Don’t Fear the Fabric Giveaway–Feet, Clips, and Grab Bags

Now that you know the tricks for sewing with Oilcloth, let’s hook you up with the goods!
How about some Oilcloth + gadgets?

It’s an….

I just had to.
Here’s what I want YOU to have….


If you really want to sew with Oilcloth, you really want a teflon presser foot.  It will make the whole process so much easier, and enjoyable.  You’ll watch those pretty fabrics glide smoothly under your machine.  It’s so worth it!

And today Baby Lock is giving away THREE teflon feet.
So three winners get to try it out!

These feet are meant to fit on Baby Lock sewing machines, which are wonderful and fantastic (read about my new fun machine here).  Of course if you have another brand, you can always try snapping it on…cause it just might fit!

And now that you’re a “foot” ahead of the rest (heh heh), you definitely need….


Some of you asked where I find such fun selections of oilcloth and I can answer that in one run-on word:

I love this shop!   So much.
If there’s an oilcloth out there, they have it.  SERIOUSLY.
Just click on the about page to see their warehouse.  I want to have a party in there…. maybe with my oilcloth coasters and drinks?

Oilcloth by Yard is filled with so many pretty oilcloth prints.
And they ship their fabric in rolls, which I love.

If you’re not a sewer but still love Oilcloth….they even sell handmade items!  Check out their shop called Freckled Sage.
Today for our giveaway they’re offering one yard of Oilcloth fabric to THREE winners.

And for anyone and everyone, they’re offering grab bags of Oilcloth for only $10!….which is a fantastic idea.  For many of these sewing projects, all you need is a bit of fabric.  And these bags are filled with 2 yards worth of oilcloth remnants for 1/2 of the normal price.  They’ve created this special listing just for you guys!   So go grab your bag.

And finally you need…

Now you can set your pin cushion aside, and sew like a pro.
You’ll love them.

So to sum it all up—

THREE winners will each receive:
• Teflon Presser Foot by Baby Lock 
• One yard of Oilcloth from Oilcloth by the Yard

• Leave a comment, that’s it.
• Only one entry per person.
• Open to US residents only.
• THREE winners will be picked via
• Giveaway ends Sunday 12/7/14 at 10pm Central time.

Happy Oilclothing and grab bagging!


Now head over to See Kate Sew to win some leather from the Leather Hide Store.

  1. 1) Annette Schuster

    You’ve totally changed my view on oilcloth. It isn’t just for picnic tablecloths after all!

  2. 2) alissa

    I really don’t need any more fabric, but this looks so interesting to sew!
    Thanks to all for the giveaway.

  3. 3) Mandy

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  5. 5) Lauren M

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  6. 6) Em

    So fun! I used oil cloth for the first time a mth ago. I love it too!

  7. 7) sam

    I have never tried sewing oilcloth but, thanks to your tutorials, I feel ready to try.

  8. 8) Penny

    Fun Series! Thanks for the motivation to try oilcloth! Yikes!!! (but not really yikes!)

  9. 9) goldsud

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    Thank you for this great lesson. I feared oilcloth after I had a disastrous encounter with cotton covered vinyl. These tools will be great to help me try again.

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    I’ve never sewn with oilcloth, but would love to give it a try. Such fun and colorful fabrics!

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  15. 15) kellylynn

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  22. 22) Michaela fuller

    Drooling over the prints!!!

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    Woot! Thank you for the oilcloth link. I love the stuff, but the shops around here have such limited selection.

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  28. 28) Bridget

    Wow! I’ve been lamenting the lack of cute wipeable placemats in my world and now I think your posts have given me tons of ideas! Thanks

  29. 29) Connie in California

    Yay Dana!! I have rolls of oilcloth in my sewing room just GLARING at me. You’re right, it’s so pretty… I bought a yard of several this last summer and now I know what to do with them. And HOW to do it. You’re the best Dana!

  30. 30) JudyBB

    What a nice surprise to find this morning…I love oilcloth so this is right up my alley.
    Thank you for the chance to win a great gift!

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    I love oilcloth for so many reasons. Thanks for the tips.

  32. 32) Heather

    Love the oil cloth!! And the sewing machine looks amazing!

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    I’m loving this series Dana! i did sew with oilcloth awhile back (I made an under-high-chair splat mat) and vowed I would never do it again. But, I think I can give it another try!! Thank you!

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    hi Dana-
    thanks for the chance to learn a new skill!! as always, this would be fun. You are so generous with your mad skills and sharing so all may grow and show!

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    So exciting! I’ve used oilcloth only once before to recover an old plastic kids table & chair set but that was just with a staple gun – I’d love to try and sew it!

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    Thanks for adding to my addiction!

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    I just wanted to let you know that I used your recommendation and ordered from Oilcloth By the Yard. I have never had a worse fabric shopping experience. Upon clicking order–I realized my husband never changed our address on his PayPal account when we moved 2 years ago. I called them immediately, and emailed them. They shipped the order out anyway. I currently have a lot of fabric being sent to a home I no longer live at. When I called the company– the woman working (who I was told was the manager) treated my extremely rudely. I was yelled at and told she was too busy. I think the fabrics are cute– but thought you might want to be aware of the poor customer service.


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