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I’m trying to churn out Halloween costumes in one day.
My sewing room looks like this:
and this:
but I did manage to finish this so far:
I’m 1/4 of the way done.

We have one of those really crazy weekends coming up, with every 2 hours broken into different activities–soccer, birthday parties, bridal shower, the church Trunk or Treat. But I’m glad the church Halloween party is early because it forces me to get on the ball and actually finish costumes before 2am on 10/31.

So while I’m sewing, I’ll leave you with spooky images from our year. Well, not really spooooky….but you know, Halloweeny. I actually printed up two of these to 16×20 (at good old Costco–pretty decent) and was going to frame/hang them as part of our decor but it just didn’t look right with our big yarn spider web. If anyone else would like to use them for Halloween decor, please feel free! I’ve uploaded them here at the highest quality that Blogger allows but if you’d like a larger file, just send me an email…..danawillard (at) gmail (dot) com

The moon is from last week.
The bats are signature Austin.
And the spider web was spun outside our kitchen window last year. The kid’s thought the spider had adopted us as her new family.
And do you ever find yourself matching the projects you’re working on?
Oh well, I’ve got purple and black on the mind.
Here’s my baby belly at 23 weeks. Tomorrow I go for another Ultrasound and that’s always fun.
Must sew, sew, sew…..

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