I spy something Green,

and it’s moving away from home.
You knew I was going to do this.
Acorn Wreath? St. Patrick’s Day green?
Pretty predictable.

It started out just fine (though this is my least favorite color in the acorn wreath history).
And a Penske moving truck seemed the perfect “gold” colored background…..
And no way….it fit perfectly in that hubcap!

But uh, then it fell out.
And got all munched up.
Acorns fell off, paint chipped away. Bummer.

So today, the Acorn Wreath drove away from us in the bed of a big garbage truck.
RIP little Acorn Wreath. I was really looking forward to painting you Lemon Yellow for Easter or Turquoise Blue in the summer.
May you find your way back to the creepy worms that once infested your acorns.
And in Memorandum, a look back at ALL the fun COLORS you’ve worn (click and scroll to the bottom).

Which was your favorite? I’m going with Raspberry Pink. Though I have a feeling the pale Lemon Yellow was going to look pretty cool….

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