slogan pants

It’s summer time and Goose’s pants supply is low. So, with our beach camping adventure coming this weekend I decided to make her some pants for kicking around on the cool evenings. Simple knit stretchy pants with an elastic waist-band and a blunt-cut hem. When I finished them, they seemed boring. So I added this to the back of her pant leg:
I’ve never been a fan of cliche slogans on kids’ clothes but unfortunately this is Goose’s mantra lately so it seemed appropriate. And I wanted to try out freezer-paper stenciling again. I really like how it turned out. The heart was made by a reverse applique (fancy way of saying: there’s another fabric underneath and I cut out the fabric on top).
We tried them out at the park today and they were perfectly cozy and cute.

I’m sure I’ll be making more as winter-time rolls around.

  1. this is a great tutorial. i’m going to have to try this….i love it!!!

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