I’m so happy to announce a NEW quilt pattern! Can you tell I’ve caught the quilting bug??
I hope you have too after watching my ULTIMATE QUILT video. It walks you through ALL the quilting steps from beginning to end. So you CAN DO IT.

This new pattern is called the SPLENDOR QUILT.
It comes in 5 quilt sizes with an added bonus: the pattern includes a cute pillow sham in Standard US + King sizes, so you can make a complete bedding set.

I really love making this quilt and I hope you do too! The Splendor Quilt celebrates the splendor of color as it moves through the spectrum. And this version just screams summer. Makes me want to sit pool side with friends, sipping something cold and delicious.

What I love most, is that it’s the perfect design to showcase an entire fabric collection, or to use solids and basics. There are so many fun fabric shops that sell whole collections by a specific designer, or curated bundles of FQs (fat quarters) which work great here.
Check out these cute shops for fabric bundles:
Hawthorne Supply Co.
Fabric Bubb
Piper Autumn Fabrics

And if you think you’re having deja vu….Yep! This is an expanded version of the Squeeze the Day Quilt I shared recently. I loved it so much, that I expanded the pattern to 5 sizes, up to King, then added two Pillow Shams, and packed in even more info and tips. I really hope you feel like I’m sitting there next to you as we sew.

Details about the pattern:

• 5 quilt sizes
• 2 pillow shams (so you can make a complete bedding set)
• Very detailed instructions
• The pattern teaches you step by step to make Flying Geese, using the “no waste” method and offers tons of practice!
• Colorful diagrams + tips
• All the basics are included—like basting a quilt, design ideas for quilting, and how to bind your quilt.
• Instructions for making a pillow sham.
• All the nitty gritty stuff you’ll need.

If you’ve never made Flying Geese before, no problem! The instructions explain what Flying Geese are, why they’re called that, and how to make them, step by step, so you’ll be flying solo with ease.

Plus, you can always watch the Ultimate Quilt Video for extra help with basting, quilting, and binding your quilt. Just hit the play button below, or watch it on my channel here:

Okay….I’ve rambled enough. Grab the SPLENDOR QUILT PATTERN in my shop.
Scroll through all the photos for fabric requirements, etc.
And if you share online, tag your pics to #SplendorQuilt and tag me too! @made_everyday

Have fun sewing!

  1. 1) Lisa Cobb

    Hey there – I just love your creations! You provide so much in this quilt; so many sizes it is amazing – thank you! Many do not provide so many sizes and it just takes the guess work out of it for us customers. Your fabric designs are very cheerful and I love them!
    keep creating – I for one am loving it out here!

    • 2) Dana

      Thank you so much Lisa! I’m so happy to hear that! And yes, I love having all the sizes and math figured out. And it’s great to have a pillow sham to go along so you can make a complete bedding set!
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. 3) Sandra

    Hi Dana, I hope you are fine. I want all these beautiful fabrics that you created. I’am in Mauritus and can’tfind any store here.

    I also bought all your patterns and watched all your videos ans you tube.

    Keep it up and stay safe.

  3. 4) Shah Sazib

    Love this very much!

  4. 5) William

    Looks very nice!

  5. 6) JoAnn Whitney

    Hi Dana,
    I purchased your pattern for the Splendor quilt.
    Do you have a video for it?
    I have never made a quilt and really need some help.
    Thank you so much.

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