Potato Broccoli Soup….with bacon on top

After longing for summer in yesterday’s post, I thought I should come to terms with winter; embrace it. Or….I just wanted an excuse to make warm soup. So I did.
It’s hard to get my husband interested in dinners labeled “soup” or “salad” but whenever there’s bacon involved….his taste-buds perk up. And what makes this recipe extra special is that you use a bit of the bacon grease to create the roux. Mmm. Delish. But don’t worry, there’s only a bit of bacon grease. We’re not clogging arteries here. In fact, that’s the only fat used; no heavy cream or whole milk. And if you’re vegetarian, there’s a meat-free alternative!
This soup is hearty, warm and inviting. And though I teased you with Bacon….the real secret ingredient is Thyme. It adds a lovely aroma. So gather your supplies and let’s make Soup for dinner!
You’ll find the step-by-step recipe HERE (and in the Recipes link at the top of the blog).
Some of you have asked about download-able recipe docs. I hope to offer that in the future but for now, you can always copy and paste the text into a word doc and delete the pictures. I hope that helps!
Enjoy your dinner.
(and don’t forget the Braided Bread).

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