2 tiered skirt

Where some of you are, the temperature is in the teens and snow has engulfed the grass. It’s pretty cold here in Texas too (it you allow me to call 45º, cold). I’m not a good winter person and mostly I’m sick of the gloomy cloud cover. January and February are hard months that way. So today, let’s day dream about summer sunsets and dandelions, baseball games at night and swimming in the afternoon. Warmer days aren’t too far off!
Sort of.

A few months ago I made this skirt for Lucy, per her request. She was wearing a purple-ish shirt and had nothing to match. It’s a simple gathered-waistband skirt with two tiers.
I have no recollection of where the fabric came from….only that it’s been floating around in my stash for years and that it’s fantastic.
It’s a lightweight cotton with embossed dots covering the surface. It’s almost seersucker-like. And it’s perfect for a whimsy skirt.
I cut two rectangles, one wider than the other and folded both over at the top to create a waistband. I threaded 2-inch wide elastic through the waist and….done!
The double layers adds some bulk around the waist but I sort of like the look. And Lucy continues to wear it, despite the cold, with a pair of leggings underneath.
Dear Summer, we miss you.
We enjoy wearing our winter coats and trendy boots. But nothing beats a carefree skirt.
We’ll keep blowing wishes for you.

  1. 1) Joy

    Where are the instructions for 2 TIERED SKIRT?

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