You MADE my Summer

It’s been a while since I rounded up the cool things you’ve been doing. And with summer here, it wasn’t hard to find colorful inspiration in the You MADE It flickr photos.

You guys have been busy! Thank you for sharing with the rest of us (and for putting a smile on my face). Because nothing says summer quite like this shot. Oh, to be a kid again in a bright orange Shortie, from Just a Little Peek:

So here’s to Summer!
A look at the season through your eyes (and sewing machines)….

3 sun-bathing Market Skirts from Oh-Mimmi. Pretty.

And hanging clothes out just got more colorful for 2littlehooligans. Hooray for spray painted clothes pins.

Of course what would Summer be without a Summer Vacation Dress or Shortie?

From one of my favorite photography sites, Lizzie never disappoints. Check out these Dress versions (and cute model). And then just browse her blog and you’ll keep clicking further and further back, absorbing her lovely photos.
From Big Sky Baldwins…..Hooray for Robyn! She made it work with sleeves!
Oh those cheeks! And the darling red dress of course. It’s a Shirt Dress/Summer Vacation Dress hybrid. Smart! And cute. From Happy to Craft:
A photo entry from Polkadotje is always exciting. She uses bright colors, crisp lines, and well, its always interesting. Check out her entire photostream for inspiration.
EtcCards has been BUSY with the Summer Vacation Dress. For her darling blonde Eden, this version is made from fabric she bought in Africa:
She’s also made versions in Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner, and Jessica Levitt. Check out her photostream.
Great ensemble, cute girls, fun photo. All from Homework and Love:
Check it out. Here’s the Shortie in cotton fabric with elastic in the leg…like a romper. Cute! From Making it My Own:
And here’s a series of beautiful photos. I must leave the house now and stroll through pastures. First from Small and Simple:
And two colorful versions from Anna at Noodlehead:
A woodsy, whimsy version from Miss Mosie:
LEFT: Can I please pick her up and squeeze that little body? From Pink Suede Shoe, a July 4th rendition.
RIGHT: mmm. Pretty greens and yellow from Zoegaketten.
Jump, jump, jump little lady! You can’t not smile at these purple pics, from Frebyrd’s photostream:
and one last beautiful shot from Katy Regnier, also a gorgeous photographer:
Next up this Summer….The Warhol Dress.
You guys have wowed me with your interest on the FREE pattern. It was only up for a day and you were already uploading pics in the Flickr group. I’m happy you like it! I love seeing your takes on it. Just a few of my favorites….

2 Many Ideas. So simple, it’s so cute. Great contrast in stripes from the dress to yoke.
From Sew Darn Cute, how darling are these patriotic sisters? You know I’m a sucker for nautical and of course red, white, and blue.
This photo grabbed me. The contrast and harsh shadows; the simple girl in a field; a big field; in Nebraska. Love it! From Millie at the Busy Butler’s photostream:
This very creative version immediately caught my eye in the group. From the Burkeshires, no matter how fast you run, those three little pigs have a big bad wolf close behind!
Pretty in pink we have,
LEFT: a simple butterfly from A Happy Wanderer
RIGHT: Emmy Lou Hart’s vamped up version is a hybrid of the Warhol Dress and the Shirt Dress. Very inventive! I love the 50s vibe.
One of the gals from the our Whipstitch Mystery Workshop, made the yoke of the dress in cotton. Great contrast to the solid red knit.
and some of you tried out the Amore Italiano version!

LEFT: from Two Little Bugs, I’m digging the pink/red stripes with green. Reminds me of Spumoni. And it doesn’t stop there, check out her blog for all sorts of creations, like the cool Brooklyn dress below.
MIDDLE: a colorful, almost quilted version from 2 many ideas. I like the organized chaos. Interesting.
RIGHT: Sorahart shares a love for Romania with her mapped-out version. Simple and fun in primary colors.

Okay, a yellow Market Skirt? Hello Summer! From Live, Laugh, Love:
Another from Polkadotjes. Cute colors and fun collage. And how bout that cat shirt under there? Rad.
This Market Skirt double-take from Adrianna at Crafter Hours reminds me of jelly beans. Now I really feel like a kid, riding my bike to Target with my friends, feeling the freedom of $3 in my pocket and any candy that’s on my mind. Cute skirts Adrianna!
Now here’s something clever. Not only does Allison from Cabinessa have an interesting blog concept (all about Cabin life, with a cool touch of style), but she made the Can-Can Skirt using DENIM as the ruffles! Now that’s a new twist. Clevah lady.
Need more red in your life?
LEFT: Another darling creation (and cute photo) from Anna at Noodlehead.
RIGHT: Who said red-heads can’t wear red? I Love it! Also from Polkadotjes.
And these two sisters with their AMAZING hair, dancing in Market Skirts, is joyous. Does life get any simpler? From Meisjemama:
How about a final grab-bag of sorts?

Anything Elsie Marley does is genius. And if you were around in the blogging world in April, she hosted a Kid’s Clothes Week Challenge. Brilliant. You can see a few of her posts here and here with links to all sorts of kids tutorials. Here are a couple striped versions she did of the 90 Minute Shirt. The sleeveless look is great for summer! Oh that perfectly drooly mouth. Cute kiddos.
One more creation from 2 Many Ideas. These photos are great! I want to Mary Poppins right into them and skip our way to the ice cream shoppe together. Red doors (and shirt dresses?) never disappoint.
Fantastic patriotism. CalBryn tried out Freezer Paper Stenciling:
I never need an excuse to slide one (or two) of Emily’s photos in a round-up. From Saltwater kids, here’s a medley of Hobo Sacks. Great color combos, great trio, great pics.
and lastly, from Creative Spaces, this ruffled shirt is from Sparkle Power’s tutorial and inspired by the button version I made last summer (with added info on resizing for 2T-3T). It was the week before we moved to Texas and instead of packing up my sewing machine, I HAD to try out Candace’s tutorial. Cute, simple, easy to follow. If you need a summer project, this is it!
And that’s a You MADE It Round-up!
Keep your machines humming, your kids swimming, and enjoy the evening sunshine.

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