My 12 favorite things to do in Palm Springs


I’m headed to Palm Springs again this weekend….for the annual girl’s trip with my sisters and cousins.  And as I say every year: I never posted the pics yet from last year!
Well that’s not entirely true.  I did post about the cute skirts we made last year.
But I realized that I never posted a follow-up to THIS post about the first house we occupied, and then unoccupied, and then ended up staying in this cool mid-century gem.
So here’s some eye candy to help you escape any mid-week angst.


This house was gorgeous and fun.  Of course the company is what makes it extra fun.
Some of you have asked about the rentals we stay in.
[And just for reference you can see other places we’ve stayed here, here, and here.]

My sister Camille, and sister-in-law Laura are the ones that organize the trip and do all the house-booking.  They typically use a site like Vacation Palm Springs, or other rental sites to look for homes that are large enough for a big group, with a pool, and with a fun style/vibe.  Cause it’s one thing to rent a house.  It’s another to have a lamp like this (scroll down to get the night-light view. ooo):


[my cousin Kam is gorgeous.  Her hair is a chameleon, and I can’t wait to see how it looks this time around.]


We’ve been doing these trips for three years now (this weekend will be trip #4).
All the sisters and cousins are invited.  And we try to keep at that—so the conversations stay within our comfort zone, if that makes sense.  Though in reality we’re just talking about diet coke and Thrifty ice cream.  And spending endless hours in the pool.


Our favorite things to do and eat in Palm Springs:

Bill’s Pizza – Omg. We went here two times last year and I need to do that again. My favorite is the white pizza.  But everything is fantastic.  The pizzas are personal size and this place is always written up on “best of” lists.

Sherman’s Deli – Awesome for breakfast or for treats any ti me of the day.

Las Casuelas Terraza Mexican restaurant – Try to eat outside for some music and dancing. Mmmm. Chips + Salsa + Soda.

Great Shakes – MUST DO.  Even if you do it for breakfast.

• Ride Bikes – our first house came with bikes, which was awesome. But you can rent bikes too.

• Check out famous houses — like Elvis’s honeymoon house.  We did that here.

• Check out the Saguaro Hotel – cutest hotel in Palm Springs.

• Ride the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway– I’m going to do a separate post on this because it’s awesome.  A great way to escape the desert heat!

• Walk by the Marilyn Monroe statue – Gotta do it once.  See pics here.

•  Stroll downtown.

• Go see a movie.

• Go to Target. Without kids. And buy whatever.

And that’s enough to get you started.
If you have fun tips and ideas, share them in the comments!


Palm Springs here we come!

  1. 1) anna

    so so fun. I might just have to try and organize something like this with my cousins!

    • 2) Dana

      YES! You need to! This place was totally an “Anna house”. You would love the tons of the mid-century modern homes in Palm Springs.

  2. 3) Susan

    That looks amazingly fun and relaxing. And fun! 😉 Have a wonderful time!

    • 4) Dana

      Thanks Susan!
      I’m actually looking forward to my favorite pizza place the most. hahaha. The important things in life 🙂

      • 5) Debby

        Pizza is important. My husband and I fell in love working at a pizza shop. Enjoy your time!!! 🙂

  3. 6) Steph

    I love your posts about these trips! The houses you stay in are so fun! Crossing my fingers that you have no bugs this time around 🙂

  4. 7) Rae

    this is perfect!! last time I was in palm springs I was stalking your website to find places to go…haha!

    Now I have a great list!!

    Have a fantastic time with your gals!!!


    • 8) Dana

      hahah. I figured I need to have one concise place for the (same) stuff we end up doing each time!
      If we get Bill’s pizza two times this trip, I’ll be a happy lady.

  5. 9) LeSley

    I live in the Palm Springs area and I must say this is one of the most amazing places to live. There is lots do…..check out El Paseo in Palm Desert……Armondos Mexican Restaruant has great food, outdoor seating and good margaritas. The shopping is fun, up scale but they do have my ever favorite Anthropologie to swoon over.
    There are amazing hikes all over the valley, bump in grind in Palm Desert or “the cross” hike are local favorites. Just go early and be mindful of snakes!
    If you like vintage/thrift stores you must drive up to Yucca Valley……there are some amazing spots up there and you could always stop at Pappy and Harriet’s for food and people watching (you never know what famous person might be lingering there).
    The Living Desert in Palm Desert is a great local zoo and is a fun morning activity.

    • 10) Dana

      Awesome recommends! Thanks Lesley!
      I’m adding these to my list to check out this weekend 🙂

  6. 11) Sheri

    Have you hiked Indian Canyons? It is AMAZING!! It is my favorite hike of all time, but I’m obsessed with palm trees:)

  7. 12) Kimberly

    I’m a Palm Springs local and have to add a coffee shop to your list! Ernest Coffee is by far the BEST for any coffee drinks and they have the best dirty chia tea you’ve ever tasted!! I get mine with almond milk and its divine!! It’s downtown on North Palm Canyon – look for the orange tiki torches!

  8. 13) Carrie

    I love that you all do this trip. I go every Spring with my college roommates and love it! We do Sherman’s for breakfast…every day! Can’t wait to check out the other places you recommend.

  9. 14) Alana

    Great list! Curious if you have any recommendations for live music venues?

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