off to Houston for Market, Runway recap, and a little bit of this and that

Today I’m driving to Houston for the International Quilt Market. I missed the spring market in SLC so I’m excited to drown myself in fabric and bloggy friends again. I get to hang out with this lady and this one, watch women hoarding stacks of fabric, roam the Market floor, and spend 24 hours in textile overload.
Should be fun.
I’ll take plenty ‘o pictures to share with you guys!

(previous years Here and Here):
In other happenings…..
* I craved Rice Pudding yesterday so I stirred up a batch. And since it’s actually 60 degrees here now, it felt proper.
* I’m plugging away at the blanket. Only two more colors to go! I’m officially obsessed with knitting as my portable creative outlet–its such a compliment to sewing and perfect for an afternoon at the park.
* some “new to me” sites I’m loving here, here, and here.

* have you been following Transformation Week on Natty by Design? She’s got an eye for cool makeovers (check out this, this, this, and this)
* At Target yesterday the kids were playing with huge pumpkin pillows and I thought….hey, the Rollie Pollie pattern would be perfect for those. And then whatdaya know….Jill did it! Check out her adorable pumpkin costume for Oscar.

* Seems that everyone’s painting pumpkins this year (photos below here and here). Check out my Halloween board for other painting ideas. We’ll be carving (painting?) ours on Sunday.
* Did you watch the Project Runway finale last night?
I have to say I was disappointed with the outcome. Yes, Anya’s come a long way and she’s such a sweetheart but I don’t think I would wear anything in her collection…and I don’t think most women could either. It’s like she’s tromping around in a swimsuit all day. Maybe on vacation.
I liked some items from Kimberly and Josh:
But Viktor’s were definitely my favorite…though I totally agree with the judges about the see-thru black pieces. I didn’t like any of those.
Check out all the collections here.
And I’m off!
See you on Monday.

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