zipper pouches

zipper pouches on MADE

And when it comes to sewing gifts, I guess I’m not much different.
Skirts, pillow cases, crib sheetszipper pouches!

How to make a Zipper Pouch
easy Tote Bag tutorial and video on MADE

I love sewing zipper pouches!
They’re so easy, and cute, and yep….they’re perfect inside all those tote bags.

So I guess the unpredictable part of the Zipper Pouch gift, is the way you mix it up.
Because I love a good surprise fabric inside.
Like wearing a red bra?
If I ever did that.
Maybe I should….

zipper pouch

I love fabrics that coordinate with the outside but make you excited to see what’s hiding within.

I also adore a good zipper, with metal teeth, and an interesting pull.Β  And the color and size of the zipper often determines which fabric I will use.
Who knew there could be such analysis of zipper pouches?

I buy most of my zippers here and here.
In fact a bundle of zippers makes a really fun gift.Β  I gave some to one of Lucy’s friends who’s gotten into sewing.

I just stuffed them in a little zipper pouch.Β  Done!

how to sew a zipper pouch

Because the stuffing and gifting is also the fun part.
And there are so many fantastic things to stuff inside!—handmade bias tape, piping, candy, fruit, recipes, jewelry, note cards.

how to make a simple zipper pouch
how to make a zipper pouch on MADE blog

I made this stripey pouch for a good photography friend who doesn’t sew much. So I thought these sample swatches would be an easy way for her to get crafty and make a garland.

how to make and gift simple Zipper Pouches on MADE

And of course there are my favorite Wonder Clips.
Perfect for any sewing friend.

Wonder Clips and zipper pouches on MADE

And if you’re feeling extra punchy, tie some vinyl or a pom pom on the end.Β  It will only make you happy.
Ready to make gifts?
Here’s the video again (just hit the play button below, or watch it here):

  1. Love it!!!! I love the zipper pouch for a fast gift too…so great! I always put starbucks cards in mine but I love the wonder clip idea, BRILL!!

  2. 2) Terri Miller

    My most favorite video is your zipper pouch tutorial! I have been obsessed with zipper pouches ever since. So much fun, and everyone loves them!
    Thanks Dana!

  3. These bags are a good gift for anyone and also have many utilities. I love all the pictures !!!

  4. 4) mercy

    Your cloth cutting are wonderful and understanding. Pls I need more of your vedio

    • 5) Jamie

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  5. 6) Nisa

    just discovered your blog. you are brilliant! i am going to try to make these lined zipper pouches. can you tell me where i can buy those colorful zippers with the cute metal rings? my neighborhood notions store does not sell them. they only have the regular zippers.


    • 7) Dana

      Hi Nisa, and thanks! I purchase the zippers from Etsy sellers. If you do a search there for “zippers with ring pull” you’ll find several. πŸ™‚ Have fun!

      • 8) Katie

        I LOOOOVE your videos! They’re so fun and so easy! Thank you for making me fall in love with sewing all over again!! XOXO

  6. 9) iSABEL

    I zig zag everything I make. I use mostly cotton materials to make everything. If I skip the zig zag step on the material. Will that effect pouch in the long run? Can the fraying pass the stitch I sew? I’m paranoid about fraying. haha Thanks. BTW I love all the tutorials on your site!

  7. 10) Jenny Ficks

    After searching the entire internet, I’ve come back to your video on these zipper pouches. Your directions and view of the project is sooooooo clear. I thank you so much for this, and I brought out my sewing machine from the basement after an 18-20 year break, and have been making these zipper pouches non-stop. I’ve made actually 13 in 4 days. I’m totally addicted. You are sooo clear and concise. Thank you soooo much!!

    • 11) Dana

      Haha. Awesome! That’s great to hear!
      I like new sewing addictions πŸ™‚

      • 12) Linda W.

        Do you have to use metal zippers?! I have a plethora of polyester ones now.

        • 13) Dana

          You can use metal or nylon/plastic zippers!

  8. 14) Melanie

    I love this project! I have laminated cotton that I would like to use for the outer layer. Do you have any suggestions to make using the stiffer fabric easier? I’m a (brave) beginner sewer and would appreciate any tips to help this project go smoothly. P.S. I don’t have a teflon foot (that I read about in your oil cloth tutorial) and so I plan on using tissue paper where the laminated cotton may touch my machine. Thanks for your help πŸ™‚

  9. 15) Shivani Vashi

    Great Tutorial of making zipper pouches..I want to make laminated zipper pouches and i saw the video “How to laminate Fabric” simply great πŸ™‚
    I have one quotation

    I want to use colourful Vinyl Fuse like pink Vinyl Fuse ..Where can i find it?

    • 16) Dana

      I don’t think they make colored Vinyl Fuse, unfortunately! For my pink ones, I layered pink vinyl over the fabric, unfused. πŸ™‚

  10. 17) Cecilia

    If I wanted to add batting or something like that to make the pouch a little stiffer, how would I do that? Is it better to attach it to the outside fabric or the lining (or some other way)? Thank you, I love your tutorials!!

    • 18) Dana

      Sure you can do that!
      I would sew a layer of batting or a layer of felt to the outside layer before you put the whole thing together.

      • 19) Cecilia

        Thank you!

  11. 20) namita

    Hi, thank you for this! I just made one but found that the lining kept riding up. do you know what might be the issue. Love it all the same!

    • 21) Dana

      Gosh I don’t know – I’ve never had that issue! Maybe there was a lot of friction due to the texture of the two fabrics you used? If it’s bothersome, you could tack the lining to the exterior at the corners. ????

  12. 22) Barb Cost

    Love your tutorials. They are very helpful. What kind of sewing machine do you have?

  13. 24) CHRISTIN

    I made one for my daughter’s first grade pencil pouch! She is thrilled, and so am I – my first zipper attempt was successful! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  14. 25) Barbara

    Dana, I’m always looking forward to seeing what you’re coming up with next. I’ve learned so much from your tutorials, and my granddaughters lovelovelove, their skirts!!! Thank you.

  15. 26) Janice

    Your tutorials are the best. Your instructions are always very clear, and the camera work gets right in close at the perfect angle so we can see exactly what you’re doing. On top of that, your cheerful, can-do approach gives encouragement and confidence to even a beginner sewist. Thank you!!

  16. 27) Jenny Ficks

    Hi Dana! I’ve made so many of your zippered pouches! I then moved to tote bags, then draw string back packs. Then I stopped… I’m wanting to start sewing again. Do you have anything on zippered pouches, but maybe with another zipper? 2 zippers, 2 compartments? Or, a zipper that is neater on it’s edges, or, flat bottom pouches, like for makeup. Just some slightly more advanced pouch ideas. I love your videos. You basically taught me how to sew. Your so awesome. Thank you!!

  17. 28) MichElle from uk

    Hi Dana, I found your tutorial via YouTube, its great and you make it look so easy. However I seem to have trouble getting a good edge around the zip once I turn the bag the right way. Can you give any advice on how to correct this. The only way I can describe my problem – it’s like the zip is stuck in the lining and for the zip to sit right, it pulls the lining up, if I place the lining flat in the bag it really pulls the ends of the zip so far in that it ruins the finish either end. Any advice would be great – I have followed the tutorial exactly as shown and I’m so confused as to why and how to correct it. Thank you ????

    • 29) Amy

      Not sure how old this comment is, But I know what you mean and I have the same problem. I used another tutorial prior to this and it said to point the zipper teeth toward the outside fabric when pinning together. When I did it that way I didn’t have the problem of the lining getting caught up into that side seam. Hope that helps!

  18. 30) sylvia Henheffer

    Love your video on zippered pouches, I do have a question……… as my zippered bags, when I turn them inside out, the ends of the bags – the zipper just doesn’t turn out well.

    I would love to send you a few pictures and get your feed back, is there a email I can send too?

    • 31) Dana

      Hi Sylvia,
      There are tutorials out there for adding “tabs” to the ends of your zipper to help them lay better. Sorry I don’t have one for that. But it’s mostly about practice….and about REALLY poking the top corners of your zipper pouch out before you sew the lining closed! I find that this always helps my zipper.
      Hope that helps!

  19. 32) Peter Bryenton

    Thanks for such a well-presented tutorial video. Your “two pass” approach with that lumpy zipper-pull is a really useful tip which I will use from now on.

    • 33) Lin

      Absolutely love this pouch! It has inspired me to make some for a girl trip to Alaska next year. Last zipper project I sewed was in 9th grade some 45 years ago🀣
      I’m gonna start practicing now so I can make some decent pouches for the trip.

  20. 34) SANDY

    I am glad I found your you tube video on zipper pouch, I thought it was harder to sew a zipper, but you made it so easy. I was able to do it, Its not perfect but at least its a start.

    Thank you

  21. 35) Lisa

    I am new to sewing. I just purchased a Janome 2030 Q DC. I spent three days searching for tutorials on zipper pouches. I just wanted a simple project to start with. Your video was the only one I could follow and really understand. I completed my first project. And I am hooked. Thank you so much. I look forward to your blog and learning new things.

  22. 36) Lisa Giangreco

    LOVE this zipper pouch too! I am a beginner sewer and used this tutorial and then used another tutorial to add a strap. I also made this a box bottom. I am obsessed as many others have mentioned. I’m going to make a bunch of these for Christmas gifts this year stuffed with various things pertaining to each individual. I am loving learning how to sew! So much fun and such a great creative and productive outlet! Thanks for your tutorials and adorable ideas Dana!

    • 37) Dana

      Awesome! That sounds fantastic! Have fun sewing Lisa!

  23. 38) Jessica Kok

    Thanks for sharing these videos they have been so helpful for my little business. Any advice you can share on what are the best zips to use for long lasting and that won’t fade over time?

    • 39) Dana

      Oh man, I’m not sure on that. I’ve never had a zipper fade before. I like nylon zippers. And I also like metal ones, with one pull rings and stuff like that. I buy most zippers on Amazon and Hope that helps!

  24. 40) Jill

    You have just the best way about you for learning from! Thank you for your way! Also, I just love your color combinations.

  25. 41) Jenny

    Hi Dana!!! I’ve made probably over 30 zipper pouches. Your video is the best out there!!! I would live to do a double zipper pouch but cant find anything as clear as you. Any chance of making a video on this????

  26. 42) Allison Davis

    Thanks to your great instructions and the ability to start and stop this video with each step, I sewed my first zippered pouch!!!!

  27. 43) Kristy

    Made my first scrunchie yesterday and I’m so happy with how it turned out. It was my daughter’s birthday, so I wrapped the scrunchie around a gift card and it was the perfect gift! She loved it! Today I’m moving on to the lined zipper pouch. I’m a beginning sewer…but loving it so far!

    • 44) Jamie

      Stacy I love youu

  28. 45) Tamsin

    This is a super easy to follow tutorial. I made zippered pouches out of 1 litre coconut water tetrapak cartons, lined with white cotton fabric I recycled from our pillowcases. They are great for carrying suntan lotion in your bag with you.

  29. 46) Andy

    I am finding my fabrics are going askew. Then I have to trim and the pouch ends up being too small. I increased the stitch length and it still happens.

  30. 47) Laura

    Any chance you would put a step-by-step of this project on your blog? I’ve watched the video, but that won’t help me with what I want to do:

    I sew with my tween daughter and her friends. This is the Tween Daughter of the not Poodle, but Rainbow Skeleton Circle Skirt we made a couple of years ago.

    The location in which we sew has no internet access, so a paper set of directions would be really helpful.

    I love you channel, and you have helped me to tackle new projects.

  31. 48) Sofie

    Hi Dana

    I’ve already made a few very cute zipper pouches but the last one I made did not turn out that well. I used waffle fabric (not my best idea) for the lining, but the zipper seems to get stuck in the lining (maybe I sewed too close to the fabric) and tears it up each time I move it. It’s just a matter of time until the lining is completely ruined and it is a Christmas gift for my sister. Is there a way to stop the zipper from damaging the waffle lining? Could the reason for it be that I did not topstitch the pouch?

    Thanks for answering!!!

    Warm regards, Sofie

  32. 49) Sofie

    Hi Dana

    I’ve already made a few very cute zipper pouches but the last one I made did not turn out that well. I used waffle fabric (not my best idea) for the lining, but the zipper seems to get stuck in the lining (maybe I sewed too close to the fabric) and tears it up each time I move it. It’s just a matter of time until the lining is completely ruined and it is a Christmas gift for my sister. Is there a way to stop the zipper from damaging the waffle lining? Could the reason for it be that I did not topstitch the pouch?

    Thanks for answering!!!

    Warm regards, Sofie

  33. 50) Anuththara

    Hi Dana,

    Thank you so much for the video. I made this purse. Super eazy… Woow. Xoxo from Sri Lanka!!

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