My next fabric collection


It seems crazy to talk about a new line of fabric, since it feels like Boardwalk Delight  just showed up on my doorstep.
But ahhh!  My friends!
I have a new collection of fabric, with Art Gallery Fabrics!
And it comes out in DECEMBER.


The fabrics are colorful.  They’re fun.
And I was greatly inspired by my love for Mexican Oilcloth.
Mmm I love oilcloth.
But you already know that.
And I equally love a fiesta, any day of the week.

So I give you:


There’s even a little cobalt blue in the mix…..which is totally out of my wheelhouse!
But it’s good to stretch yourself.


And speaking of stretching, in this collection there will be:
• 3 knits
• 1 canvas
• 16 quilting cotton fabrics.

Some designs are in 2 color ways.  And the Papel Picado print (the orange and green above) comes in 4 colors!  Imagine the fun garlands you can make with that.

You can see more images HERE on the Art Gallery site.
And as soon as the fabrics show up at my house I’ll do a more comprehensive post.
But maybe this will get dreaming about Bolds + Pastels and plenty of confetti.


  1. 1) Michelly Seidel


  2. 2) ANNET M

    WHOA. LOVING the blue!

  3. 3) Stacie

    Love them! So bright, cheerful, and beautiful! I smiled as soon as I saw them.

  4. 4) Treen

    Which one is the canvas? If it’s the bold blue with the white flowers, I am all over that! Perfect for a tote!

  5. 5) Gemma Haylett

    Viva Fiesta Fun Fabrics!

  6. 6) Linda B

    Fun and Cheerful! I can’t wait to get my hands on them! Great designs, Dana!

  7. 7) L

    Lovely! I hope the polka dots and streamers get released as a knit someday. (Your colored stripe bars from the last collection are such a great knit!)

  8. 8) Connie

    OLE Dana! love… this!!

  9. 9) Eve

    Love it! Super excited for the knits!

  10. 10) Lisa Bardot

    These are so amazing!! Love these patterns!

  11. 11) Karen Blasingame

    ¡Viva la Dana Willard! fabric collection. Love your Boardwalk Collection, also!
    I would love to know what company you use to create your small darling “MADE” Labels for your side seams. I found a company, sent my artwork to them, paid them, & no labels have arrived after 3 months of contacting & waiting . So—I need a better plan. Do you mind sharing who you use?

  12. 14) Rachel

    Is that first picture ( the multi colored floral) one of the prints? I’ve been looking for something like that for kitchen curtains for YEARS! Congrats on the new line!

    • 15) Rachel

      Oh goodness, all I need to do is read and click links… I’m so excited!

  13. 16) Christie

    Dana, I’m in love with this! It reminds me of Otami patterns. These would make a beautiful quilt! Great job, and congrats!

    • 17) Dana

      Thank you so much Christie!
      I’m excited to get it in my hands 🙂

  14. 18) Sheila Perl

    I absolutely love your new fabrics, the colours and designs are wonderful!

  15. 19) Mary Powell

    lovely designs.will they be for sale in u.k or IRELAND?IF YES -WHEN?

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