I’m so excited to share a new project with you!

Oh how I love this bag! It’s a simple over the shoulder, boho style bag that can look casual like a book bag/grocery sack, or it can feel chic like a purse. It’s so versatile. And guess what??It’s REVERSIBLE. Yep. Y’all are often asking for reversible projects. So here you go! Two bags in one, using one of my favorite prints from my Butterscotch fabric collection with FIGO fabrics.
GET MY FABRICS: Do a search for “Dana Willard fabric”, check, etc.

This project comes with a FREE BAG PATTERN.
(Click the pink button below).
If you need help printing or piecing the pages together, watch:
“How to use PDF Patterns” here.

• 1 yard for the OUTER bag
• 1 yard for the LINING bag

• Quilting Cotton
• Linen
• Lightweight Canvas
• Denim
• Flannel
…get creative!

With your pattern pieces printed and ready to go, watch my step-by-step video for assembling your reversible bag. There’s a clever trick to the project that will make you feel like a magician when you do it. Love those moments!

IF YOU WANT STEP BY STEP PHOTOS, here are some bullet points (Please note, all the fine details are in the video):

• Cut out 2 Outer pieces and 2 Lining pieces.
• With RST (right sides together), sew the 2 outer pieces together around the sides/bottom. Then sew the the 2 lining pieces the same way. It’s like you’re making 2 separate bags.

Refer to the next 4 photos below.
• Turn the Lining bag right side out and place it inside of the Outer bag (so the right sides of each bag are together), lining them up at the side seams.
• Measure down 10 inches from the ends of the bag straps (this is where you will start sewing in the next step).Pin the two bags together, staring at the 10-inch mark around the curved areas, to the other 10-inch marks. There are 4 areas: the curved areas around both side seams, the curved areas on the middle fronts of the bag (see video for more details).
• Sew around these curved areas using a 1/2″ seam allowance. 
• Clip the curved areas so they will lay flat. Be careful not to clip into the stitch line.

Refer to the next 6 photos below.
• The Fun Tricky part! – Carefully turn the whole bag right side out by pulling the bag through one of the strap openings. Just do it little by little. At one point it will “give” and easily pull the rest of the way out.
• Press the edges of all 8 straps under 1/2″. They will naturally want to fold under. Make sure your straps are the same length (trim any excess if needed) and sew the ends of 2 Outer straps together, the other 2 Outer straps together, 2 Lining straps together, the other 2 Lining straps together. Refer to the video here if needed.
• Match up the edges of the Outer and Lining straps together. Pin them together, and top stitch around the inside of the straps and the outside of the straps, closing any openings in the bag straps.

And you’re done!
Enjoy your cute little bag on the linen side, or the dot side!

And fill it with all your favorite things.
This is such a great bag to make for a gift or to just have on-hand for yourself!

If you share your photos online, please share with me! You can tag me at:
Have a great day!

  1. 1) Jo-Anne

    Where can I download the instructions for the REVERSIBLE bag please?

    • 2) Martha

      The download link is right under the first photo. It is hilighted in orange. ( I missed it at first too!)

      • 3) Dana

        Thanks Martha!

    • 4) Dana

      Hi yes, the pattern is linked in a few places:
      • the orange text at the beginning of the post
      • the big pink “download the free bag pattern” button
      • other links in the post.

      Hope that helps! Have fun sewing a bag!

    • 5) Karen Mathers

      are there printable instructions for the reversible bag? thank you.

  2. 6) Terry bell

    Hi Dana,
    Thank you so much for sharing your pattern, I can’t wait to make these they are so adorable.
    Thank you
    Terry B.

    • 7) Dana

      Thanks Terry! Have fun making one! I’m already excited to make another…maybe with my new Christmas fabric 🙂 haha.

  3. 8) Yolande Bergeron

    Merci Martha
    Your tutorial is great with all the photos. Very easy to follow each step.
    Also, the template is excellent. It is easier to cut a pattern.

    • 9) Dana

      Oh good! I’m glad the photos are helpful too! It’s nice to have both options. Sometimes I just want to scan photos real quick, and then go to the video for all the fine print 🙂 Have fun sewing!

    • 10) June S Olson

      I’m sorry, it does fit! Thanks! Sometimes I just wake up on the wrong side of the bed! I’m anxious to cut it out!

  4. 11) Penny Scherf


    • 12) Dana

      Penny thank you!! I love hearing from you! Happy summer to you too!!

  5. 13) Nadine

    Hi, I just finished sewing this bag. My first pattern ever made from a download. I’m so happy how my bag turned out. I added pocket on one-side of the bag and it turned out great. Love your videos! And thanks for this free and easy pattern! I wish I could share it here. I don’t know how to.

    • 14) Dana

      Oh my gosh yay!! You made one! I’m so happy about that 🙂 Have fun making more bags! You can tag me on instagram if you’re on there: @made_everyday. Or you can email me a picture of your bag at: I’d love to see it! Good job! 🙂

  6. 15) jan

    thanks so much for this bag pattern!!!! i took some time for myself and made one and i love it!! totally cheered me up 😊

    • 16) Dana

      Hooray!! I’m so glad you made one Jan. Yay!! I love that excitement of making a project right away. Thanks for sharing with me and have fun sewing more!

  7. 17) Susan Thiel

    I do not see how much fabric is needed anywhere? Am I missing it?

    • 18) Dana

      So sorry about that! I just included that in the post.
      1 yard of the Outer Fabric
      1 yard of the Lining Fabric

  8. 19) SC

    Thank you so much for making this free pattern! I made one already and love it:)

    • 20) Dana

      Oh that’s so awesome! Great! I need to make another one too 🙂
      Have fun making more!

  9. 21) Megan

    I can’t wait to try this bag. Love all of your patterns and video tutorials. They are so easy to follow, and really enjoy your personality! Thanks for making this pattern free! 🙂

    • 22) Dana

      Oh good! Thanks Megan! That makes me so happy to hear! I hope you have fun making a bag….or two or three or four 🙂

  10. 23) Juanita Campbell

    I made the BOHO Bag it took me 3 hrs. lol That’s because I kept getting distracted so much that I forgot to sew the straps to make the circles😫So I had to sew them together. Every one tells me it’s cute I made it with dog prints for the outer part and light blue for the inter lining. It still reverse oh. And today I made the scrunchy perfect 😅.It’s of the same print of the bag.

    • 24) Dana

      Oh how fun! Yay!! Good job Juanita! Yes, it’s easy to get distracted when I’m sewing too haha.
      If you share it online on instagram, tag me! I’d love to see!:
      Or you can email me a pic:

  11. 25) Michelle

    Thankyou for this lovely pattern. I printed out the pattern and there are two bag patterns. Pages 1-4 is one and the other is pages 5-8.
    Is one for the outer material and the other for the inner??

    Thanks again 🙂

    • 26) Dana

      There’s just one bag pattern….all 8 pages piece together to make the one pattern. Some bag patterns are just 1/2 of the bag with a FOLD marking, so that you cut each bag piece on the fold. But I thought it was easier to print the entire bag, so you don’t have to fold fabric….and you can easily cut out two layers of fabric at once.
      Hope that makes sense! You can see it more in the video.
      Have fun Michelle!

  12. 27) Afua serwaa

    Thanks a million for the pattern I am making them in African print

  13. 28) Denni

    Hi, I made the reversible bag, love how you give directions to make it easy, even for a novice sewer like I am. I was wondering about HOW to make the handles longer. Would it work to just add about 8 inches, or is there some other adjustment that would need to be made. I am thinking the turning it right side out might be a bit more difficult with a longer handle. Thanks!!

  14. 29) Lorraine

    I have clicked on all the orange highlighted words and have yet to find the instructions. All I find is the pattern, which there must be at least a half dozen all for downloading the pattern but not the instructions. Please, are there any printable instructions?

  15. 30) Rosie Nachtrab

    Are there printable written instructions?

  16. 31) sarah


  17. 32) Judi

    I love this bag. I think it would be helpful to point out you need 60” width fabric if you’re only buying 1yard, right.

  18. 33) Jo

    You are very kind and generous sharing the pattern and instructions. Thank you. great lockdown project for me and christmas presents!

  19. 34) Jessie

    Hi Dana! Love this super easy pattern! I Do have one tip for you. I tried sewing one of the straps at 11 inches instead of 10. It helps a great deal when turning the bag right side out. So far I’ve made 4 of these bags. My daughters LOVE them.

  20. 35) KarEn

    This is such a great idea! I love it! Thanks so much! 😄

    • 36) Missy

      Ikr!! 🤩🤩🤩

  21. 37) Brenda

    I loved this so much. I didn’t think I could make it but I did. It’s beautiful. I made straps much longer so that I could make it a crossbody bag. Thank you

  22. 38) Janna

    I liked watching you making the bag. As a suggestion it is easier to leave an opening on the bottom on one side, sew it all around and then pull it through and just close the bottom. Just wondering if you agree with me on that.
    I make and sell them. Thanks for showing an fantastic bag!

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