our Halloween House, using 5 tutorials and a little shopping

We’re ready for Halloween, with one week to spare.
(Sorry if you’re sick of bats and webs. It’ll be over soon.)

If you’re still feeling festive, creep through our front door and see the decor…
Our main wall looks like this:
I love having a china cabinet for decorating purposes. It’s almost like having a mantle over the fireplace.

The other wall looks like this:
I used 5 tutorials and some online shopping for the room.

First, the Fall Garland (a version of the Happy Day Garland). I may keep something similar up year-round. It just makes me happy.
Next, the paper bats.
Last year they flew into the kitchen:This year they migrated to the living room. I love the shadows they cast.
I also added our cheap glitter candelabra (Target Dollar section) and a pumpkin on top of the cabinet.
We’ve got the bat pillow:
With Jack the Pumpkin King reigning over his holiday.
These pretty paper fans were purchased by my friend Katherine. She bought too many for her house and gave us some to enjoy. Thanks Katherine! I love them!
The front door was inspired by two tutorials….these white frames Delia Creates–click over for fun Halloween art ideas–and the giant yarn spider web tutorial.
I took a thrifted frame, removed the ugly artwork and glass, spray painted it green (Krylon brand, gloss), then used speckled yarn to weave a little web. Done!
Looks great in the house or on the door.
And our house is decorated.

Have a great weekend!

  1. Great! I love it! Wonderful ideas, which I will use in this year fot halloween! Thanks a lot for these great ideas! šŸ™‚

    love & kisses
    phoenics šŸ™‚

  2. I love your house so much. When I move in February I’m going to be here a lot getting inspired by your decor šŸ™‚

  3. 3) Nikki

    What do you use to attach the bats to the wall???? love it!

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