taking it easy

I’m back from the Market and have tons of pics to share with you….including a small tutorial for a semi-homemade shirt I wore. Well, “semi-homemade” is pushing it. More like “I fixed the very low back” and love it even more now. But I’ll share that tomorrow.

Today I’ve got a sick Owen home with me and I’m trying to get back in my groove from a whirlwind weekend and Monday. Not that I’m complaining…holiday festivities are always fun. Yesterday was just one of those days when Casey and I finally sat on the couch at 10pm, sighed, and were able to have an adult conversation together. Halloween was conquered.
We had the costume parade at Lucy’s school. Then the party, where I shared the reversible stick puzzles with the kids. They had a ball and it was cute to see what creations they came up with.
One kid thought the ghost body was a Frankenstein head. Creative!
Owen also had a party at his pre-school. I squeezed a 1/2 hour nap in the day somewhere (necessity). And by 5pm we were at our friends house for dinner and trick or treating in a populated neighborhood in our town. It was really cute to see the kids running around in their bat costumes. It makes it all worth it when they’re happy to wear them.
We finished up the night back in our neighborhood, passing out candy to stragglers.
And that was Halloween. I’m packing up the paper bats for next year.
Better blogging tomorrow!
Hope you score some good 50% off Halloween treats at Target today. If Owen feels up to it, we’ll stop by later today.

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