Salt and Pepper Costumes

Did I eat too many melted mallows?
Stuck my face in the sugar jar?
Swallowed the Wite Out?
The jury’s still out on white lipstick…(which was actually harder to find than I thought. I guess what hadn’t crossed my mind, is that no matter how white your teeth are, white lipstick will make them look yellower. Must not be a big seller).

Oh well! It sure was fun to wear! Even if it was just to see Clara’s reaction when I walked out with zombie lips. (Btw, I found it at Walmart in the Halloween makeup section).

So get ready for an overload of kissy face, and I’ve-got-a-giant-white-pacifier-in-my-mouth looking pics.

We’re making Salt and Pepper costumes!

This is such an easy last-minute duo costume.

Lucy and her friend Savannah were going to do this…so I shopped around for supplies. But then they decided on something else. So Casey and I dressed up!

Of course, who should be Salt and who should be Pepper?
I wasn’t sure I picked them right, until mid-photoshoot when Casey did this:

Yep. He’s a sneezer.
Always has been.
Pepper was perfect.

And around our house, I LOVE to add Salt to everything we eat, even ice cream. Try it! It’s good!

So if you’ve got a Salt and Pepper personality at your house, here’s what you do….


• Get simple black, white, or heathered gray t-shirts from the store or online. I didn’t use a gray shirt, because the color blended too much with our hats. Black gave a better contrast.

• Use my Freezer Paper Stencil video to paint an S and P on your shirt (if you’re a Wall Street lover, maybe you should be the S&P 500??)

DOWNLOAD MY FREE PRINTABLE LETTERS here. I put together a few different fonts for you, in two sizes each (if you’re making this for kids use the smaller version). All you have to do is print it on freezer paper! (or trace it to your paper. More info in my video above.)


Have you ever looked closely at the holes on your salt and pepper shakers?? I never had, until today! And guess what…there are a bajillion different ways those holes can be arranged. So decide what look you’re going for (look up images online if you need help) and that will guide your hat decisions.

• Get two simple hats–Berets or Beanies work best. I found tons of great options at Walmart. If you want to be a pointy shaker, use a beanie. If you want a flat top shaker, use a beret or pageboy hat.

• If your hat comes with a paper board inside, leave it in! This will help keep a stiff, flat shape. If your hat doesn’t have a liner like that…cut a circle from cardstock or carboard and place that inside. Or just wear it as-is!

• Use stickers or paper dots for the holes. I wish I had used small stickers for this. But I didn’t have any on-hand, so I cut small circles from cardstock and attached them to the hat with little tape rolls.  To save you all the trouble-shooting and sizing that I went through, I found that white or gray cardstock looked better than black (better contrast with the hat). And I traced a bobbin spool for the perfect size!

> Now put on your shirts.
> Put on your hats.
> Add some extra black and white touches:
Gloves or mittens. Throw in some white lipstick. BLACK lipstick. Or a black mustache? That seemed more Casey’s vibe.

And I intended for us to wear our hats forward like this.
Casey thought it was a bit too Village-People-meets-Train-Engineer (totally).
But when I handed the camera over to him to snap some pics, he turned his hat backwards, to get the bill out of the way. And Ahhhhh. It all came together!

The hats were better BACKWARDS.
Guess you could say, we never looked back. Heh heh. So much better this way!

But any way you shake it, it’s an easy costume to please.

Now cue the Salt ‘n Peppa music, cause it’s been stuck in my head all day.
Happy Halloween!

To make your Freezer Paper stencil for your t-shirts, watch my video here, or hit the play button below:

  1. 1) Patti

    You guys are too cute. Great ideas!

  2. 2) Amber

    This is so cute! I love the simple way you break down the steps-such an easy read. What did you make the mustache out of and how did you get it to stick?

    • 3) Dana

      Thanks Amber!I just cut the mustache out of black card stock and stuck some tape on the back. It worked okay. Since our photoshoot I ordered some cheap fake mustaches online, so we can use it for our Halloween party 🙂

  3. 4) eva kampi

    Voce e seu marido são muito bonitos, e as fantasias ..ótimas! parabéns pela ideia!

    • 5) Dana

      Merci! 🙂

  4. 6) Madeline

    Thanks Dana, clear and concise instructions, terrific. Not sure what freezer paper is in Australia but will work it out.

  5. 7) Heather c

    Been meaning to tell you how much I love this! My husband and I went as salt and pepper when we were in high school. We decided to go trick or treating with friends at the last minute so threw together what we had. I wore all my white clothes and sheer white lipstick that I had (which was probably noticed only by me!). Jeffrey wore all his winter bike gear, including balaclava (which was probably not a great idea, LOL). He’s not a huge fan of dressing up, but I’m guessing he’ll be happy to do an updated version in the future! 🙂

  6. 8) Kendra Lane

    Thanks! We’re having Spirit Week (Homecoming) at our school and I wanted to include my 3rd grades and my toddler in our “Dynamic Duo” theme day. THIS. IS. IT! Cannot wait to see all my salty 3rd graders 😂

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