Gifts for Anna

One of our vacation highlights this past week was meeting the newest members of our families. First we met baby Henry (on Casey’s side of the family), then we said hello to baby Anna (on my side). I mean, seriously. Does your heart melt or what? Any mom swearing they’ll never get pregnant again might be rethinking it?
Here she is. All 3 months of her. And she’s just as perfect as she seems. Eats, smiles, chills, looks around, sleeps, and pretty much never fusses. The first time I heard her cry I was confused about who’s baby was in the house. She’s a dream.
As our Welcome to the World gift we brought Anna a grab bag of treats. The Warhol Dress finally met it’s intended owner! (the pattern is FREE is you haven’t tried it yet!)
Along with the outfit, I threw in some pacifier clips (so easy to make. I’ll share info with you soon),
felt hairclips in non-baby colors,
a baby smurf (because my sister was a hard-core Smurf collector when we were kids and I found a whole slew of them in a shop in Fredericksburg a few weeks ago).
Then I threw everything in a hobo sack (the citrus one),
and wrapped it all up.
Lucy couldn’t wait for Camille and Anna to show up so we could share our gifts.
We love you baby girl. Welcome home!

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