Hallowed Moon

I finally pulled out the Halloween decor, only to discover that our bats had migrated (as bats like to do).  They must have been drawn to the gray paint.

And plopped themselves right in our hallway.

But this year they needed one more accessory…..a golden Hallowed moon.
Need a batty moon too?  It’s super easy.

Here’s what you do….
• Grab orange and yellow paint.  I used wall paint that was sitting around in the garage.  You can also use craft paint, acrylic paint, whatever you have (or is cheap to buy).  You don’t need very much.
• Pour the paints into 3 cups: yellow in one (so you don’t ruin your entire can with a messy brush), orange in another, and mix the yellow and orange together in a 3rd cup.

 • Trace a large circle to a piece of posterboard, foam board, or cardboard using a sharpie marker.  Use a bucket or a large Christmas tree stand to get a nice circle.
• Start by painting yellow in a circular motion.  Slightly off-set it in the middle of the moon to give it more dimension.  Then work your way out with the brush as the paint thins.
• Using the same brush, paint orange around the outside of the moon working your way in.
• Fill in the remaining area little by little with the mixed paint color, in circular motions. Then touch up any gaps.  If you need more yellow in the middle, add that.  Or paint more orange on the outside.  No rules here.
• Let it dry and cut it out.  NOTE:  The posterboard may get a bit “wavy” from the paint but you can roll it a bit to flatten it out.  And once it’s hung up with all those bats no one will even notice.
You’re done.
The bats will be happy.

….if you can find where they’ve flown.
So far they’ve been in our kitchen:

The living room:

And now the hallway.

Have a batty day!

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  1. 1) Alisa

    Love the bats, love the moon.
    And on a random note, what is the paint color on your living room walls? I’ve gone through about 15 different swatches of blue in that genre without success. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Wow, you guys need pest control!! j/k, they are seriously so cool! I think I love them in the hall best. And the moon looks awesome.

  3. oooh spooky! The moon is gorgeous!

  4. 5) Nancy

    They do look awesome in your hallway! I just love all your wall paint colors too! How old we’re the kids when you first put them up, my son is 2.5 years old and I would love to decorate with the bats but am a little worried whether that will scare him?

    • My daughter was 2.5 when I first put mine up. I gave her a paper one to play with so that she knew what it was and then she helped me hang them up. She wasn’t scared at all.

      • 7) Nancy

        Thanks Dani, I will try that out.

  5. OMG! JACK! Nightmare before Xmas! Love it! it’s my fav!

    the bats are really awesome! I should try some

  6. LOVE the moon. The bats made an appearance here last year, but they haven’t been spotted yet this season. And now I know why! They’re waiting for the moon to appear. 🙂

  7. Love the bats! I remember your bat pillows from last year and used the idea to create a felt applique onesie (hand-dyed orange, of course!) for halloween this year. (I just posted about it over on my corner of the web. (Couldn’t resist making the Halloween reference!)) Thanks for all the great inspiration!

  8. 12) Amanda

    Our bats migrated from the stairwell and hallway to the living room and kitchen. It’s pretty funny how they’re randomly grouped. I guess that’s what I get for telling the 4 and 5 year olds to do it!

  9. 14) Megan

    My goodness… HOW do you keep your home so minimalist?? And with kids??? I love your blog so very much. I made both the Ikea (former) couch cushion bag and the simple skirt (with elastic) waistband this past weekend. I have to say though, I might be most envious of your *impressive* minimalism!! Thank you so much for all the inspiration!!!

  10. The way you painted that makes it look 3D. Amazing. We put our bats in the same ole place. But if I get around to cutting more, we might be able to get them to wrap around the living room a bit. I love how simple, yet spooky, yet visually pleasing these bats are, all at the same time!

  11. 16) Herzliebchen

    Thanks, Dana, for this wonderful idea. Even though we do not celebrate Halloween over here in good old Europe, it’s a wonderful idea to decorate our home fall-like.
    PS: The wallcolors look just great!

  12. Ohhh, I love those bats! Well, cool moon aswell, but I LOVE those bats! 😉 Youre house already looks so cool. 🙂

  13. This is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing. Have been looking for ideas to transform a plain unpainted wall for my daughter’s halloween party and this is just what we need!

  14. love the bats and all the decor! but for some reason I can’t pin any of these images…?

  15. 22) bdaiss

    I love the moon! Our bats have made an appearance in the dining room. Including a 100 or so hanging from the ceiling. The moon might just have to join them! (And I think it might be time for some new bats. I used a Martha template originally, but I like yours better.)

  16. 23) Rachel

    Your rooms look fabulous – thanks for sharing. On another note, could you tell me the name of the yellow in one of your rooms. I love it. THanks.

  17. 24) Carrie

    I LOVE seeing pics of your house!

  18. Do you have a page where you give a rundown of all the paint colors in your house? Do you know what color that gray wall is?

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