smile and wave

Hi there! Hope your Thursday is going well. After an earlier week of sick kiddos, everyone is finally healthy and happy. We’ve had a productive day of Speech Therapy (Lucy), a trip to Goodwill (successful finds), a swing by Target (kids played on the toy aisle), we stopped by dad’s office (Lucy and Casey put a puzzle together on his lunch break), and now we’re heading out to the park (gorgeous weather). So yes, yes, we’re smiling and waving over here. But mostly that reference is because….

Today I’m thrilled to be part of Handmade for Kids Month over at Smile and Wave. Have you been there before? Seriously, Rachel is way too cute, cool, interesting, artistic, and super vintage for words.

And she has a slew of exciting series and interviews happening on her site. Right now she’s also featuring Vintage here, Vintage there.…with posts about finding and dressing vintage (a co-hosting series with Cakies)
For Handmade Kid’s Month she’s been interviewing various sewists–especially ones that sew a lot of kids’ stuff. Early this month she interviewed Meg of Elsie Marley and last week was Rae from Made by Rae.

So, if you want to learn a bit more about me, my sewing thoughts, and my indulgent eye candy inspirations….click over HERE.

Thanks Rachel for inviting me! Love your blog. Love to smile and wave.
(all photos courtesy of Smile and Wave)

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