You’ve got quilts floating down your hallway too, a few days after Halloween? Noice!
You guys…hi!!
It’s been a minute, or two.
In fact, I don’t think I’ve posted since last year. Whaaat?!
Sorry to leave you hanging!

I shared some details on Instagram about where I disappeared to. But in a nutshell: In February I became a long-term substitute for our school district, and spent a few months teaching Health to 8th graders. Haha. How’s that for unexpected?? The school needed help, I had time to give, so I signed up, and surprised myself at how much I loved working with teenagers! It was fun and crazy and time consuming and hard….and really fulfilling. You can read more here.

There’s more to that story….and I’m still subbing on and off this school year (I really love being with the kids. And it’s sort of my own research project. Haah!)
But in the busyness of it all, I was pretty quiet online last year. So I’ve vowed to spend more time with you, which I love and have missed.
So here I am! I’m alive!

Meet The CANDY QUILT! It’s so much fun to make. I’m already scheming ideas for a Christmas quilt.

If you think those cats look familiar….yep! I brought back the cats, in hats! in my NEW FABRIC COLLECTION called GHOST TOWN, with FIGO Fabrics.

Ready for the details??
THE CANDY QUILT is a fun pattern that can be used for holidays or any time of the year! It’s playful, colorful, and great for all skill levels. It comes in THROW SIZE QUILT + THROW SIZE PILLOW.

What I love most is that you can use an entire fabric collection, since the pattern calls for 10 FQ (fat quarters) of fabric for the candies! For this particular quilt, I used all the fabrics from GHOST TOWN…with those cute kitty cats on the back. Meow.

Ready to make a quilt???
Maybe you’re new to quilting? Definitely check out my ULTIMATE QUILT VIDEO to learn ALL the steps of quilting.

And if you’re ready to up your game, this quilt is for you!
I would consider this an Advanced Beginner quilt–meaning…you’ve made a quilt before, so you understand some of those basics. Of course I always encourage everyone to push themselves and try new things. So if you have the ambition, go for it! There may be a video in the works šŸ™‚If you make one for Halloween, you’ll definitely need a BAT PILLOW to go with it.
And then give a mouse a cookie.

HIT PLAY to see the quilt in action.
Grab your CANDY QUILT Pattern and have fun sewing!
I promise to see you sooner rather than later.

  1. 1) Amy

    ok! this is the cutest quilt!! I need to make it! I collect murano glass candy and this reminds me so much of my collection.

    • 2) Dana

      Oh that would be such a pretty combination with that fabric! Love that idea šŸ™‚

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