Baby Blanket

Remember when Clara was a baby?
…and she and I loved to make the same facial expression?

Okay maybe you don’t remember that part.
We do love the same same go-to baby blanket!
It’s fast, easy, and only uses ONE layer of fabric…cause when you’re swaddling a baby, you want a receiving blanket that’s not too heavy and feels cozy on their skin.
Check. Check.

And….(yep) it also uses my favorite sewing item: Bias Tape

So come watch our new MADE Everyday episode and make your own!

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And if you missed our video on How to Make Bias Tape, watch it HERE.

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  1. 1) tukimu

    so lovely video!

  2. Too cute! I love how professional the look of bias tape is, too. I really need to get my craft room set up so I can leave my sewing machine out all the time…I’m sure I would use it more!

  3. 3) Marilyn

    Love it!

  4. 4) Ali B

    Thanks Dana! Have just found out baby number 4 is on the way so this tutorial is perfect for me!

  5. A few years ago I taught my 8 year old how to sew a straight line. She’s 11 now and is SO much better than I am. She is my “go to gal” for whenever I need anything made.

    She watched your bias tape video a few months ago and made a ton of bias tape and puts it on everything now 🙂 Thanks for the tutorials!

  6. Hey! I just pulled out fabric for a blanket for the birthday girl! I may do this one for the baby though since August is so hot! Thanks!!

  7. you’re such a natural…i didn’t think you could get cheerier, but oh yeah. ya did. 🙂 love that custom bias tape!

  8. 9) Patty

    Love every single of your tutorials and I think you are cool!so natural and clear!

  9. I just love that little bit of pizzazz the bias tape give a simple blanket! And this is a perfect new baby gift for an acquaintance that you don’t want to spend hours sewing something more complex for. Great video as always! 🙂 Lisa

  10. 11) Chelsi

    I just had my 4th child and made him two of these blankets out of interlock knit. They are the best swaddle blankets. I also love the idea of using a fat quarter for bias tape. So many options and you don’t have to wait to get the fabric cut!!! Thanks for the awesome video!

  11. 12) Sasha

    Just had to run out and grab some knit and coordinating fabric for bias tape. Thank you for the lovely inspiration! All the spam comments are ridiculous 🙁

  12. 13) JackeiNj

    Hi Dana,
    That blue striped bag that hangs in your guest bedroom, I just love it.
    Did you sew it? What pattern did you use?

  13. 14) sasha ruslan

    hi Dana, my name is sasha from malaysia. i would like to know what type of fabric did you use for the blanket? thank you.

    • 15) Dana

      Hi Sasha,
      I used Knit fabric. You can find this in many fabric shops in the US, though I’m not sure what fabric shops are like in Malaysia. But I’m sure you can find it! It’s the same fabric that t-shirts are made of.

  14. 16) Gina

    This post is from 4 years ago, but I had a question about these blankets. When you wash/dry them, do they shrink funny? If I were to make these with store bought bias tape and knit (or flannel) would they wash and dry well? I’d be making them for a gift so I thought I’d better check!

    • 17) Dana

      The finished blanket should wash up the same as a store-bought blanket.
      I would recommend making your own 100% cotton bias tape, if you’re going to sew it around a flannel or other fabric that is also 100% cotton. This way the fabrics will shrink up similarly. The pre-made bias tape you buy at the store are a polyester-cotton blend, which shrink as much as 100% cotton.
      Plus there are so many cute fabrics to use if you make your own 🙂
      Have fun!

  15. 18) Marsha

    Hi Dana,

    Thanks for the baby blanket tutorial – I have made 4 so far!

  16. 19) Eva Kampi

    Como gostaria de conhecê-la, você é uma pessoa alto- astral,transmite alegria! Pena que moramos tão longe! Mas, quem sabe um dia…….continue assim, como uma fada distribuindo felicidade! Amo seu blog,sigo sempre bjsss do Brasil, Eva

  17. 20) Martina

    Hi! My daughter (9) just found you on YouTube and is obsessed! She wanted to know how you keep the corners flat with the bias tape- and I’m no help!

    • 21) Dana

      You just have to ease it around the curves. Go slowly and try to make it as flat as you can. Just do your best! And you’ll get better with it over time 🙂

  18. 22) Maha Khan

    Hi Dana!
    What a fantastic guidance! The step-by-step guide is incredibly well-detailed and easy to follow. I appreciate the clarity of the instructions, making it accessible even for beginners. I’m feeling inspired and confident to embark on my blanket-sewing journey.
    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful and empowering resource! ✨😇
    Cheers 😍

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