Vinyl Party Bag

Happy (almost) New Year, friends! I hope you’re having a great holiday season.
We’ve been busy bustling around, and also chilling on the couch.
Both of which make life complete.

And now I’m totally itching to sew! You too?
Maybe you got a sewing machine for Christmas?? Or you want to learn a new skill? Or you just love all things fun and bright?
Then this video is for you.
Let’s make vinyl bags!

I’ll share tons ‘o tips and tricks for sewing with vinyl—it’s one of my favorite fabrics.

And these bags are awesome because you can sew your own piece of artwork inside. Or your favorite quote. Or your favorite left-over scrap of wrapping paper. The sky (or the party) is the limit.

Today, we’re making a PARTY BAG.
Cause in the words of Prince:

Come to Party
– 8.5 x 11 LETTER size
Come to Party 
– 11 x 17 LEDGER size
We All Scream
– 8.5 x 11 LETTER size (2 designs)
Okay, let’s sew! You can WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.
Or just press the play button on the image below:

  1. 1) Debbie

    Yay, I was so excited to see another video tutorial from you Dana!
    I can’t seem to find a play button. Not sure if it’s just me!
    But thank you for continuing to brighten my days with your posts, lessons, amazing detailed instructions and great ideas! I love re-creating your ideas and making gifts for people!
    Thank you!

    • 2) Dana

      Aw thanks Debbie!
      The play button is the last image at the bottom of the post (the picture of the bag next to my red shoes).
      But if that’s not working for you, here’s a direct link to the youtube video:

      Have fun sewing! And thank you for the kind words 🙂

      • 3) Debbie

        Thank you for the direct link to the youtube video…got it and love it! Can’t wait to make one! (or a dozen!)

      • 4) Michelle

        I have the same issue. And I too love to watch your videos!!

        There is no image with your red shoes at the end of my email either, The last thing I see is two ice cream cones. I’m glad it wasn’t just me!! Thank you for providing the direct link, Dana!

  2. 6) Cindy

    Thanks for this tutorial. The bag is so cute! Do you think it would be possible to box the bottom corners, or do you think it would make it too bulky? Have not worked with vinyl much.

    • 7) Dana

      Yes you could totally do that. To be honest, when you turn the vinyl right side out, it sort of boxes itself out a bit at the bottom, because of the stiffness of the vinyl. But you can box it out using my other video here (it’s the second bag that I show in the video):

  3. 8) Stacey

    Aw darn, the play button and image is missing.

  4. 10) Speattle

    Do you use a particular kind or size of needle? When you are done, should the needle be discarded and not used for fabric sewing?

    • 11) Dana

      You can use a thicker needle, similar to what you would use with other vinyl or leather. Maybe a size 80 or 90. If you will be sewing with standard quilting cotton weight when you’re done with this project, then yes, you would switch back to a size 70 needle. Or just keep it in! I’m a bit “lazy” when it comes to changing my needle. So if it’s working for you….keep going! 🙂 You always know it’s time to change a dull needle when the thread starts catching a little on the fabric, or if your machine is making a harder/louder sound each time the needle punches down into the fabric. Then I know it’s definitely time to change my needle. So it’s all up to you!

  5. 12) April

    You could make the bag with just the front back and straps then put vinyl decal on the front after you turn the bag, I would say for something like that 651 vinyl (you could cut something your self to if you have a cutting machine) I think it would be very cute! And it would not get all crushed when turned. Just a thought.

    • 13) Dana

      Those are great ideas! Yes, you can totally sew the top hem of the bag last and “drop in” the artwork. I sort of like the art to stay placed in the center of the bag, which is why I like to sew that part first, and I also sort of like the crinkled look, haha. But there are always so many ways to sew a bag! Have fun with your project!

  6. 14) Melody

    Hi Dana
    Thank you for sharing these lovely projects. I have not sewn anything for many years and I just bumped into one of your videos, I just love your enthusiasm for sewing and your craft projects, its a breath of fresh air. It made me smile again. Your sewing machine looks great and I wonder where I could get one, I know its pricey because I have just seen one online, but not one like yours.

    • 15) Dana

      Aw thanks Melody! What a sweet comment : )
      Baby Lock sells their machine through retail stores. And yes, some of them can be pricey, but they have a few lower end models that are great and reasonably priced (prob a few hundred?) Each retailer is able to set the price, so prices will vary. But you can compare the machines and see a general “low, medium, high” price tag on the Baby Lock site. I recommend this new series of GENUINE machines they have:

  7. 16) Eva

    Oi linda! Admiro bastante seus trabalhos, sua bondade em compartilhá-los. Se possível, onde posso encontrar esses tecidos aqui no Brasil? Obrigada, e Deus abençoe você e sua linda família! bjsssss, Eva

  8. 17) Sonya Yoder

    I’d love to sign up for your emails but I can’t find a place to do it because you help please ?

    • 18) Dana

      You can sign up for my newsletters and for email notifications of my posts in the top right (or if you’re looking on a mobile device, look in the drop down menu)

  9. 19) Wanda Bowring

    Thanks so much for posting. My daughter and I love watching you now. I made the vinyl bag from watching your video but I couldn’t stand the idea of the quote-flyer being wrinkled so I made it to be a pocket instead of a sealed piece. That way you can keep changing the quote-flyer as the mood struck and, no wrinkles. Thanks Dana

    • 20) Dana

      Great idea! I’m glad you and your daughter made one!

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