Vinyl Sunglasses Case

I love sunglasses.
I love vinyl.
I love quick, cute projects.
I love summer!

This project was pretty much destined for my sewing hands.

These cases are such a quick sew, you can see why I’ve made so many! (they make great tween gifts for friends btw)  That brown faux-leather case you see below is the exact one I use, every, single, day. And the yellow one belongs to Lucy! She and I share a mutual love for all things yellow.
Aaaannnnd, if you’re a BLUSH fabrics fan, you might recognize that pink flower below?? (speaking of blush. Dude those blush sunglasses?? (cat heart eyes))

What I’m trying to say is: There’s a new video for this project!

And it might have my most favorite background ever. Now I need an Orange + White HST (half-square-triangle) quilt . If you’ve ever been curious about the video-making process, here’s what it really looks like when you zoom the camera out. That blanket-on-the-floor mess is something I’m sure you were hoping for (it actually helps muffle the echo sounds in the room).

But enough chit chat. Let’s make vinyl cases.
Just hit the play button below and enjoy! Or you can WATCH IT HERE.

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  1. 1) sayrevolution

    Thank you for this post. Its very inspiring.

  2. 2) Meredith

    What a great idea and tutorial! Quick question: Is sewing the side seams a stylistic choice so they aren’t hidden or was it problematic to have the side seams hidden? Thanks!

    • 3) Dana

      I liked the look of the exposed seams for this project, and it isn’t a problem since they don’t fray. If you’d rather turn them to the inside, no problem! Bear in mind it might be a little bulkier since the vinyl is so much thicker than most other “fabrics.”

  3. 4) Jeana

    What size needle do you use? Thanks! Great project!

    • 5) Dana

      I typically use an 80 size needle for most projects (just because I’m lazing and hate changing needles 🙂 ) But with vinyl or leather you can use a larger needle size, maybe a 90? But honestly, most needle sizes will work great!

  4. 6) Mary Bello

    First time making my own pattern I made the circle skirt with lining, pockets, and elastic waist. I love your instructions. So easy!
    Would like to make a wrist purse to go with it with the scraps. Any ideas for this pattern?
    I have pictures but do not know where to attach them.

  5. 7) Z.Steph

    Hi what type of vinyl do you use because the one I bought is more plastic than leather.

    • 8) Dana

      If you’re near a Joann fabrics, they have some great colorful vinyl on large rolls in their home decor section.

  6. 9) Vivian

    Great tutorial! Looking at getting a new machine what type is yours? Love the way it looks and sews

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