the night of 50 selfies


This summer during our travels to California, my siblings and mom and I threw a 70th birthday party for my dad, which was so much fun!
And when Instax asked if I’d share about their cameras again with you (check my previous Guest Book Post here) I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  I brought the Instax camera to the party! and asked everyone to take pics so we could add them to the special book we would give him as a gift.
It was like the cherry on top to a totally fun celebration.

Oh I loved this party for my Dad.
I think everybody needs something like this at some point in their life.


In fact I almost started crying when later in the night my dad said that no one had ever really thrown him a real birthday party before.  That growing up, they always celebrated his birthday with a simple cake after dinner and gifts, which was great.  And he had a happy life.  But he’d never had anything like this, so he was really touched to have a giant organized party just for him.
Oh Billy Drew (that’s what my grandma always called him).

The party was definitely a group effort by all the 6 siblings, spouses, and my mom.
There were fun party colors and decor, old pics of my dad for the center pieces, a giant poster, yummy food, my brothers put together a slide show….it was a special night.
And each family was asked to come up with a song or skit or something to pay tribute to my Dad.


(my cute dad and mom, Bill and Cindy)

The skits ranged from a Boy Scout Court of Honor (with special merit badges and silly jabs), to funny song parodies (with my family dressed up as my dad in khakis and polo shirts), to a full Tupac California Love rap which was a quite impressive.  Oh, and a special Elvis number by my cousin who happens to totally look like Elvis.  Haah.
It was a great evening!

dancing1cheers-to-70-years-3 cheers-to-70-years-5(these last three photos, courtesy of Carrie Maxfield Photography.)

Toward the end of the night as everyone partied with cake and ice cream, I pulled out the Instax Mini 70 camera and walked around to snap photos of everyone who was there.
It was such a fun addition to the party!


We all had a blast taking instant photos of ourselves, watching them develop right there in front of us, and just enjoying the moment.


If you’ve never used one of these Instax cameras, you will love it.  They’re such a crowd pleaser, and they come in so many cute colors….which, you know, just makes them that much more fun.

And while I could have taken the pics of everyone, I love asking people to take selfies with the camera because it’s fun to watch them come alive with the camera.  Some people know the routine, and others totally come out of their shell.


…and give you some real gems.


And with this particular Instax mini 70, there’s an awesome selfie mirror on the front to help you all get into frame.  Seriously. It’s the best!


I’m not sure who loved it more?  The grandkids or the adults?
We all had so much fun!

For about an hour everyone kept finding me, asking if they could take a picture with the Instax camera.   And then we oooo-ed and ahhhh-ed as the photo developed.  Why does that never get old??  I guess we all like “magic”.

For a party this size with about 50 people, I would recommend 2 of the Double 10-packs of film so everyone gets into a pic.


Bring a sharpie so people can write a simple message on the edge of the photo. I love that aspect too. It’s like a note to your friend and snapshot of life, all wrapped into one.

Now the photos are all ready to go into the keepsake book, which also has drawings and letters from everyone in the family. I’ll probably tape them to cardstock (similar to what I did here).  And we’ll have all these fun selfies from the party to remember that special Happy 70th night.
Thank you Instax for making our event just that much more fun and unique!


Would you like to try out an Instax camera?

Just tell me in the comments — What is your favorite birthday memory?
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  1. 1) Erin

    my sister came home from the hospital on my 7th birthday. That was pretty neat.

  2. 2) KaRin

    On my 28th birthday I got to bring my baby boy home from the hospital. We stopped at Costco on the way to get a cake that I’d pre-ordered. It wasn’t big or flashy but it was fantastic!

  3. 3) mary w

    This past birthday I got to go to London – a dream come true!

  4. 4) Beverly

    I have had quite a few birthdays so there are lots of good memories. One of my favorite is from my 5th birthday. My mom always made a decorated a birthday cake of my choosing. That year I wanted a panda bear that was sitting in a wagon. The wagon was easy – just a rectangular cake with chocolate frosting with red piping for details and the top was covered with M&Ms. The panda however, was a special 3 dimensional cake pan from Wilton. I remember mom made at least 3 cakes before she got one that didn’t tear when coming out of the pan. That was the best birthday cake ever! Mom spent hours of time making our birthdays special.


    This may sound strange because I did get an actual pony on my 12th birthday – so cliche! – but having my gallbladder out on my 35th was THE BEST because it had been causing me issues for such a long time! 🙂

  6. 6) Tara S.

    I guess in my 30’s I overlook my own birthday and now get super excited about making my kids birthdays special. We have taken on a tradition from my husbands childhood. Birthday morning the kids have to follow a string all around the house to find their gifts (funny they did this in Frozen Ever After!). The kids love it and still talk about it months after theirs birthdays.

  7. 7) jill

    Best Birthday party was when I turned 16 and took a “limo’ (beaten up town car) into NYC with 2 of my best friends to see an off-off-off Broadway Show!

  8. 8) Corrine

    My 30th birthday my husband took me to a Bernina store and bought me my first Bernina. I love it.

  9. 9) mel nav

    my fave memory is having my 2 kiddos make me a special handmade card for my 34th or 35th bday….I love that they made me feel so special with something so small, yet so thoughtful.

  10. 10) Stacey K

    My favorite birthday memory is when I turned 5 and it actually SNOWED on my birthday!! In central Texas, which never happens and hasn’t happened since…in thirty something years… It was very memorable!!

  11. 11) Emily

    My favorite birthday was a couple years after my son was born. He and my husband made cute little cards and my son was all excited to give them to me.

  12. 12) sara

    I had a Hobo party when I was probably 6 years old. It is hilarious to me now but all the kids dressed up like…Hobo’s. My parents made a fire in a big metal barrel in the backyard to make smores, we had beans and weenies for lunch and there was a scavenger hunt with your bandana tied around a stick to carry your goodies. Hilarious!

  13. 13) bdaiss

    My birthday is in July. I had many a backyard birthday party, but my favorites were the ones, once we were old enough, that we had at my Great Aunt and Uncle’s house with their in-ground swimming pool! (For farm country in Illinois that was quite a swanky feature!) I’ve been really missing those carefree summer days this year…

  14. 14) NQ

    Going to disney on ice with a couple friends.

  15. 15) Diana

    A few years ago, I went with my family to the State Fair for my birthday. My husband and kids had never been so it was so fun to share a new experience with them, and, of course, lots of yummy food!

  16. 16) Chandra

    My brother and i ate born 3 years and 3 days apart, so we always had a shared party. So much more fun that way to have a bigger and more special bash with lots of friends.

  17. 17) Dana

    My favorite birthdays are spent with my family eating yummy treats.

  18. 18) Deresa

    On my 30th birthday I was 7 months pregnant. I didn’t think much about the fact that I would be pregnant on my birthday. It just struck me funny that year. My first child, leaving my twenties and all the hormones mixed in with it really overwhelmed me. My husband picked up on the fact that I needed something special that year. He organized a surprise party and even had a bicycle wrapped in a bow at the party. I was completely surprised. It was one of my favorite birthday memories. What added to it was that it was completely out of character for my husband to do it all on his own. He is very much the introvert. I loved it all.

  19. 19) Sol greene

    My husband threw me a 40th birthday surprise party with all our closest friends and family. I was very impressed he pulled it off ????

  20. 20) JoAnne

    My favorite birthday memory was my mom’s 90th. We invited all her friends and family. There were 125 guests, people she had known for decades. It was a surprise for her and she really enjoyed seeing so many people she had not seen in years. Her cousin whom she had not seen in fifty years was there. Mom was pleased and so were we. That was Mom’s last birthday.

  21. 21) Mary Jo

    Probably when I turned 16… the world opened up to me when I got my driver’s license!

  22. 22) Maribeth

    I don’t like surprises, but my best birthday was the big 50. I was a principal of a middle school and the students and staff managed a huge surprise celebration for me. I still don’t know how they kept such a big secret from me. Those stinkers!????

  23. 23) Nancy

    For a couple birthdays my husband took care of the kids all day, while I got a pedicure and shopped and it was pretty fabulous!

  24. 24) cami

    My best birthday memory yet was from just last year. My daughter and my two granddaughters devoted the entire day pampering me!

  25. 25) Leslie

    My favorite birthday memory is of my daughter’ first birthday. While we waited in anticipation as she stared at her first cupcake, she broke of two pieces- one in each hand- and then fed them to my husband and me!

  26. 26) Shelly

    My most memorable birthday is when I turned 10. My sister and I had a party at A.C. Moore. We did some crafts with our friends. It’s special to celebrate my birthday with my sister, as we are almost 3 years apart.

  27. 27) Lauren

    Hmmmm good question. I have to say my 26th birthday was the best because on that birthday my now-husband took me out to lunch, and then to a pretty park with flowers, and proposed to me!!! Still the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten! 😀

  28. 28) Brittney Crabtree

    For my Grandma’s 80th birthday, we contacted family, friends, neighbors from long ago, etc and had everyone write her a note, letter, send pictures, etc. We put each letter in an envelope and numbered them until we had 80 and presented it to her in a beautiful box. She says she pulls it out and reads one every day and cycles through them after she’s finished. It was a wonderful birthday memory and a lot of fun to put together.

  29. 29) Will G

    My favorite birthday memory is when I turned 16 because I got my license that day!

  30. 30) Kelly D

    My favorite birthday party memory is when my parents rented a pony and we all went for rides.

  31. 31) Joy

    When I was 16. My mom and dad threw a surprise party for me. Then gave me a car…a hot wheels car! I was a bit bummed about the size of my car but tickled that my parents had a great sense of humor.

  32. 34) Shalise

    When my husband remembered a picture I had shown him of a coffee table I liked and he got the supplies for me for my birthday so we could build it together.

  33. 35) Laura S

    My sister-in-law through me a Target themed 34th birthday party! Everyone dressed up as Target team members and even had name tags. The cake was the Target symbol. So clever and fun! #targetdoesitagain

  34. 36) Jessica To

    My favorite birthday was when I was pregnant and my husband bought me maternity clothes and my favorite cake.

  35. 37) Steve Weber

    My favorite birthday was my 30th – it was a Mexican Fiesta with a pinata and everything!

    groogruxking40 @ gmail dot com

  36. 38) Emily

    My favorite birthday was my 40th, surrounded by friends, family, and love. I definitely added a few laugh lines to my face that night. <3

  37. 39) Ruth

    My favorite birthday was bringing home my first little girl from the hospital!

  38. 40) Kathleen

    My favorite birthday memory is riding the bus home from school on my birthday and finding that my mom had decorated the whole kitchen table and ceiling in pink and green. And eating the homemade sticky icing cake (not sure what makes sticky icing-I need to ask my mom about this since I’m almost 52 years old!) I’ll never forget that excitement!

  39. 41) Aimee

    My favorite birthday memory was the one I turned 25 and got a positive pregnancy test! I now have a 6 yr old. On my 27th birthday I got a 2nd positive pregnancy test and now have a 4 yr old. I can’t decide which one was better!

  40. 42) Kristie

    This year we have had fun taking our kids to walmart and letting them pick out something for the gift. My hubby took the kids for my birthday. He said my oldest daughter took forever picking me out the perfect warm snuggly blanket. And it is perfect!

  41. 43) Hillary shemes

    My mom organized a surprise birthday party for me when I turned 13. We played a game called chubby bunny and I have an amazing picture that I cherish to this day or my friend Sarah and I with 26 marshmallows each in our mouths, about to explode, right before she shoved the 27th in and beat me! Shortly after this I moved far away from these childhood friends but that party is something I have always remembered as one of the greatest birthdays ever.

  42. 44) Pam

    To celebrate my dad’s 75th birthday, my sibling all got together for a week-long family reunion/ birthday celebration. Everyday we had a little activity to honor/ celebrate my dad, and then we had a day were we had a big dinner program and invited other extended family to come and help celebrate with us. My dad is so humble that at first he didn’t want this much attention, but it turned out really great. Especially for all of his grandkids to learn from his example and crazy life he has had.

  43. 45) Chatti

    My favorite bday memory was flying home, on my birthday last year, and being able to spend 2 weeks with my parents and sister.

  44. 46) Julie Wood

    My favorite Birthday memory is when my boyfriend proposed to me and gave me a nice ring and we got married later that year! It was a magical birthday.

  45. 47) Julie Wood


  46. 48) Kelly Adams

    My favorite birthday memory was on a cruise going to The Bahamas.

  47. 49) shauna

    What a fun idea! And a great way to save memories of the party.

  48. 50) Amanda

    My favorite birthday memory was the year I thought my husband had forgotten my birthday. We were on vacation with my family and he hadn’t brought a gift/cake/etc and didn’t plan a “makeup” birthday in the weeks following. About three weeks later I was on a work trip and was feeling bummed, but when I returned he had a surprise cake, ice cream, and presents. He had even gone to the extra trouble of ordering the gift after I did the budget so I wouldn’t be able to guess! it was so sweet of him 🙂

  49. 51) mel

    Eating the whole birthday cake is my favorite memory.

  50. 52) Natalie

    My favorite birthday memory was going horseback riding with my mom and best friend for my 10th birthday!

  51. 54) Lisa Brown

    My favorite birthday memory was when I was 11 and I had a birthday party at my house with my friends, nothing special, I just had a great time and still remember that particular day.

  52. 56) Patti

    I have 5 wonderful kids and every year they go out of their way to make my birthday memorable! They buy my favorite strawberry shortcake and come up with unique ideas for a gift. This year they were so secretive that my husband didn’t realize that they had bought a cake so he went out and got one! I had 2 cakes, awesome!!!

  53. 57) Tara

    For my 35th birthday my friends threw me an 80’s flashback dance party–it was amazing!

  54. 58) Corissa

    My favorite birthday memory wasn’t from my birthday, but my daughter’s. When she turned four her birthday wish was “for Christmas”!

  55. 59) Malea

    My first baby was born on my 21st birthday so not only that memory is my favorite but we keep making new memories each year together. 🙂

  56. 60) Kim

    My 30th birthday was my favorite – diamonds from my husband and a surprise dinner with friends on a riverboat at the San Antonio river walk.

  57. 61) Kandice

    This would be fun. My favorite birthday memory was a few years ago and my husband planned a weekend get away with no kids. It was great.

  58. 62) LeIgh Anne

    For my 10th bday party my mom made an awesome scavenger hunt all around our farm for me and my friends. It ended in a small grain barn where we dug for a treasure chest! So fun!

  59. 63) Caitlin

    My favorite birthday memory was my 16th. My parents left a trail of little notes and gifts from my bedroom around the house. It ended with a “real” jewelry, probably my first. It always sticks out in my mind as a favorite.

  60. 64) kjasus

    my favorite birthday memory was going to the roller rink with my friends

  61. 66) Mary Roberts

    When I was 9 the volunteer fire station had just been completed in my hometown of Aloha, Oregon as my birthday always fell during spring break my mom got permission from our school principal to let everyone out early to come to my party at the fire station. Everyone one in my grade came, we all got to slide down the pole and go for a ride in the antique fire truck named Little Oh Oh which usually only came out for the annual Rose Parade in Portland. I know that many of the kids still remember that as the coolest party ever (it came up at our 30 high school reunion). Thanks mom, Mre Clow and Bud Slovick for making me the luckiest 9 year old, ever.

  62. 67) Rachel

    When I turned 30, I was pregnant with our first child and living in NYC. Our apartment had a balcony and great views, and DH invited friends from all parts of my life to join us for a party. Hadn’t had a party in years…or since! But it was a fun and memorable night just a few months before our days as a two-some would end. 🙂

  63. 68) Kimberly

    When I turned 6 years old my mom threw birthday party. I remember walking around the morning of singing”it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to” (child of the eighties ????) I don’t remember much from the party but making candy necklaces with licorice laces, and that was also the year I got my very own cabbage patch doll. Six was a good year!

  64. 69) MARTHAIA

    One of my favorite birthday memories were when me & my bff at age 12 was going to the pavilion with the church group all riding in the back of a truck singing & taking polaroid pictures..Supervised by grown adults even they enjoyed it…

  65. 70) Kailee Brown

    Favorite birthday memory is when my roommates threw me a surprise party for my 20th birthday and I had NO idea. It seriously was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. Also, I have an instax camera and LOVE it!! The pictures turn out so cute, it’s basically my favorite thing ever.

  66. 71) Collette

    My mother once had a surprise birthday party for me and when I walked in, all the kids had on masks made of shopping bags that they’d decorated before I got there. It was way less creepy than it sounds!

  67. 72) Jessie C.

    My favorite birthday memory was on a backpacking trip in Europe with my friends.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  68. 73) Jessie C.


  69. 74) mami2jcn

    I went to Vermont when I turned 20 and that was fun.

  70. 75) mami2jcn


  71. 76) Rachel

    My favorite birthday memory was when I turned 16. I was eating my cake and noticed a piece of plastic sticking out between the layers. At first I was grossed out because I thought the bakery left plastic between the layers but when I pulled it out it was a car key in plastic wrap.

  72. 78) Val

    Could you tel us more about the birthday bingo???

  73. 79) Megan L.

    So fun! What an amazing way to honor your dad. Would love to do something like this for my teenager daughter!

  74. 80) Megan L.

    My favorite birthday memory is when I threw a “surprise” party for myself. Hey, 40 is a big year and if no one else does it, take care of yourself!

  75. 81) Hilary Wilson

    I think my sweet sixteen surprise birthday party takes the cake!!

  76. 82) Kelly

    So fun, Thanks! My favorite birthday party was at the Rollerskating rink!

  77. 83) Chelsea

    My one of my favorite bday memory’s was having a sleepover with all my friends and watching Wild Hearts Can’t be Broken for the first time ❤️

  78. 84) Heather

    For my 20th birthday, my older brother got me a skip-it because he knew I’d always wanted one as a little girl and had never gotten it. So all night, all my college friends had fun trying to beat each others’ scores!

  79. 85) charity Boehm

    My favorite birthday was when I was 3 years old and I was covered head to toe in Chicken Pox! I have a POLAROID pic of me in the plastic swimming pool I got that year along with all of the puzzles and balloons I received as well. Without that Polaroid I’m not sure I would have that memory!

  80. 86) Ashley

    My birthday memories are of my mom cooking my favorite dinner and enjoying cake with my family.

  81. 87) Cara

    I don’t know that I have a favorite, I’ve loved them all! One of the more memorable ones was going to Las Vegas to watch my brother play in the Las Vegas Bowl on my birthday.

  82. 88) LizR

    On my oldest child’s 2nd birthday, I was too tired to bake a cake. We were too poor to buy a cake. And I’d forgotten to make sure we had birthday candles. So we made waffles (she loved them) and put a full-size taper candle in one of the holes. She didn’t know any different, loved the big candle, and it makes for a great memory now!

  83. 90) Beth

    My favorite birthday memory was as a child, each year my dad would make homemade ice cream for my birthday. We’d drive down to the bridge and knock off the giant icicles, then head home where Mom mixing the ingredients. We’d watch Dad put it all together and could hardly wait for the end result. It never disappointed.

  84. 91) Isabel

    For my 18th birthday, my aunt rented a luxurious apartment for me and three of my girlfriends in Paris. We had the most amazing time.

  85. 92) KlynN

    My favorite birthday memory is my 22nd birthday. Six hours before I had given birth to my first child. I was swollen, sleep deprived, and exhausted but happier than I had ever been. It truly was the most amazing birthday!

  86. 93) Kelly

    When we celebrated my 39th birthday and the fact that I was pregnant with my second baby when we didn’t think we were going to be able to have a second baby. He was a fantastic surprise!!

  87. 94) Laura Bowin

    I remember my mother making homemade pulled taffy and a gumball tree for my birthday. She was always so busy working and going to school that it meant so much that she took the time to do it.

  88. 95) Angie

    My favorite birthday memories revolve around the parties I’ve thrown for my children. I love coming up with a theme and then tying in games, crafts and food. The cake design is always a surprise for them and I love seeing their faces when the cake is revealed.

  89. 96) Heather M.

    My favorite birthday memory isn’t from my own birthday! It was actually for my daughter. She was turning 7 and I took her and my son to Disneyland. She knew we were going, we even dressed her up like Rapunzel and my son was Thor. What she didn’t know was that we had a whole group of our friends waiting there for her! There were about 12 people in all and everyone was dressed as a different character and had Happy Birthday signs and stickers. It was so wonderful to see her face when she realized everyone was there just for her! We all had breakfast with the Princesses together and my daughter got to take turns riding all the different rides with her favorite people in the world. It was just wonderful!

  90. 97) Kathryn Chavez

    For my daughter’s tenth birthday on the 10th we thru her a Surprise Golden Panda Party, it was awesome and we even did a photo booth but weren’t snazy enough to print the photos out right away for everyone. But it was still the best party I ever thru and went to!.

  91. 98) Emily

    What a party!!! I’d love to win one to bring to Disneyland when my girls meet the characters. It would be super fun to have them autographed! One of my favorite birthday memories was being spoiled getting my makeup dome before the musical my senior year then having cake afterwards.

  92. 99) KristIn m

    My favorite was the year I got a lifesized doll of myself!! My mom sewed it all up secret! It was so fun!

  93. 100) Meagan S

    My favorite Birthday memory was when I turned 30 and my husband threw me a surprise party! Never saw it coming. ????

  94. 101) Michelle

    I share a bday with my dad and sister, my fav memory is of a Hawaiin themed party my sister and I threw and we made homemade pizzas and tropical drinks for our extended family.

  95. 102) Stasha rondeau

    My husband surprised me with a “hat” cake he ordered and had my very closest friends come!!

  96. 103) CecIlie

    For my 16th birthday, we went to my house for lunch break and my mom had made a huge lunch of my favorite foods, which she served on china.

  97. 104) Lynne Weinberger

    My husband, Charlie, planned to surprise me with a 60th birthday party, He let me in on the surprise so he wouldn’t leave any one of my friends out (he needed that email list, haha.) The anticipation and party-planning was as much fun as the party itself. It was held at a cozy restaurant owned by our friend, and our sons drove from Austin to join the fun. Custom playlist? All my favorite people? Please and thank you. ❤️????????

  98. 105) Jennie

    For my daughters birthdays we always put up pictures from each of their birthdays. It is so fun to look at how much they have grown!

  99. 106) andrea

    At the time . . . patiently waiting on my 5th birthday for a new sibling. My sister was born 2 days later. I had a party (with the help of my dad’s sisters) since they weren’t sure whether my mom would go into labor then!

  100. 107) Kristin

    On my 21st birthday, my college roommates filled my room with balloons that I popped when I got home from a night on the town. So fun!

  101. 108) Becca

    i was supposed to meet a group of friends to celebrate my 25th birthday, but only one showed up – a friend I was more out of touch with. We reconnected that evening, and started dating. Now we’re married with three beautiful kids!

  102. 109) Katrina

    My favorite birthday moment wasn’t my own, but my son’s 8th birthday. I filled his room with balloons while he slept and he woke up to his room full of bright, colorful and fun balloons. He said it was the best birthday surprise ever. 🙂

  103. 110) Haley

    my boyfriend made it to town from three timezones away!!!! best birthday ever.

  104. 111) Sarah Clews

    One of my favorite birthday memories was for my 20th birthday at college some friends threw together a surprise party for me! It was so fun.

  105. 112) Paige

    I received 30 presents on my 30th Birthday. They were numbered 1-30 that I had to open in order.

  106. 113) Laura

    On my 16th birthday I threw a really fun party with all of my friends, and I got asked out on my first date(a dance the next day!) at the party ????

  107. 114) Annie H

    I could totally see my daughter loving this!! So cool!!

  108. 115) Debby

    Sometimes the Super Bowl lands on my birthday. And that is often a fun way to spend the evening since I like football, but only when it is too cold to be outside here in NY.

  109. 116) Anya

    Definitely the spider web birthday party game as a kid. For each kid, a ball of yarn was wound around a room (and each other’s yarn) forming a “web” You had to take your end of the yarn, unweave it from everyone else’s until you got to the end of your yarn where a small prize was attached. So much fun!!

  110. 117) Norma

    My favorite birthday was my 24th, because I had our 3 week old twin daughters to celebrate with!

  111. 118) Samantha

    This is actually my fav memory of my husband’s birthday but our daughter was due September 27 and after waiting a week and a half the doctor induced me on October 6 in the early morning – she still didn’t want out and so I had an emergency C section on October 7 – his birthday! She is exactly 30 years younger than him and he still says she’s the best birthday present he ever had –

  112. 119) Lynn

    I think it was my 8th birthday. Big family celebration. I was born on my grandfather’s birthday and my great grandfather’s birthday was the next day. I was the only child in the family at the time so everyone made a big deal about my birthday.

  113. 120) Kelly

    My favorite birthday memory’s right now have to be of my two boys’ birthdays! I love seeing how excited they are for their parties, gifts, and friends. Far outweighs any excitement I’ve had over my own birthdays!

  114. 121) Mary Grace Almleaf

    my ex husband took me to an island off the coast of Maine for a 4 day excursion that was on my bucket list forever. I was slowly recovering from hard chemo RCHOP for Non Hodgekins lymphoma and not doing all that well. It was my 54 birthday, and it was also a beautiful gift of life, at one of the hardest times of my life.

  115. 122) Penny

    My 10th birthday I got a big blue Schwin girls bike. I am 64 and I still have the bike.

  116. 123) Lindsey

    My oldest child’s first birthday was the best day ever. I was able to recognize what a gift life is and how blessed I am to be a part of making a miracle.

  117. 124) Mary Kay Wilburn

    My favorite birthday memory was my family planned a surprise 40th birthday party for me. I loved it so and had NO idea what they were all up to! The entire day was just so special!

  118. 125) Amanda

    My favorite birthday memory is my golden birthday when I turned 7!! My picture was in the paper and everything!

  119. 126) Daniella Gassaway

    I’m Daniella from New York. Thank you Dr Uwaifo for making me pregnant,now my husband love me more than i expected, his text phone : +1(315) 277-276

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