Laminate Fabric

How to Laminate Fabric | video sewing tutorial from MADE Everyday with Dana

Have you ever laminated paper?  Like an index card recipe or something like that. It’s so cool!  The paper becomes durable, water resistant, and you can even use dry erase markers on it over and over.

Well did you know you could laminate fabric??

How to Laminate Fabric | video sewing tutorial from MADE Everyday with Dana

Yep.  And of course, I think it’s way more fun that way.

How to Laminate Fabric | video sewing tutorial from MADE Everyday with Dana

Laminated fabric can handle a splash, and even better, it can be wiped clean. YES!  I mean, just in case your summer activities involve anything messy.  Not that they would, but just in case.

What does a pool toy have to do with this? Find out in the video…

Just click the play button below. Enjoy!
(You can also WATCH IT HERE if it’s not showing up.)

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How to Laminate Fabric | video sewing tutorial from MADE Everyday with Dana

What, don’t you put your little bags into bigger ones?? Once you get into making allll the zipper pouches, you might find yourself doing that. Haah!

  1. 1) Little Quiltsong

    This was a great video and a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing! Love your laminate pouches!

  2. 2) Cheri

    I didn’t even know there was a fusible vinyl. So cool! And I’m dying over the pool toy turned into a zipper pouch. Genius! Your videos are just fantastic, Dana!

    • 3) Dana

      Thanks Cheri!! And I’m shocked you’ve never used this before!—-it’s toooootally your wheel house.
      You will love it 🙂

  3. 4) LC

    Dana, everything you do it awesome and fun! You are adorable and have great ideas. Keep going! Thanks!

  4. 5) Julia

    could you use the main see through part of a zip clock bag? Thanks 🙂

    • 6) Julia

      to use to laminate fabric like the pool toy

  5. 7) JEanne

    When I taught school I often laminated fabric for bulletin borders and game boards.

  6. 8) MK

    Your tutorials always make things so simple, thank you. I have to say – I love the black and white top you have on in this tutorial. Where did you get it or did you make it?

    • 9) Dana

      Thank you!
      The sweater/shirt/top is from Express. I think I bought last year (which prob doesn’t help you)…but they often have fun sweaters like that in the winter season.
      Thanks for watching!

  7. 10) Karen

    Hi Dana, love your videos. Suggestion from my 7 year-old son – you should make the pink pool toy vinyl into a skirt because it’s already the right shape! Thanks for all the tips 🙂

  8. 11) Mary lou pollock

    Hi Dana!
    I love your videos and this one is fantastic! I have been waiting for this video and can’t wait to make my pouches. Thank you for your fabric and all the great tips you share! You are awesome!!

  9. 12) Nikhat Khan

    Hi Dana, great tutorial,I want to know does the vinyl tear with stitching and is their any particular thickness to be used.thanks god bless. Always a pleasure to watch ur videos.

  10. 13) laura

    Hi Dana! Love your blog and You Tube Channel! Thank you for everything you do! I was wondering if you are still using the Baby Lock Lyric sewing machine? If so, do you know the general price of this machine? I would love to have one, but I just wanted to know how much I needed to save up. Thank you!


    • 14) Dana

      I am, and I still love it! Unfortunately I don’t have any information on the pricing, I’m sorry. The best thing to do is to go visit a Baby Lock dealer in your area, which you can find at . I hope that helps!

  11. 15) Siobhann Bakke

    This looks like so much fun! I wonder if I can source fusible vinyl here in backward but beautiful South Africa? You are such an inspiration to me!

  12. 16) Delia

    This is so fun Dana! I love that inner tube one. So clever!

  13. 17) TracyKM

    Just last Friday I finally picked up some iron on vinyl because I just couldn’t find any laminates other than knit PUL in the diaper section. I’m going to sit with a coffee and enjoy your video so I can get some confidence before I try it!

    • 18) Dana

      Yay! That makes me so happy to hear!
      Have fun with it 🙂

  14. 19) LC

    Thank you for this awesome idea and video, Dana. As always, you totally rock and inspire me! You are always so happy and fun creative, yet practical. You make it so easy and fun for all of us. (PS Loved your Palm Springs recommendations when I visited there!)

    After seeing this video, I bought a ‘bolt’ of vinyl fuse. (They should pay you for this video!) Haven’t yet gotten to using it to make a bag, but I have had great fun using it to laminate photos, pattern envelopes, and the threading instruction cards for my serger. I have been needing to laminate these things for a long time, but did not have an easy way to do it myself and would have to go to a shop to have it done.

    Thought you and all of your fans would like to know how great this stuff is for paper and photos too! Can’t wait to try it on fabric.

    • 20) Dana

      Awesome! Thank you so much for sharing that!
      I love it when you find something new and exciting to sew with!
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      • 21) Susan

        I want to laminate cotton for tablecloth 54inches wide
        Should I overlap to get the width?
        Love this site!

        • 22) Dana

          You would have to do the laminating in sections. To be honest, it sounds really hard for a large tablecloth. I would probably just buy one that’s already laminated! I prefer this lamination technique for smaller projects, like bags. But give it a try!

  15. 23) Sew enthusiastic

    I’m a child and can’t iron what do I do

    • 24) Dana

      Ask an adult to help you!

  16. 25) Linda

    Great inspiration. I am curious how water proof the fabric was after you quilted it -so many little holes.

    • 26) Dana

      It is not “waterproof”…but rather, “water-resistant”. Just keeps the big splashes off. But yes, if submerged in water, liquid can seep in through the sewing holes.

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