Winners, random pic, and ADDITIONAL Winners!

I couldn’t just pick 4 of you. So we added two more!

And just because it’s um…Friday? (like that’s some sort of reason), well here’s a random pic of me, for a few reasons:
* Lucy took the picture (good thing I crouched down, so it wasn’t an up-the-nose shot).
* The background is where I sit for hours working on the computer (now you have a visual, if you’re that kind of person. You know, I like to picture where people are when they’re working).
* Those cords really are unsightly. Sorry, to all the people who come to my house and peek in corners.
* and really, THIS is more true image of the crazed/running-around-the-house/blogging mom that I am, on most days…..with Lucy’s hairclip in my hair, just so I don’t lose it.
But let’s talk about you.
There are now SIX winners for the FOREVER YOU Giveaway!

So here you go….

The PINK Dress:
# 605 – Melissa who said, Wow her shop is fantastic! Thanks for the introduction, and the give away!

The BROWN Dress:
#464 – Ellzabelle who said, Great stuff! I would love my 2 year old daughter in the brown dress or the hairclips. So cute! – Ellen

The Personalized Set of Hair Clips:
#501 – Robin who said, love it!

The Personalized Natural Hemp Bracelet:
#30 – Svannah who said, niece would look so cute in one of these dresses. Thanks for another giveaway!

The TWO additional Winners will each get TWO of these hair clips from stash. Cause at our house, they really work any time of the year.

# 17 – Cindy from the Netherlands! who said, How lucky we are…. Another give away and the chance to win one of four!!! So count me in! The presents are so welcome here in Holland! Thank you Dana! x Cindy

#162 – Sophia and Cameron who said, way cute!

Thank you all for playing! Yuliya and I will be emailing the winners!

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