Let me give you a hand with the holiday shopping.
Skip the stores and just make a pair of Oven Mitts!
These are so easy, and fun, and I have a FREE PATTERN for you.

If you’re curious how many oven mitts I made in this process…..well, a lot! Pattern-making is such an evolution, with tweaks, and adjusting, and trying this-and-that. And every time I make change to the pattern, the only way to test it, is to make another pair!

But I wanted to get the pattern just right—not too tight, not too lose, not too long, not too stiff, not too complicated! I should have called it the Goldilocks Mitt. I hope you love it! And make lots and lots for everyone you know.

Ready to sew?? Watch the video here!…..

Supplies needed to make 1 Oven Mitt:
• 1 Fat Quarter (or 1/4 yard) of fabric for the outer layer
• 1 FQ (or 1/4 yard) of fabric for the lining layer
• 1 FQ of Quilt Batting* (cotton or other used for making quilts)
• 1 FQ of “Quilted Ironing Board Cover” fabric (or other similar fabric)
• Small amount of double fold bias tape
*Note: Quilt batting is an additional layer to what is shown in the video. You may chose to add this or not. It will make the project slightly more bulky to sew. But the added layer is nice for ample heat protection on your oven mitt. I recommend.

Fabrics used in the project are from MORE PIE and PICKLE JUICE, collections designed by me for FIGO Fabrics.
You can find them in online shops, by searching under those names, or Dana Willard Fabric.

Sewing Machine Recommends:
My favorite sewing machines are the Baby Lock Genuine Series. These are entry level machines that have a broad price range, so if you’re not sure how deep you want to go on sewing haha, these are awesome. I have the Brilliant and Joy machines from this series. These are what I sew with in all of my videos.
You can purchase and read some reviews on this site:

Happy sewing!
Tag me online when you share your oven mitts!

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    I love your tutorials, designs, and creativity! Thank you so much for sharing!

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