Tote Bags 2 Ways

Did you get a sewing machine for Christmas?
And you’re ready to sew?…(while dreaming of warmer weather?)
Me too.
So let’s go to our happy yellow place and sew.

This is the first sewing video in our new season of MADE Everyday with Dana!
I’m excited to show you our new backgrounds, and close-up camera angles.
You’re gonna love the music too.

AND….you get to see my new Baby Lock sewing machine in action.
Remember that thread cutter function I was told you about?
Ooo la-la.

First we’ll make a basic bag.
Then we’ll box it out and throw on vinyl straps.
Vinyl straps!….my new favorite addition to this project.

There’s even a hidden surprise inside my bag to help it stand up well.
But you’ll have to wait till the end to see it…

So just hit the play button below and enjoy! Or WATCH IT HERE.

MADE EVERYDAY with Dana is a fresh new sewing show, where we create fun things using everyday items.

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  1. I love it! Great job on the video and thanks for sharing! You have awesome talent!

  2. 2) Tukimu

    Thank u for sharing!really good video . I think ı like your

  3. 3) Gayathri

    Great video. I am a novice sewer and was looking for simple tote bag tutorials. I Came across your website and made a basic tote bag from your instructions. Thank you so much for your video. Your instructions are clear and easy to follow and your creations are very inspiring. Have a wonderful year ahead 🙂

  4. I really love your videos. Are you going to make a video on how to make the reversible tote bag? I’d love to see that!!

  5. 5) Meg

    Dana – I love your website, and finally took the time to watch a video – and made a bag this afternoon! It turned out great! Thank you so much for the clear instructions and great video – looking forward to more creations in the New Year! Cheers!!

  6. 6) Paige

    Love everything u put out, and i looove your dress is it too much to hope u made it. Happy New Year

  7. 7) Sheila Perl

    Dana, a great video on making the tote bags! Such clear and concise directions, I loved it.
    Also loved your gorgeous blue dress and your new hairstyle….or is it just that it’s longer?!
    Happy New Year!

  8. New YouTube fan! LOVE your tutorials! I will be making the yarn lamp this weekend. Thanks for the tips!

  9. 9) Gabriela

    Hi Dana, where do you buy the cotton webbing? I loved your tutorial.

  10. 10) Susan Yungblut Scott

    What is the name of your striped fabric you are using?

    • 11) Dana

      It’s from IKEA….a few years ago. Sorry that probably doesn’t help!

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