Leopard Cat Costume


When Clara told me she wanted to be a cat for Halloween I did the internal eye roll.
A cat?
Does it get more cliche or ((boring?)) or blah blah blah?
I guess every girl wants to be a cat at some point in her life?….

But then I realized how ridiculous I was being, because Clara LOVES cats. They’re her absolute favorite animal and she sleeps with 3 stuffed kitties every night.


So of course she should be a cat!
And how stinking cute would a Clara Cat look?
AND….what if we made it a leopard cat?
I was totally on board.


Just having an excuse to buy leopard knit spandex made me happy.
And guess what?? There are some great choices at Girl Charlee.  Can you imagine a whole “family” of little girls in different leopard prints?!
Clara and I picked our favorite—pink, peach, + black.
Ahhh! So cute!


Okay there are a bazillion ways to make a kitty cat costume, I’m sure.
So I tried to keep it simple and let the fabric be the star of the show.
I used three of my video tutorials for this ensemble:

How to make a T-shirt
How to make a Pair of Leggings
How to make a Knit Headband

I took a pair of leggings that Clara already had to create a pattern for a new pair of leggings.
Then I sewed a t-shirt using the same method (from the video above and THIS tutorial)
Because I mean….a whole out outfit out that same fabric?  Too much.  In a good kitty cat way.


(refer to the images below):
• Cut a long strip of fabric and fold it in half lengthwise.
• Sew down one side and then curve your stitch around the bottom, so the bottom of the tail is round.  Do NOT sew the top closed.
• Use your finger to turn the whole thing right side out.
• Tuck the open ends under and sew a small piece of velcro to the top.
• Sew the other piece of velcro to the middle back waistband of the leggings, so you can remove the tail, if needed. I knew the tail would bother her at school, while sitting down, so this was really helpful and easy to do.


• Begin making a headband as outlined in the video above, but don’t sew the ends closed.
• For the ears, refer to my shape below.  I drew a small pattern piece and cut out two pieces from gray felt, “on the fold”, so they were symmetrical on each side.
• With wrong sides of the fabric together, sew the felt onto a piece of the leopard fabric and trim the edges when you’re done.  Now you have two ear pieces with felt on one side, leopard on the other.


• Take the first ear and bring the two “corners” into so they create an ear shape.
• Use a needle and thread to hand sew the ends together and then sew the first ear onto the headband.  Sew enough stitches to secure it in place.
• Space the other ear a few inches down (it’s best to try it on their head to see how the spacing looks) and hand sew the second ear in place as well.
• Fold the edges of one of the headband ends under, and tuck the other end inside. Sew the headband closed with a topstitch.


And you’re done!
One pretty kitty.


Who also needs a nap.
…on dirty gravel.
Thanks mom.
Happy sewing friends!


  1. 1) Tina

    This is beyond cute!!

  2. 2) HEather

    Dana, this is amazing!!! I need to hear your ideas about a cool penguin costume please 😉 Thank you for the link too!


    • 3) Dana

      Thanks Heather!
      I absolutely LOVE your fabric. It is so butter soft and cute 🙂

  3. 4) cOSAS DE CARI

    Uauuu I love this cat custome, it´s beautiful!!! and your little daughter is very pretty!! Regards

  4. 5) Melissa

    Brilliant way to make the ears! Pinning for the next time one of my kiddos wants to be a kitty cat- AGAIN!

  5. 6) Mary

    OHMYGOODNESS!! I am finishing up making a costume for my almost 4yo who is obsessed with kitties. And sleeps with multiple stuffed kitties too. She wanted to be a pink and purple cat (her favorite colors). Since we are going to an Alice in Wonderland themed party in a couple of days I figured the Cheshire cat it is! And I needed that “how to” for the ears. They are the last thing I have left. Thanks so much!! perfect timing 😀

    • 7) Dana

      Oh good! That makes me so happy to hear!
      And a pink and purple kitty?? That sounds like Clara’s dream costume. I’ll have to try that another year when she asks again :). haha.

  6. 8) sarah Heat

    She is so cute!

    I love/hate halloween! I absolutely love making my kid’s costume dreams come true. I hate that they are getting more opinionated as they get older. Every year has some surprises and challenges. This year we have a ballerina, a boom box, a gumball machine, and a toasted marshmallow costume (part of a team of s’mores). Oy. We’re getting there!

    • 9) Dana

      A boom box! And a marshmallow! Love those.
      Yes. I have the same love/hate relationship, FOR SURE.
      Good luck with yours! I’m sure they’ll be awesome!

  7. 11) Mindy

    This costume is adorable!!! And why did she grow up so Fast?!?

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  9. 12) Meg

    What a great costume! Thank you for the tutorial. I want to make those for my girls that are 8 and 6 years old. How much fabric did you use for your daughter?

    • 13) Dana

      Hmmm. I wish I could remember. Prob about 1 1/2 yards.
      I would buy more than you need….cause there’s always a use for leopard fabric down the road right? 🙂 🙂

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