Giant Paper Flowers

how-to-make-giant-paper-flowers-on-made-everyday-with-dana-willard-2YOU GUYS!
I’ve been dying to share these flowers with you!….ever since Miranda showed me how to make them at a Girl’s Night party this spring.
So.  I invited her back on the set and we made a video showing you all the steps!  (remember when she and I made leggings together?  Miranda’s so much fun.)

These flowers do take several minutes to whip up, but they’re very simple and you can make them all kinds of shapes, colors, sizes, for just about any event or occasion. Parties… weddings… showers… holidays… bedroom decor….just because it’s Tuesday?
And no two flowers are ever alike.  It’s one of those projects that can really flex your creativity.



So grab some cardstock from—they’re my favorite online source, with a great selection.
The flowers would look awesome made from the parchment colors, or ooh the metallic. And hello GLITTER. That would look really cool for the flower centers.

(The exact paper we used is here — the 100# weight is just right)


Okay.  Just click the PLAY button below, and come make giant flowers with us!
(If the video isn’t showing up, you can WATCH IT HERE.)

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  1. 1) Rebekah

    Love these flowers!! What a fun craft to do with friends or while you binge watch your favorite show after the littles are in bed… 🙂
    And Dana, your hair is so beautiful curly like that. You look great.

    • 2) Dana

      Awww you are so nice! Thank you Rebekah!
      It’s fun to have it shorter. More options 🙂
      And yes….these are the best girl’s night craft to do!

  2. 3) Melissa

    Paper crafting is my first love. It’s so therapeutic. These are beautiful and I can’t wait to play around with a flower of my own; thank you both for sharing!

  3. 4) Samantha Webster

    Hi I was
    wondering if you had plans for an Ontario Canada white Trillium flower? I work at an old age home and wanted to do something for Canada’s 150 celebration

  4. 5) Linda

    I would like to know if the flowers you Miranda made have free template ?

    • 6) Jay

      Do you have Free templates

    • 7) Dana

      I don’t, sorry! I didn’t upload these for a digital download.

  5. 8) Tara

    How much paper does it take to make one flower ?

    • 9) Dana

      Hi Tara,
      It depends on which style of flower you’re making….but anywhere from 6-15 sheets of cardstock, I would say.
      Have fun making flowers! I love this project 🙂

      • 10) tARA


        • 11) Dana

          Sorry I don’t sell pre-made flowers. But you should get a group of friends together to make a bunch! It’s a fun hang-out night!

  6. 12) Vivian

    I need to make flowers out of cardstock for a patio area (covered) for a café. So it needs to withstand a lil moisture and sun, do you recommend the 100# cardstock or something else? I need to be able to curl and cut like you have in this video. Thanks.

    • 13) Dana

      I don’t think this would work for an extended time outside since the cardstock would get ruined with water and moisture.

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