Baby Hats

How to Make a Baby Hat | beanie sewing video tutorial with FREE PATTERN from MADE Everyday with Dana


Why are tiny things so stinkin’ cute??
I mean, really. Don’t you just want to eat these up? And the tiny baby cheeks that go inside them?  I guess the fabric says it all.

How to Make a Baby Hat | beanie sewing video tutorial with FREE PATTERN from MADE Everyday with Dana

Ahhh! It’s too much cute!

How to Make a Baby Hat | beanie sewing video tutorial with FREE PATTERN from MADE Everyday with Dana

But unlike the babies that will wear them, these hats are SUPER quick and easy. Haha.
You can whip one up for every day of the week. Then make hats for your family’s and friends’ babies.

How to Make a Baby Hat | beanie sewing video tutorial with FREE PATTERN from MADE Everyday with Dana

They only take a little bit of fabric—perfect for those knit scraps.
You can get as creative as you like with a little pompom or other ball/trim on top, or leave it off entirely. DOWNLOAD THE free pattern here!

How to Make a Baby Hat | beanie sewing video tutorial with FREE PATTERN from MADE Everyday with Dana

Let’s make hats. Be careful, they’re addictive… Just click the play button below and enjoy!
Or you can WATCH IT HERE.

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How to Make a Baby Hat | beanie sewing video tutorial with FREE PATTERN from MADE Everyday with Dana




  1. 1) Jhamella m

    SUPER CUTE! I’m so excited to try these

  2. 2) Ellie

    Hi Dana,

    Thank you for this pattern! I’m wanting to make a small collection of hats for a friend who is having a baby in December. How might I adjust this pattern to fit a newborn? I’d love to make her a couple newborn size hats and a couple that are larger.

    Thank you!

    • 3) Dana

      The pattern is meant for newborns! So this will be perfect. And you can always roll the cuff of the hat up to make it “smaller” and work for more head sizes :). If you want it to be even smaller, just trim the round curve of the pattern down a bit.
      Have fun sewing!

  3. 4) JoAnn

    Fabulous !! Thanks for the free pattern! You are the best!!

  4. 5) Bridgid MOnjure

    i couldn’t find the free printable cut out. where is it on your website?

    • 6) Bridgid MOnjure

      i’m sorry, i just found it. ; ]

      • 7) kathy Conley

        where did you find it. I am still looking

        • 8) Dana

          It’s here in the blog post. Click on the link above (right above the picture of me holding the hat)

  5. 9) Rhonda

    ADORABLE as always Dana, thank you ..????

  6. 10) Janice

    Thank you for the free hat pattern. I love watching your youtube videos.

  7. 11) Susan

    I love these little hats. Thank you so much. I am surprised that you don’t need to use a stretch stitch around the perimeter or the hat. Is the straight stitch ok?

    • 12) Dana

      Thanks Susan. The straight stitch has worked for me, but if you find that your stitching is not holding up, you can definitely use a zigzag stitch. I just found that that zigzag made my curves a bit “lettuced” in spots.
      Thanks for watching!

  8. 13) Annette

    These are adorable. I have two family babies on the way and these will be perfect as we don’t get a lot of cold weather in Australia, at least where I’m from. Thank you so much for sharing.

  9. 14) Michele

    How could I create a larger pattern for an adult beanie?

    • 15) Dana

      Just use the same steps. If you have an adult size beanie that you like, use that to gauge your pattern size, and redraw the same lines out larger.

  10. 16) MegaN chuekA

    Hi Dana,
    I absolutely love this! I have some baby showers coming up- these will be perfect gifts. If I wanted to make this for 6-12 months- how could I modify it?

    • 17) Dana

      You could increase the pattern out about a 1/2 inch…or so. To be honest though, this pattern would prob fit a 6-12 month old also. There’s a lot of stretch in it!

      • 18) Reeve

        Hi Dana,
        Do you have an other cut out patterns or is it just the newborn one?

  11. 19) Kymona

    Totally awesome. I’m so glad I found you on youtube and now your blog. I can’t wait to try this then have my students try it. I have a question for you, do you know of any organization that I could rent sewing machines from for my 10 students. We would only need them for two classes.

    • 20) Pam

      If you town or city that has a senior ceter, they usually have classes for quilting and sewing. They very may share a time with you.
      Also, some businesses that sell sewing machines usually have a number of sewing machines & servers that they use for demo. You might may have to split the class up into sessions, but better than nothing!
      Before calling a business be sure to have all your ducks in a row. Explain who you are, what age your class is and what you would like to learn. Ask if they have enough machines & helpers to provide for you. If the agree to help, ask what materials each child needs to bring or share with another.
      This is a great beginning for boys and girls. It’s how I started out. Now make delicate Heirloom Clothing & Gifts for special babies & special needs babies. Thanks

  12. 21) Kiare De Goeij

    Hi Dana! I’m 13 years old, and I’ve loved watching all of your videos for years now!! I’m super excited to try these adorable baby hats, but just a quick question;
    Do I print out the patterns in A4??

  13. 22) Riley

    Hi Dana I love watching all of your videos and am a huge fan of all of your tutorials. I was wondering when another season of MADE EVERYDAY will be coming out? I was also wondering if you will be making a tutorial about how to sew a dress?
    Riley ❤

    • 23) Dana

      Hi Riley,
      Thanks! I try to put up a new video every month. So yes, more are coming! They just take a while to produce and make.
      But good news…one of the videos is about sewing a dress!
      Just make sure you subscribe to the channel, then you’ll know right when a new video has gone up….sometimes I get a few days behind, posting about it here on the blog 🙂
      Thanks for watching!

  14. 24) Christine Keck

    Please tell me how to download the free PDF baby hat pattern? I click on the free download only to have it switch to Auto insurance. Thanks Christine Keck

    • 25) Dana

      Hi Christine – I’m not sure why you’re experiencing that. I just double-checked it and it worked from here. Maybe you’ve inadvertently clicked on an ad?

  15. 26) Priya Patel

    Hey! I loved this video on making a baby cap but i seem to not see any link for the free baby hat pattern ?

  16. 28) Tay Tay

    hi i can’t find the pattern but I love the hat:)

  17. 30) Amy

    ????Thank u… Dana…

  18. 31) Vicky

    Hi Dana!
    I love watching your videos! You make everything look so simple to make 🙂
    I have a question: how do I adjust the size of hat to make it fit to a 2yo? I’m makibg this hat as part of a costume.

  19. 32) Daniellle

    Love these I made them for my mom some she didn’t have to buy any and it was supper fun

  20. 33) sara

    Love this! You make amazing videos, do I print the pattern on a4?

    • 34) Dana

      Thanks! Just print to your standard size paper, and measure the little 1 inch (or 2 cms) box on the patter to make sure it printed accurately.

  21. 35) Ggh

    Dana love ,weldone ! Please where can i get this machine n how much ? Thanks dear

  22. 37) Diamond

    Hi am new to your channel I love your sewing project ,I am intrested in the baby lock sewing machine,but i cant find it on amazon,and on the website it’s available in south America. Any guide lines .

    • 38) Dana

      Hi thanks! Unfortunately, you can’t purchase Baby Lock online. You have to go into a retail shop. And I don’t think there are any in South America.
      But you can check on their website here:
      Sorry about that!

  23. 39) Tammy Powley

    Is there a pattern or instructions for the matching blanket? TIA

  24. 41) ALLI HOGAN

    I love what you make! The baby hats are so cute. How do I make the hat reversible? Do I use the same hat pattern or something different?
    You are so creative!

  25. 42) Nancy

    Hi Dana. I love your videos. Was wondering what the dimensions are for the pattern for the hat. I can’t print it. Thank you so much for your time and help 🙂

  26. 43) Josephine Urbanski

    Dear Dana, I have tried to copy your baby hat from my computer but it won’t work, so could you please try to give me an idea how wide it is at the bottom, so I can get an idea how wide it will be. Can’t get it downloaded I don’t have the means to download. Thank you very much I would appreciate anything you can do for me. Josann

  27. 44) Nancy JO

    I’m about to be a new grandma! I will be making lots of these adorable caps. Thanks for the tutorial and pattern. Love your videos!

    • 45) Dana

      Thanks Nancy! And congrats on your new grandbaby on the way!

  28. 46) Brittany

    Hi! Love your videos! Any chance you could create a video on how to make these hats but lined with fleece? It’s cold in CO. We need something a bit warmer. Thanks so much!

    • 47) Dana

      Just sew two hats, and stick one inside the other, tuck the raw edges of the hats inside of each other and sew around the hem. That’ll look cute!

  29. 48) Sonia

    Dear Dana, You are truly a God send. You make these wonderful, easy patterns and explain them so effortlessly that you encourage us all to get busy with our sewing skills. Thank you, you are terrific and wish you continued success in all you endeavors. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    • 49) Dana

      Aw Thank you so much Sonia! Merry Christmas to you as well!

  30. 50) Deb

    My Clothing and Fashion class whipped quite a few to donate to the local hospital. Great project for beginner sewers

    • 51) Dana

      What a great way to contribute your crafty talents! Thank you for sharing this, Deb. <3

  31. 52) Scarlet

    Are you able to use any kind of fabric with these hats or just knit?

  32. 53) Noe

    Just tried and I love it !!! So quick and easy. Thank you very much for your pattern and the explanations 😀

  33. 54) Nitika

    Could you give me a rough estimate of how many hats I can make with one yard of fabric? I’m making these hats in bulk for a community service project, and was thinking of making 60 hats. About how many yards of fabric would I need to do that? I don’t need an exact number, but I’d rather have something than nothing. Thanks 😊.

  34. 55) Iris

    Im from Denmark, and we dosent yous inch but cm so what is the size then? I dosent have a printer:(

    Hugs from me 😊

  35. 56) Janet Reed

    I love this quick and easy hat, but I have a question about using knits. I’m new to knits and every time I back stitch the only thing that happens is the material gets all gathered up and sometimes get caught down in the presser foot. You make it look so easy. Is it because you have a machine that is better suited for knits?

  36. 57) Jodie

    I like the baby hat. I’m a girl scout leader. I d like to know the size of the square as I have a lot of squares to cut and want to make sure I have enough fabric please help. Also on the video there was a part to do a zig zag stitch. Can I just use straight stitches fir the entire hat? Looking forward to your response

    • 58) Dana

      Hi Jodie, Just print the pattern piece included here in the post and you’ll know how much fabric you need for a hat. And yes, a zigzag stitch is ideal or another “stretch stitch”.

  37. 59) Jodie


    Thank you for your help. My daughter is having her Girl Scout Gold event tomorrow and she is using your pattern. She’s teaching girl scouts how to use a sewing machine, they are going to make the baby hats, all the baby hats will be donated to Project Gabriel at our church. It is program that helps unwed mothers with their babies. Thanks for what you do. You make life easier for us you don’t have much time to fiigure things out on our own. She will be referring girl scouts to your link . Thanks again.

  38. 60) Regilene Matumato

    Very cute.
    So easy to make.
    Thank you!!!

  39. 61) Connie

    Do you have a tutorial for the matching blanket with the baby hats? Also, the material “eat it all” is adorable. Where might I purchase that?

  40. 63) Ashle

    I am not able to print at all because I have no printer, but I was just wanting the measurements so I can make the pattern . Could you include the measurements somewhere?

  41. 64) Debra

    Do you have a pattern with a knot? Thanks!

    • 65) Dana

      Sorry I don’t, but that would be adorable!

  42. 66) Arabella Mirando

    Hi! I made a baby hat just like that and it turned out so cute.

  43. 67) Karla

    I made this for my son when he was born. I love it. He is two now and I’m want to make him a few to match his shirts! any suggestions?

  44. 68) Michelle Salazar

    Fit a one-year-old

  45. 69) Dian

    I love your YouTube video. I love that you do all your stuff for your little girls. I’m a grandma and I do a lot of stuff for my granddaughter. My niece just had a baby boy and I saw that you did a video of the baby hat. But don’t see the pattern so I can make it for her I know she would love it thank you

  46. 70) DIANA

    I love your YouTube video. I love that you do all your stuff for your little girls. I’m a grandma and I do a lot of stuff for my granddaughter. My niece just had a baby boy and I saw that you did a video of the baby hat. But don’t see the pattern so I can make it for her I know she would love it thank you

  47. 71) mia

    Hi Dana, thank you so much for this tutorial! I’m new to sewing and I appreciate the way you make your instructions very easy to follow 🙂

  48. 72) Rebecca

    I’m having a hard time finding the right fabric online, knits arrive and are too thin. Is there a special name for this type of fabric used? BTW I love this pattern and your videos!

  49. 73) vera

    Hi Dana,
    Love your patterns etc. Wondering if you have a pattern for a christening bonnet for 6 – 12 months old young lady.
    Grateful for any suggestions and thank you.

  50. 74) Barbara Holland

    I like your pattern deals however; Do we really have to do a chrome extension everytime we want to get a pattern? If not I would like to know if I can get the baby hat pattern. Thanks from Orange Texas

  51. 75) Patricia Ashton

    Hi, possibly a very silly question but did you make the Pompom on your Baby hat out of bay wool?
    Thank you 😊

  52. 76) Anna Maria enders

    Love love love your patterns and tutorials! I have been searching high and low for a baby hat pattern – so so happy to have found your website!!!

    THANK YOU!❤️❤️

  53. 77) Chelby

    I am having some trouble with the pattern because I don’t know how to read patterns. Is there anyway you could make it a little easier to read and figure it out?

  54. 78) Kurt

    My wife wanted a pattern to make a few baby hats. I googled free hats and found quite a few sites where “free” actually wasn’t.

    Thank you for your honesty and your completely free pattern. You made my wife’s day.

  55. 79) Brooke

    I was wondering, could light flannel be used or would it not stretch enough?

  56. 80) Brooke

    I was wondering, could a light flannel be used or would it not stretch enough?

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