ladder like it was an IKEA stool.  And I’d think…there’s no way I’m standing on a ladder like that.
For paper bats.
I’m a huge believer in design over comfort, but I have my limits.

So this year, I realized I should just hang them around the open archways in the front room. And I love it.  And I only had to stand on one bar stool. Ding!

It’s fun to see the same decor in the old house and in the new one.  Houses may change, but traditions come along.

UPDATE: Some of you have asked how to stick the bats on the wall...some of you said that yours fell down. I just use simple transparent tape, specifically Scotch Tape (the green box).  I make little rolls of tape, place the tape on the “spine” of the bat and press firmly on my wall. Then I sort of “bend” the wings a bit so they’re sticking out. And none of my bats have fallen down, even the ones hanging upside down!…haha. I guess that’s how bats like it.

Something new that we added this year is the Pumpkin lampost cover! on our mail box!  Oh my gosh.  This is probably my favorite thing of the season and it wasn’t my idea. Our neighbor got one a few years ago…and then 4 of us on the street decided to copy her. So now it looks all orange and glowing on our street at night (and we all got the Frosty the Snowman one for the holidays too. Eeek!)  Seriously, so fun.

Then of course we pulled out the Halloween garland, and the kids’ favorite thing of all time—the little rock ghost town….which I’ve posted about before and before.  And I’m not joking that they still love it.  I almost let Clara get into the Halloween box before Lucy was done with her homework (because it was taking forever) and Lucy just about burst into tears.  “You can’t get the ghosts out without me!”  So we waited patiently.  All three kids love this little town and have already asked if we can add more rocks and houses.

And you know what’s selfishly great about the ghost town?  The kids are immediately entertained with the rocks….while I have time to OCD-ly go through the rest of the holiday box on my own, pulling out ceramic cats and mummies, without the help from little hands.  Win-win.

And on a non-Halloween note, if anyone remembers my post asking for your input on a chair or loveseat?? I have an update!…

I was trying to replace this cute chair (which I love, and which has relocated to Owen’s room as his “fancy art chair”).

And instead we have this awesome vintage, velvety loveseat….which is kind of a funny story.

I bought this couch the first year we were in Texas, at a garage sale for $30. The owners had a twin pair, but I knew I was already pushing my spouse’s patience by showing up at home with a new couch in the back of the truck. “Look what I found!“.  So I just bought the one. And we put it in Casey’s office which was a perfect fit.  It’s really a cute couch and quite comfy.  I was happy with my find.

So fast-forward to last year when I was asking your input about what I should put in the living room.  I just couldn’t decide what to buy.  Then my parents came to visit and I told her my dilemma. And she said, “well you already have what you need.  It’s just sitting in Casey’s office.” And the lightbulb went off. YES! She was so right.  We “borrowed” that thing from Casey’s office. And the little $30 loveseat is the perfect color and fit for the living room. The kids can stretch out on it while we’re watching a movie.  And well, it just completes the space.  Good eye Mom!  Right under my nose.
The only downside is that it needs to be recovered. It looks good enough, but the fabric is definitely worn in spots.  But I really do love this fabric, so maybe I should look for something similar and have it redone.

And then another fun feature to point out is this cool little painting I purchased from Annie Blake. It’s called Source, and has pretty gold leafing around the edges.

It’s always a good conversation starter…especially with kids.
“Is that a real electrical outlet??” 
So….when we built the house, for some reason, I signed off on an electrical outlet to go right in the middle of this cabinet/bench area.  What?? Why?? Totally weird, and not even centered.  I mean, how do you hide that??
Well, I guess you emphasize it!  I thought the painting was the perfect way to “cover up” the bad outlet, and make a fun art statement about being plugged in….or unplugged?…you decide.

I also printed off a family picture which completes the room a little more.  And I’ve added more plants since this photo.  I just still need to find a blasted coffee table I love.  Maybe I’m hoping it’s hiding under my nose like the little couch was.

And looking through the Halloween pics I found these old ones of the kids carving pumpkins.  I guess if the kids were this young when we moved in, the house isn’t that “new” anymore.

Owen really gets into his carving.

I hope you’re having a great month at your Halloween house!…and that costumes are in full swing.  I’ve decided to do one homemade costume this year, and two store-bought.  And I’m prepping for a booth at Quilt Market in two weeks. So things are moving along.  We’ll talk soon….Have a great week!





  1. 1) Amelia

    How do you get the bats to stick to your wall without pulling off paint?

    • 2) Kelli Larsen

      Or the bats falling off the wall all month!?

      • 3) Melissa

        blue painters tape works for me

        • 4) Tanya

          We used blue painters tape, too. It worked well.

  2. 5) Michelle

    Yay!!!! I. was so excited to see a house “update”! Love your style, and it is fun to see how your “new” home is coming together! And that mailbox light cover is so clever and fun! Thanks for the update Dana!

  3. 6) April

    What paint color is on your wall? Is it a gray? Love the bats!

    Thank you!

  4. 8) Nancy

    Have you taken the kids down to the Congress Ave bridge to watch the REAL bats fly out each night?

    • 9) Dana

      Yep! We’ve done it many times! We even took pictures of the kids in bat costumes there a few years ago 🙂

  5. 10) Mikea

    I love it when you do these post! I’ll have to pin the bats for next year. The kids asked if we can start decorating for halloween , so i went to dollar tree and spent $1.50 and created a cute little batty door “wreath”. Im sure they want more. So next year I’ll employ my silhouette to cut bats. Love the outlet painting!

  6. 11) Michele Armanino

    You can cut out three bats at a time out of black construction paper. I laminated them because not only can I use them again and again, but I bent the wings for an even more authentic look!
    LOVE the idea of Santa hats….I’m now thinking Thanksgiving… perhaps Pilgrim hats?
    Thanks, as always, for your free template and creative ideas, Dana!

  7. 12) Amber

    The regular scotch tape doesn’t peal off paint?

    • 13) Dana

      Nope, not that I’ve experienced.

  8. 14) kural

    thank you for sharing…..wonderful post

  9. 15) Lisa

    We just moved into a new house and I put up a few bats. I’m new to decorating for Halloween, and the bats are ALWAYS my favorite.

  10. 16) Kelly

    That painting really does fool the eye! It’s awesome.

    I totally see a lucite table in here. We miss you all back in TX!

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