Oilcloth Chains

Today is the last day of Don’t Fear the Fabric: Oilcloth + Leather.
But don’t worry…we’ll back in a few months with another fun fabric to explore.
And on Monday I’ll announce the winners with a little wrap-up post.
I hope you stopped by See Kate Sew today to see the adorable NO-sew wall hanging she made with canvas and leather.  Perfect for the holidays!

And here’s something else that’s fun for the holidays, or any time of the year….

It’s a modern twist on an old classic: the chain.
And it’s so easy to make!
Use one for decor!
Use it to countdown to your favorite holiday or vacation by removing a link each day.
It’s good old fashioned fun.

What I love about using Oilcloth for this project….
• You can reuse the links again to make another chain when the countdown is done.
• Some fabrics are a bit two-tone from front to back, so it gives you twice as many options for your chain.
• The fabric is waterproof.  So if you’re using your chain to decorate for an outdoor party or on a tree in your yard, you’re set!

So grab your favorite oilcloth prints and cut strips of fabric 1.5 x 9 inches.
Then follow the same steps you’ve always done….

You just need to decide if you’re going to STAPLE or TAPE your links of fabric together.

If you’re using this as a countdown down chain—use tape, so you can easily take a link off each day.
If you’re using this outdoors—staple them together, to give it a stronger hold.

And if you live in the desert, embrace what Mother Nature’s given you!
All those prickles make nice little “nails” to hold your party decor.

These chains would also be cute wrapped around a Christmas Tree, strung across a window, outside by your mailbox, anyplace you want to feel happy.

Have fun chaining.
And have a good weekend!

Don’t forget to see what Kate is up to…..it’s super Merry + Leather-y + Bright….

Don’t Fear the Fabric is an ongoing series on MADE and See Kate Sew.
We want to arm you with the info and confidence to try to fabrics and see where they take you!

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  1. What a great reusable garland! It would be so fun to have these on hand for birthdays.

  2. Dana, thanks again for this really fun series of posts. I’m just super excited to get some oilcloth and get creative! Thank your for the great ideas and the awesome give-aways. – Dori –

  3. 3) Danita Courtney

    Hi, Dana!
    This is adorable! I especially love the fact that you show us the décor on cactus! It is absolutely fabulous!!! For those of us in uhmm…..colder climates it would work on snow covered trees to guide people to a party! This is a simple and wonderful way to use oil cloth. Thanks again for taking the “fear” out of it for most of us!
    I appreciate it!

  4. 4) Rebecca

    Genius! Love them!

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