Seafoam Grey Stripes

I bought this fabric months ago with the intention to make baby blankets. When I finally got around to cutting and sewing, I found a large bleached stripe running through the middle of the fabric. Arrrrg. Thus, it became a shirt: I’m pleased with the result but to be honest, it was one of those projects you just want to toss in the garbage half-way through and move on to the next thing. At first it came together pretty easily. I was proud of my skills with the top bodice and sleeves. But then I decided to make the shirt into a dress. I cut off the fabric and added a gathered bottom piece of fabric. BAD move. It looked frumpy, big and NOT cute. This is when I wanted to chuck it. Instead, I threw it on a box of projects for a couple of weeks and when I came back to it, I had new insight. I took apart the entire back of the shirt, added the empire-waist band in the middle and made it back into a shirt. It’s not what I originally planned but I think it turned out cute:

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