Coney Shirt

Just a normal afternoon. Hanging out in jeans and a vintage Wrangler shirt (thanks Uncle Eric).
And, well, sporting a tribute Tee underneath.
A small nod to that tall man we’ve been missing all winter.
The Irish goofball who just announced his 2010 Stand-up tour. Yes, you know the man. With his hair so high and his ‘stache so thin?…..
Is it really??…..
Could it be???……

Is that…… ¿CONANDO?!
Yes, yes it is.

Now you can jump on the Team Coco bandwagon too. Celebrate the return of Conan O’Brien!
What to make your own Conan-tastic shirt?

Here’s how you do it…
(NOTE: All this info will be added to the President’s Shirts TUTORIAL for future reference)

I found an image and used the Posterized Image Tutorial to go from this:
To this:
The easiest method for Stenciling is to print the image directly to your freezer paper. Cut a sheet of Freezer Paper that’s appx 8 1/2 x 11 and make sure you print to the dull side of the paper.

You can copy the Conando image TWO ways:
1. Click on the image above to enlarge. Then “save as” to you computer. Open it in a Word doc and insert the picture so you can adjust the size for your needs.

2. Grab the PDF pic by clicking HERE.

Then follow our tutorials for Freezer Paper Stenciling:

This one gives you the basics:
And this one, with the Lincoln stencil, is a bit more in-depth and similar to the Conan Stencil:

When you’re done, your shirt will look like this (I buy most of my plain kids T-shirts from Walmart for $2-$3):

Now Be cool my babies.

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