Profile Tie

What to get Dad for his birthday? Dad’s never need anything. We found out last minute that we were celebrating his birthday on Sunday. So with my favorite Freezer Paper Stenciling in mind I did a twist on the typical neck-tie gift. It may be a little strange or different but I kinda like the overall outcome. If anything, it will be perfect for next Father’s Day.
Here’s how to make a Grandkids Profile Neck Tie it:

1) purchase a tie at GoodWill (I intended to make the tie but with limited time I went for the next best, something re-used)

2) Print off profile pictures of the kids and outline their faces so you can easily trace them onto freezer paper:
3) Cut out the faces, iron the stencil (with the shiny side of the paper down) on to the neck tie and paint in the stencil with black fabric paint. Let it dry for several hours.

Here is the finished product (Jumper is on the top and Goose on the bottom):
Papa seemed to like it. And It felt great to give a unique handmade gift. That is my new goal with birthday gifts: all handmade.

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